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Top 10 France Web Hosting – Best Web hosting Companies in France | Hey Guys, Welcome to a new and fresh article. In this article, I am going to explain to you the best web hosting service provider in France. These top 10 France web hosting lists will help you a lot to start your business website or personal blog and publish your website live on the internet.

Best Web hosting Companies in France

France is one of the nations which has driven web hosting organizations in the whole of Europe. From shared web hosting suppliers to overseeing committed hosting companies that are utilized by a large number of clients in France and abroad.

Everybody – individual bloggers, application designers, little and fair size organizations, associations, new businesses, eCommerce companies require reliable, believed web hosting for their different needs.

France has different hosting companies which give items like cPanel web hosting, Linux web hosting, VPS hosting, ASP.NET hosting, PHP hosting, Media/Video hosting, DNS hosting, CDN hosting, just as intricate hosting arrangements like Cloud hosting, Private/Public cloud servers, Managed VPS, Managed devoted servers, and Managed WordPress hosting, App hosting, and so forth.

Best Web hosting Companies in France

This season 2020, we are giving you a varying rundown of Top 10 Web Hosting Companies in France which is hand-made, and physically altered in the wake of considering the open survey of more than 3,700 clients (counting bloggers, web developers) in France.

These web hosting service providers are situated in France or have their datacenter in France. – One ought to consistently purchase from a neighborhood web hosting organization as it helps in snappy information move between your website and your guests, and hence your locales load quicker, and guest standard for dependability is high.

That is the reason we are just focusing on web hosting companies and specialist organizations situated in France. At long last, the last motivation behind why you should go with a web hosting specialist company from your nation isn’t just the potential cost investment funds and access to legitimate assets however the basic reality is that you will assist a kindred resident in their business.

Advancing organizations in your nation serve the national intrigue and, if nothing else, causes you to feel great about having added to the economy.

Now we start the article about the best web hosting providers in France. 

End of the article, I will tell you what web hosting is and what are the factors that make a web hosting company the best? web hosting is essentially a service that can provide individuals or a group of individuals working in a company to publish their blogs or websites everywhere on the web browser.

Here you must have to remember that you simply need enough storage to save your lots of documents, essential files that generally include HTML, image, videos, and a few other documents while publishing a web page or starting your website.

In short, a WordPress hosting company may be a service provider that leases servers to people or firms who want to store this stuff online. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 France web hosting in 2020 and covering their detailed features.

So, read the complete article to know more about the top web hosting in France. Let’s get into it – 

As a web agency with a LOT of WordPress hosting accounts, we have got a pretty good idea of what defines a perfect web hosting.

We went through all our accounts and previous experience, analyzed which web hosting is working well for France websites. Then we decided to create this massive comparison article to share what we realize and found in our experience, Enjoy the article!

Let’s have a look at the best web hosting in France.

List of the best web hosting service providers in France are listed below in my order of preference.

  • OVH
  • 1&1
  • AMEN
  • LWS

Top 10 France Web Hosting

1. OVH

OVH is one of the largest hosting services in the world, and it is based in France. With more than 1 million customers worldwide, the company boasts of a coverage and user base that can be rivaled by few other companies.

The company owns 20 data centers all around the world and offers fully managed to host solutions to its customers. With 7.5 Tbps network capacity, OVH boasts of one of the fastest interconnects in the business. Coupled with high-performance components and an in-house server and network infrastructure design team, you can rest assured that OVH delivers where it matters.

The company offers VPS and cloud hosting plans to cater to the budget end of the spectrum and also offers dedicated servers for old school hosting that delivers the absolute best in performance and reliability. No one to be left behind with the times, the company also offers public, private, and hybrid cloud technologies for all your business needs.

OVH offers one of the most comprehensive hosting solutions in the business and you will be hard-pressed to find a more fleshed out offering.

2. was established in 2000, making it a veteran of the web hosting services business. The company operates primarily in France and owns 3 data centers, built on the cutting edge N+1 and 2N architecture.

The company offers hosting solutions that span a wide range of services, ranging from the very budget end shared hosting to VPS or cloud hosting and dedicated server-based solutions. The company also offers cloud-based storage and data archival services as a standalone service, so you can rest assured that any of your network or data related requirements will be fulfilled by

3. Gandi

Gandi is one of the oldest domain registrars in France that was accredited by the ICANN. While that was how the company started in 1999, by 2005 it was transformed into a complete web hosting service provider that continues to offer diverse hosting related solutions.

Gandi now caters to more than 190 countries across the globe and is counted as one of the biggest names in the hosting business. From inexpensive shared hosting to cloud-based VPS hosting plans, as well as dedicated server solutions for enterprise clients, Gandi offers a comprehensive package of hosting related services to its customers at extremely competitive prices.

