Google Compute Engine Hosting Review

GCE is the infrastructure as a service component of google cloud platform. GCE is built on global infrastructure that runs on its search engine, gmail, youtube and other google services. Launching Virtual machines on demand is the main and attractive feature of google compute engine. Virtual machines can be launched from the standard and custom images created by users. Compute engine’s VM boot very quickly. It comes with continuous storage capacity and delivers the best performance. It also offers industry leading SSD performance. You can pay for the compute time you use. For long running workloads and committed work, google can automatically provide computing services on discounted prices. You can connect through other data centres and get quick access by using google’s global fiber network. Google’s data centres use 50% less energy than other data centres in the world. Also 35% of their energy comes from the renewal sources.



Scalable, high performance virtual machines

Predefined machine types

Global load balancing

Custom machine types

Linus and windows support

Batch processing

Local SSD


Transparent Maintenance



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