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Hey Guys, Welcome to a new and fresh article. In this article, I am going to explain to you about the best server hosting in Russia and the top 10 best Russian WordPress hosting. These best Russian WordPress hosting lists will help you a lot to start your business website or personal blog and publish your website live on the internet.

Best Web Hosting Service Companies in Russia

It is completely started with WordPress hosting, even you need to design a business website or a personal blog. It is one of the important ways, which you need to experience to be on the web and have your essence on WordPress.

In this way, we ought to explain what is WordPress hosting, the importance of WordPress hosting from the outset, and afterward, we can become acquainted with its sorts and the best WordPress hosting companies in Russia.

Top 10 Russian WordPress hosting


Before we start the article about the best WordPress hosting providers in Russia. Let’s have a look at what actually WordPress hosting is ? and what are the factors that make a WordPress hosting company the best?

WordPress hosting is essentially a service that can provide individuals or a group of individuals working in a company to publish their blogs or websites everywhere on the web browser.

Here you must have to remember that you simply need enough storage to save your lots of documents, essential files that generally include HTML, image, videos, and a few other documents while publishing a web page or starting your website.

In short, a WordPress hosting company may be a service provider that leases servers to people or firms who want to store this stuff online. In this article, I will discuss the top 10 Russian WordPress hosting in 2020 and covering their detailed features.

So, read the complete article to know more about the top WordPress hosting in Russia. Let’s get into it – 

As a web agency with a LOT of WordPress hosting accounts, we have got a pretty good idea of what defines a perfect WordPress hosting.

We went through all our accounts and previous experience, analyzed which WordPress hosting is working well for Russian websites. Then we decided to create this massive comparison article to share what we realize and found in our experience, Enjoy the article!

About our hosting reviews

When we write our WordPress hosting reviews for Russia, we consider thousands of important things. These include uptime, support facilities and reaction time, simple use, cost vs value, disc space, bandwidth, and more.

But among all factors, the two most important factors on which we mostly focus are support options and speed. As you will see, the standard of your WordPress hosting provider can have a huge impact on the potential success of your website!


Choosing a Web Hosting Company

You might have noticed that a large number of people are doing online business but only a few of them are successful.

Did you ever wonder why? That’s because the skills to settle on a reliable and authentic WordPress hosting company for his or her business or website.

Of course, it’s one of the difficult tasks to require care of whenever you propose to try online business. Being an owner of the website, you want to be familiar that WordPress hosting is that the foremost essential for doing online business and you want to choose carefully because not all of them are authenticated.

So the question is where to seek out the best WordPress hosting companies in Russia? As we said, we got your back.

You don’t need to waste time finding the best WordPress hosting companies. We have compiled an inventory for you and ranked the various WordPress hosting companies consistent with their features. But one thing is common among all that they all are authenticated.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies of Russia

You have maybe built up an all-around well-designed site for your business or individual reason, yet it isn’t a definitive assignment to make the webpage open for your online clients. WordPress Hosting is a significant thought for each digital company.

If you are from Russia, at that point you should consider nearby Russian server Hosting. 

It includes a procedure through which your site records are Hosted on a server. It allows your portal to get perfectly linked to the digital platform.

The best WordPress hosting company consistently gives you excellent solutions and exceptional channels for data communication. The major WordPress hosting provider may assist you in choosing the correct one for all your business site’s needs.

When you have to choose a WordPress or Web hosting service, you can get two ways: international and local.

The major difference between these two types of hosting lies in the location of physical servers. However, it is seen that most of the website owners like to deal with local hosts. The main reasons behind it are:

Better level of support from the company:

At the point when you have wanted to make an arrangement with a worldwide web hosting service, you may get cheaper packages in some cases.

However, the principal factor to you is the accessible choices for support. In many organizations, there are ticket facilities, and you will get answers to your issues.

However, the expenses of global calls appear to be an issue to you, while you have contacted a foreign hosting company. On the other hand, if it is a local web host, then you may get tech help quickly.

Best signals sent to the search engines:

Google as a rule gives a very high focus on the signals, related to the geographical region of your site. It breaks down the IP area of your server.

Subsequently, when you have picked a UK-based Hosting service provider, which isn’t inside your geographical area, you have to get some information about the area of their data centers.