4. 1and1

1and1 has the distinction of being one of the oldest hosting services companies in the world. Established in 1988 in Germany, 1and1 has been continuously operating and offering a wide range of accessibly priced internet and web hosting solutions.

The company is well known for offering complete 360-degree services under one roof; if you want to get your web venture online and running, 1and1 offers domain registration, website hosting, website design and development, and industry-standard customer support. For beginner users, the company offers shared hosting plans that offer lots of storage and a great, inexpensive starting point for your first website.

As step up options, you can also get professionally designed WordPress hosting plans, fully managed cloud-based resource stack solutions, cloud VPS servers, and dedicated servers, all at one location.


PHP NET offers services exclusively to French customers and clients. Catering to a user base of almost 15000 unique clients, the company has grown wildly since it was established in 2002. What makes this success story even more fascinating is that the company remains fully privately owned to this day, having foregone any capital from external investors and government aid.

The company owns 2 data centers with a combined capacity of more than 3000 servers. This is more than enough to deal with the present and future growth of the company. The company offers to host services across the budgetary spectrum, from cheap shared hosting plans to managed dedicated server solutions for enterprises and corporate entities. By aiming squarely at the domestic market, PHP NET can offer some pretty great deal that other more “global” companies might fail to.


Amen Hosting is part of the greater Dada Group, a leading provider of hosting and internetworking services in the European region. The Amen brand operates as independent local entities in France, Portugal, and the Netherlands. While the company chiefly targets small businesses and corporate entities, it only offers some pretty inexpensive hosting solutions that are aimed at individual users and owners of personal websites and blogs.

For more than 20 years, the company and its sister brands have enjoyed record customer satisfaction numbers and that is what has propelled the company to the place it is now. Fully accredited by the ICANN, the company is also a preferred partner of AFNIC, the official registrar of the.FR top-level domain.

7. Ikoula

Ikoula was established in 1998, and the company has since moved in the direction of simplifying its offerings. It offers 3 distinct service tiers: hosting and related services, virtual machine, and cloud processing technologies in its Enterprise Services tier, and a final EX10 Marketplace where the company entertains IT resellers and other business entities for white label cloud and networking related services.

Ikoula operates more than 5000 servers nationwide and is home to over 35000 unique websites. Privately owned and operated since its inception, Ikoula offers a great balance between affordable prices and excellent services.

8. LWS

LWS is one of the oldest web hosting service providers based in France. Founded in 1999, at the cusp of the rise of the internet industry, LWS serves more than 180,000 domains nationwide, making it also one of the largest web hosts in the country.

LWS advertises itself as a fully French company with servers located in France and French employees. In other words, the company is as French as champagne. LWS offers hosting solutions from the strictly budget-oriented, such as shared hosting and WordPress hosting, to those offering more performance, such as cloud and VPS hosting plans, and dedicated servers that allocated physical hardware for enterprise clients.

9. Nuxit

Nuxit can be equated to the new kid on the block. Established in 2003, Nuxit falls firmly in the domain of a small hosting company. It offers shared hosting and VPS based hosting solutions, but you will not find resource-heavy offerings such as dedicated servers and cloud compute solutions here.

With about 30 employees, the company targets small businesses and individual users as their chief client demographic and offers a great alternative to the bigger hosting service providers. If you want to support a local business and appreciate good customer service over outright price, consider Nuxit.

10. O2switch

o2switch was formally founded in 2009, but the underlying company has been offering hosting services since 2003. The company offers budget hosting solutions, replete with full SSD-based storage, and a money-back guarantee.

o2switch is aimed at users who do not want any form of hassle when it comes to their web hosting and prefers a more hands-off approach. The company offers only one plan and, needless to say, this greatly simplifies things. By bundling great value for money hosting with redundant infrastructure and DDoS protection, o2switch offers a great deal that is worth considering.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting refers to the tools and techniques that create a platform that enables organizations and individuals to make their website accessible to the public from anywhere in the world via an Internet Connection.

Web hosting refers to a typical storage space on a server that is reserved for a website.

These storage spaces are owned by the web host or web hosting provider which is a business that provides the technologies and services that are needed for the website or webpage to be viewed. Websites are hosted, or stored on special computers that are called servers. When Internet users wish to view a website, they simply need to type in the website address or domain name in their browsers.

Types Of Web-Hosting

There are many types of web hosting. While they all act as a storage place for a website, they differ in the amount of storage capacity, control, technical knowledge requirement, server speed, and reliability.

Below is a list of the most commonly used types:

Shared Web-Hosting

This is the most elementary form of web hosting available. This is where the website will be stored on the same server as multiple other websites- i.e. a few hundred to a few thousand. All domains will share the same server resources, such as RAM (Random-Access Memory) and CPU (Central Processing-Unit). Generally, the number of pages housed on this server is quite small and is easily supported with minimal risk of site speed interference.

The cost of shared hosting is relatively low which will be advantageous to smaller businesses. However, this might cause the “bad-neighbor-effect” which is the phenomenon witnessed when a website on the shared-server tends to hog resources due to poor coding or unusually high traffic. Shared hosting allows minimal customization as any changes will affect all the other sites on the server.

Virtual private server (VPS) Hosting

A virtual private-service (VPS) mimics a dedicated server but within a shared hosting environment. VPS hosting is still not able to handle high traffic levels and other sites on the server can still affect the site performance.

However, VPS hosting is more reliable as there is a significantly reduced number of websites per server. This, in turn, decreases the demand. This hosting type will also offer you your ability to customize your website but with the added benefits comes added costs.

Dedicated Server-Hosting

Rather than sharing space, your website gets a server dedicated all to itself. Dedicated Server-Hosting gives the owners the most control over the server their website is stored on.

This gives you full root and admin access, which means you have control over everything. However, besides the significant price jump, you require a good deal of technical knowledge, more so if you are using a fully-unmanaged service.

Cloud Hosting

Last but not least, cloud hosting is often considered as the most reliable of all the services. This is an innovative way of hosting that allows customers powerful, scalable, and reliable hosting based on clustered load-balanced servers and utility billing. This means that many computers are working together, running applications using computing resources- it is a hosting solution that works via a network.

Cloud hosting offers remarkable advantages from scalability to setup to security. The resources required to maintain your website are spread across more than one web server, which reduces the chances of downtime. Cloud hosting is scalable, which means you can grow your site using as many resources as possible and only paying for what you need. Frankly, based on the above, cloud hosting has little to no disadvantages.

Why do we need web hosting?

People think purchasing the domain name is sufficient to make the website live all over the world but the domain name is the name of the website to remember easily, then that time we need a web hosting. Technically we can connect our computer to the internet to serve the pages to the users. But, it is not practically possible because, household internet connection is not capable of serving many visitors in the same period, so web hosting providers make it possible for us to our website to be accessed by everyone at the same time. Because they have their powerful web servers to store the website files with the high-frequency connection. Web hosting companies are not only providing the hosting solutions but also offer some value-added services like some add-ons, affiliate programs, etc.

Why Go Local France Web Hosting Instead Of Global

However, there are several factors you should consider if you are indeed in the France market for a hosting service provider. The primary factor that you should keep in mind while deciding on a hosting services provider is located. We do not think of the internet in physical terms but it is still very much a network of physical cables running under the ground and on the ocean floor.

Therefore, there is still a finite limit on how fast data can be transferred from one place to another. Hence, if you are looking for web hosting services, look for a host located in your own country over some well known global brand that might not operate servers in your country. This is important because the more geographically close your server is located to the majority of your users, the faster your website performance is perceived by them.

Also, consider currency conversion charges that you will incur every time you pay your hosting bill if your service provider is located in another country and does not bill you in the currency used in your country. What makes things worse is that currency conversion charges apply even if you get a refund on your bill. Therefore, unless it is unavoidable, try to find a host that will bill you in your national currency.

Another important issue that might have escaped your notice is that right now, data privacy is a hot topic in almost all the countries in the world. State-sponsored hacking and government overreach in personal data of citizens have us all worried about unauthorized access to our private data.

Therefore, it might be prudent to have your website data stored on servers located in your country where you will have at least some recourse when it comes to privacy and data protection issues. In case your hosting service provider is from another country or at least operates data centers in other countries, you will have no legal rights if unauthorized access to your data is granted to malicious users.

Therefore, it makes sense, at least from a security point of view, that you should ensure that your website data is located within your country’s borders inside the jurisdiction of the legal system of your country.

Finally, the last reason why you might want to go with a hosting service provider from your own country is not only the potential cost savings and access to legal resources but the simple fact that you will be helping out a fellow citizen in their business. Promoting businesses in your own country serve the national interest and, if nothing else, makes you good about having contributed to the economy.

How to Find the Best Web Host in France?

Ask yourself what’s the aim of your website? Is it an e-commerce site with daily transactions or is it a magazine, news, or regular blog. The hosting company of a transactional website should have extensive security measures to guard the sensitive information of the users. A large scale news or magazine site should aim for the hosting service with unlimited storage and bandwidth as it will be producing a lot of content and attracting large traffic.

There are several factors that you have to keep in mind before selecting a hosting service. Below, we look at some of these considerations when selecting web hosting in France.

Server Location

Website loading speed is affected by the location of hosting web servers. Ideally, the hosting server should be as close as possible to your target audience location.