However, if you need to keep away from every one of these issues, it is smarter to pick a neighborhood hosting service provider as their servers are regularly in the nation.

The higher speed of the website:

Hosting a site with any local web hosting providers empowers you to enjoy better performance and speed.

It is one of the significant realities that a site, hosted locally, can be loaded quicker, rather than the universally Hosted platform.

It is because the guests of the site are a lot closer or nearby the data center. Your customers may save their time, and your plan additionally can get fulfillment in the wake of visiting your site.

Lower risk of failure:

many international web hosting services providers guarantee that they are reliable. however, it never ensures that you will get outstanding help from every one of them.

While you have chosen an abroad company, you may have an increased risk of facing failure. As there would be lots of connections and exchanges during the setup, it raises the possibilities of breakdowns in this chain.

Top Russian server hosting

For all these reasons, local Russian server hosting is a better option for you if your targeted audiences are in Russia. Have a look at the best hosting companies in this country.


REG.RU is that the largest and well-known Russian web hosting company with many certified registrars, located in Europe. Its operation was started in 2006.

The present number of clients for this company has crossed 1.3 million.
To satisfy all the clients, the corporate offers domains and a number of other hosting services.

From website development to hosting, all the services are offered by this company. You may create an internet site easily as there are over 170 templates available.
No matter what plan you’ve got chosen, you’ll get many things at freed from cost- SSD RAID, unlimited traffic, DNS, anti-virus scan, ISP manager, cPanel, and far more.

Some other extra services for all clients are IPv4 address, DDoS security, and website security check. Besides, the name certificate verification of this company is additionally reliable.
AlphaSSL ensures quick issuance, strong encryption, and compatibility on any browser. One of the main promotional offers of this site is that if you register any domain, then you’ll get an SSL certificate (one year) and hosting (two months) at free of cost.

While you avail of any service from this company, you may pay through Sberbank Online, RBK Money, Yandex Money, PayPal, and Alpha Click.

2. RU-center

RU-center is the second most recognized web hosting service provider.

With a huge number of hosting providers and domain registrars, it’s gained much reliance from the clients.
The team at RU-center has more than twenty years’ experience in registering domains. The major office of this company lies in the city of Moscow.

This company offers a number of hosting packages, and with each of them, you can get an online mail reader, sub-domains, an unlimited level of traffic, and many other exciting features.

3. Beget

This is another reliable company, providing you with various services, like website hosting, server rental, and domain registration.

At present, the basic web hosting package starts at $2.

With this plan, you get an evaluation time (for thirty-five days), constant support, and servers with SSD.
The main strength of their hosting solutions includes permanent monitoring, the latest server system, and on-time maintenance.

Moreover, in the case of server rental, a technology from Intel and Supermicro ensure efficiency and stability.

4. MasterHost

This is also a reputable Russian hosting service provider that provides server hosting and domain-related services. Among other solutions, the most notable ones include SSL certification, registration of domains, and colocation.

The data centers are located not only in Russia but also in other areas. Moreover, these data centers have Tier 3 facilities that ensure a constant supply of power, unique communication systems, and access to video surveillance tools.

The Spacious Web Hosting plan at this site starts at 200 Rubles every month. Besides, the tariff plan also gives professional backup for one website along with several sub-domains.

5. SpaceWeb

Established in 2001, SpaceWeb has an in-house panel to control hosting with a comprehensible interface.

The best feature of their service is that you can get fourteen days’ trial for standard web hosting.

For Jet hosting plans, it is seven days. Besides, you can also register your domain that is suitable for your specific project. You will get free DNS and domain control support. Moreover, Mail.SW allows you to enjoy high standard email service.

6. SprintHost

This company has started its journey since the year 2005. With the highly qualified team, it provides premium hosting, VPS, domain registration, dedicated servers, and other services.

You can get shared hosting services that include extensive bandwidth, user-friendly instrument panel, and accessibility to SSH.

The company accepts multiple payment systems, including Yandex Money, WebMoney, Sberbank Online, Visa bank cards, and much more.

7. Jino

It is also a good hosting solution provider, operating for over fifteen years. Flexibility, dedicated servers, instant virtual machine creation, these are some of the aspects for which the company has achieved reputation.

The domain registration service provided by the company is quite affordable as it starts from 39 Rubbles. You can also rent virtual servers. However, you will need little technical skills for this.