Unfortunately, there is no commendable hosting company with hosting servers located in France. So, if speed is a very critical factor for your website, you should choose a hosting company with servers in Europe or Asia as this is closest to France.


Uptime is the measurement of time that hosting data centers are operational. Usually, a 99.9% uptime means that your website will be alive for the majority of the time year-round and there could be downtime of 1-2 minutes in an odd month. The higher the uptime percentage, the more reliable is the hosting service.

An uptime percentage of 99.94% may seem high, but it’s not ideal for a website with high traffic volume. Choose the hosting services with uptime percentages of a minimum of 99.8%. You can check our live tracking dashboard here for all the highest hosting companies we’re currently tracking.

Disk Space

The disk space feature indicates the amount of data you can store in the hosting server. The data is usually in the form of text, images, and videos. It is best to choose the hosting service that offers unlimited data storage if you have a content-rich website. Also, look for the storage technology the hosting company is using. Currently, the simplest technology is SSD that gives fast connectivity and loading speeds.

Bandwidth And Data Transfer

Bandwidth refers to the rate at which the data is transferred to the users. Whereas data transfer is the amount of data transferred to the users. Usually, the basic hosting plans put a limit on the amount of data transferred. You can go with a basic cheap hosting plan with a data transfer limit if you are a beginner and won’t attract much traffic to your website in the early stages. As your website grows, you can always shift to high-tier plans with unlimited data transfers.


Website loading speed is critical that should be considered when choosing a hosting company. Hosting Servers and their locations are the basic factors that affect your website’s speed. The measurements like Time To First Byte (TTFB) give a good indication of how fast the connectivity of the hosting server is. The ideal TTFB is below 200ms.

Consider Speed a serious consideration if you are an e-commerce or a Brand because the low-speed website also affects the brand credibility and cause low engagement.


A good hosting company always has good customer support in place that is easy to reach and they can resolve the website issues within 24 hours. Most hosting companies offer 24/7 support via live chat, support tickets, email, or phone. It’s best to avoid the hosting company that doesn’t have good support staff in place.


Generally, websites are susceptible to security issues in the form of data breaches, DDOS attacks, malware, and hacking. A good web hosting service has features in place that include malware scanning and automatic updates to prevent security issues.

SSL Certificates

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a standard security technology that provides an encrypted connection between your website and the visitors. Search engines like Google prefer websites with SSL certificates and rank them higher to provide their users with websites that are secure and trustworthy.

Most hosting plans include a Free SSL certificate, which is ideal if you have a limited budget. Let’s Encrypt is one of the companies that has partnered with many hosting companies and hands out Free SSL certificates.


So this is ten of the best hosting service providers in France. Bear in mind that this was a general-purpose comparison in which parameters were evaluated briefly and broadly.

For any hosting need, some level of customization is always necessary. While you typically can get away with a preconfigured plan, a bit of customization goes a long way in making your hosting experience effective and enjoyable instead of a headache.

Identify your requirements, allow for unexpected situations, and find out the plan that is perfect for you.

That way, you get exactly what you need and do not overpay for resources that you do not require. Optimize for your requirements and you will be on your way to a great web hosting experience.

Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on the top 10 best webs hosting in France. If you feel like I have missed something, or would like me to cover a particular provider, please let me know down in the if you have further questions, please feel free to drop us a message.

please share your thoughts as it will help others make the right design. Thanks for reading!

Keep Update with us…….

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is the best web hosting company in France?

Best Web Hosting for France

  • OVH
  • GANDI1&1
  • AMEN
  • LWS

2. Which hosting is best for websites?

10 Best Hosting Services for New Websites –

  • OVH
  • GANDI1&1
  • AMEN
  • LWS
  • Nuxit

3. Can I host my website?

You can host your website using any operating system from Linux, Windows, or even Mac computers. 

4. Do you offer any money-back guarantee?

Yes, we offer 30 days money-back guarantee. Apply also for billing cycle above monthly, all will be refunded if requested within 30 days (Excluded: VPS and dedicated servers)

5. What is web hosting?

A web hosting service is a remote computer service provided by a web host (or host), and gives you the ability to manage, store, publish and therefore make available one or more websites on the internet.

6. Web Hosting: How it works

A certain company has a web server, which is a physical big server connected to the internet. This server is sliced between several customers. Each customer has a control panel (for example, cPanel), that allows them to do several tasks in their websites:

  • Create and manage emails
  • Manage databases
  • Install applications
  • Configure email autoresponders
  • View statistics
  • Password protect directories
  • And much more!

In a Web Hosting server, one single IP Address is shared between several customers. These customers share bandwidth, disk, CPU, and memory as well. Each customer is identified by a Domain Name.

A customer must upload its files to the Web Hosting server so that its web site will be publicly accessible on the internet.


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