8. Hosting Center

It is also the number one hosting agency with a massive network of registrars and hosting providers. The company offers a number of hosting services, including shared hosting, private cloud, mail business, VPS and hosting facility for digital studios and 1C Bitrix.

Their data centers are in Moscow, France, and the United States. Every center is created maintaining global standards, like TIA-942, and it is also equipped with AC technology, megawatt generators, and surveillance systems.

9. McHost

This premium web hosting service provider has started since 2004. With thousands of modern servers and SSD drives, the company always tries to meet your requirements. 

You also have the options for CMS and virtual hosting. Four tariffs may be availed with every series of options.

The tariffs for CMS hosting comprise MySQL, DNS management, FTP, automatic spam filter, daily support for all databases, and many more. Besides, this company offers bonuses and promotions on a regular basis.

10. Majordomo

As one of the leading Russian web hosting solution providers, this company was established quite seventeen years ago.

With firms located in Russia and St. Petersburg, it has extended its range of services. It has created a fast working platform on SSD and Linux-based drives.

It also provides you with a Virtual Dedicated server, which presents some excellent features for implementing any complicated project in your business portal.

What is a web hosting and why do we need it for our website?

Web Hosting refers to buying a server house from a hosting provider to store the files that your internet site would want to perform. There are many sorts of web hosting services like Cloud Hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Server, and Shared Hosting.

Unlike others who are promoting their products, I would like to answer your question:

When renting space on a server in order that it can serve your website on the planet Wide Web, it’s often called ‘hosting’.

Companies that provide this service are often called ‘host’ or hosting companies. You can choose which sort of hosting would you prefer: shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, or cloud hosting.

After you registered your domain, all you would like to do is contact a hosting company and tell them you would like to host your website with the correct name.

They will guide you through the method and you ought to survive online in no time! Some hosting companies do provide a domain name too. You can ask them for more details if you need any.

Why do you need web hosting?

People think purchasing the name is sufficient to form the web site live for everywhere on the planet but the name is essentially the name of the web site to remember easily, then at that point, we’d like an internet hosting.

Technically we will connect our computer to the web to serve the pages to the users. But, it’s not practically possible because, household internet connection isn’t capable to serve many visitors at an equivalent period of time, so web hosting providers make it possible for us to our website will be accessed by everyone at the same time.

Because they need their own powerful web servers to store the web site files with the high-frequency connection. Web hosting companies aren’t only providing the hosting solutions but also offer some value-added services like some add-ons, affiliate programs, etc.

There are many hosting types available such as:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Cloud-Based Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Dedicated Web Server
  • Colocation Web Hosting
  • WordPress Web Hosting
  1. Shared web hosting – 

Shared hosting may be a sort of web hosting where one physical server hosts multiple sites. Many users utilize the resources on one server, which keeps the prices low. Users each get a neighborhood of a server during which they will host their website files. Shared servers can hosts hundreds of users.

  1. Reseller web hosting – 

Reseller web hosting is an option that involves one company (a hosting provider) renting disc drive space and bandwidth to a special company (small-midsize business), who then rents the space to third parties (entrepreneurs-small business).

Simply put, reseller hosting is the ability to supply hosting to your own clients as if you yourself were the online hosting company.

This is typical for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start out their own web hosting firm or for current web developers and designers who desire to feature additional services to their brand.

  1. Cloud-based web hosting – 

Cloud Web Hosting is hosting that uses the resources of several clustered servers. Basically, this suggests that your website uses the virtual resources of several servers to accommodate all the aspects of hosting your site. … The cluster of servers in the cloud.

  1. Virtual private server –

VPS hosting may be a Virtual Private Server and maybe a virtualized server. A VPS hosting environment mimics a fanatical server within a shared hosting environment. It is technically both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

VPS Hosting is one of several sorts of web hosting accounts you’ll choose between to host your website online. To have an internet site on the web, you would like to possess your website files on an internet server.

Setting up and managing a server can’t only be expensive but difficult too. Purchasing web hosting allows someone to rent space on an internet server, making it easier for the typical person to host an internet site online because all they have to do is upload their site files (no server setup is required on their part).

  1. Dedicated web server

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service could even be a sort of Internet hosting during which the client leases a whole server not shared with anyone else. … Server administration can usually be provided by the hosting company as an add-on service.

  1. Colocation web hosting –

Colocation hosting may be a sort of service a knowledge center offers, during which it leases space and provides housing for servers. The clients own the servers and claim full authority over the hardware and software. However, the storage facility is liable for maintaining a secure server environment.

  1. WordPress web hosting –

Essentially, WordPress hosting is any sort of hosting that’s been optimized to run WordPress.

The most common sorts of WordPress hosting you will find are managed and shared web hosting, although there are other types available. … you will get a WordPress-optimized hosting platform that you’re going to be sharing with other users.

How to Find the Best Web Host in Russia

Ask yourself what’s the aim of your website? Is it an e-commerce site with daily transactions or is it a magazine, news, or regular blog. The hosting company of a transactional website should have extensive security measures to guard the sensitive information of the users.

A large scale news or magazine site should aim for the hosting service with unlimited storage and bandwidth as it will be producing a lot of content and attracting large traffic.

There are a number of factors that you have to keep in mind before selecting a hosting service. Below, we look at some of these considerations when selecting the best WordPress hosting in Russia.

Server Location

Website loading speed is affected by the location of hosting web servers. Ideally, the hosting server should be as close as possible to your target audience location.

Unfortunately, there is no commendable hosting company with hosting servers located in Russia. So, if speed is a very critical factor for your website, you should choose a hosting company with servers in Europe or Asia as this is closest to Russia.


Uptime is the measurement of time that hosting data centers are operational. Usually, a 99.9% uptime means that your website will be alive for the majority of the time year-round and there could be downtime of 1-2 minutes in an odd month. The higher the uptime percentage, the more reliable is the hosting service.

An uptime percentage of 99.94% may seem high, but it’s not ideal for a website with high traffic volume. Choose the hosting services with uptime percentages of a minimum of 99.8%. You can check our live tracking dashboard here for all the highest hosting companies we’re currently tracking.

Disk Space

The disk space feature indicates the amount of data you can store in the hosting server. The data is usually in the form of text, images, and videos.

It is best to choose the hosting service that offers unlimited data storage if you have a content-rich website.

Also, look for the storage technology the hosting company is using. Currently, the simplest technology is SSD that gives fast connectivity and loading speeds.

Bandwidth And Data Transfer

Bandwidth refers to the rate at which the data is transferred to the users. Whereas data transfer is the amount of data transferred to the users.

Usually, the basic hosting plans put a limit on the amount of data transferred. You can go with a basic cheap hosting plan with a data transfer limit if you are a beginner and won’t attract much traffic to your website in the early stages.

As your website grows, you can always shift to high-tier plans with unlimited data transfers.


Website loading speed is critical that should be considered when choosing a hosting company.

Hosting Servers and their locations are the basic factors that affect your website’s speed.

The measurements like Time To First Byte (TTFB) give a good indication of how fast the connectivity of the hosting server is. The ideal TTFB is below 200ms.

Consider Speed a serious consideration if you are an e-commerce or a Brand because the low-speed website also affects the brand credibility and cause low engagement.


A good hosting company always has good customer support in place that is easy to reach and they are able to resolve the website issues within 24 hours.

Most hosting companies offer 24/7 support via live chat, support tickets, email, or phone. It’s best to avoid the hosting company that doesn’t have good support staff in place.


Generally, websites are susceptible to security issues in the form of data breaches, DDOS attacks, malware, and hacking. A good web hosting service has features in place that include malware scanning and automatic updates to prevent security issues.

SSL Certificates

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a standard security technology that provides an encrypted connection between your website and the visitors. Search engines like Google prefer websites with SSL certificates and rank them higher to provide their users with websites that are secure and trustworthy.

Most hosting plans include a Free SSL certificate, which is ideal if you have a limited budget. Let’s Encrypt is one of the companies that has partnered with many hosting companies and hands out Free SSL certificates.


Make your decision, considering the features of the above Russian WordPress hosting companies. Though the price rate is the main factor, it is better to choose a hosting package that meets your needs. Besides, customer support and security may also be important factors to be considered.

Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on the top 10 best WordPress hosting in Russia. If you feel like I have missed something, or would like me to cover a particular provider, please let me know down in the if you have further questions, please feel free to drop us a message.

please share your thoughts as it will help others make the right design. Thanks for reading!

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