Best Bare-Metal Server Hosting Review

What do you know about the Bare Metal Server?

Bare Metal Server is a single tenant server which is not shared with anyone. Nobody claims to utilise bare metal server resources except the tenant. It is a single-user physical server in which user or tenant is the sole applier of the resources provided by the bare metal server. Bare metal server is called so to distinguish it from the modern form of virtualization and cloud hosting.

The resources are not shared in this form of server-user platform. Each server is available for the single user. Bare metal server is entirely dedicated to the single user who is renting it. The server which is offered for rent is a functional server on its own. They do not work on shared network like virtual server.

What is Virtual Machine/Server?

Virtual machine is defined as “an efficient, separated duplicate of a real machine”. Virtual machine is a machine that is based on computer architecture and provides the full functionality of a real physical machine. Specialized hardware, software of combination may involve in its implementation.

There are many types of virtual machines. Different machines for different operations. System virtual machine can be an option for the real physical machine. They offer full functionality of a real machine. Hypervisor can be used for the execution for sharing and managing the hardware, allowing to create multiple environment for multiple users. They are all isolated from one another, yet on the same physical server. Today’s hypervisor use hardware-driven virtualization, basically from the host machines.

Some virtual machines are designed to work in a different manner. They use different computer architecture and allow execution of applications written on different architecture. Some operating system level virtualization allows the resources of a computer to be partitioned via kernel’s support. These particles are called containers and they look like real systems to the end users.

Bare Metal Server vs. Virtual Server

1) Tenancy: Bare metal server is the single tenancy server which is dedicated to its single tenant. Whereas virtualization divides bare metal server into smaller virtual servers for multiple users.

2) Security: Virtualization creates multiple Virtual machines for multiple users. Although there is always a security risk because of some noisy and disturbing neighbours could give you a headache. While bare metal server is dedicated to single user, thus user can do anything he likes and could use it like a boss. Fewer security risks.

3) Performance: Virtual server has to bear a lot of work load because of the race between the users to get the maximum benefit of the resources shared by the single physical server. Thus, slowing down the speed of the server and finally its performance is affected. While in bare metal server, a user can fully utilise the resources available without worrying about the others. But here also resources are not shared, making it less competitive and thus uncompromised results are expected.

4) Control: Virtualization allows the user limited resources unlike the complete control given in bare metal server.

What is Bare Metal Hypervisor?

Hypervisor is computer software that creates and run the virtual machines. A computer on which the hypervisor has created the virtual machines is called the Host machine and each virtual machine is called Guest machine. Supervisor is the traditional term for the kernel in an operating system. While hypervisor is the supervisor of the supervisor.

Hypervisors which are run directly on the host machine and can control the hardware to manage the guests operating systems. Thus, these are called the bare metal hypervisors. The first of its kind is developed by the IBM which is called the Native Hypervisor.

What is Dedicated Server?

Dedicated Server is the server you lease from your hosting service provider. This way you can have the full control of your site including the space, applications you are installing, software you are using, hardware and operating system etc. But remember you should not opt for the dedicated server if you are just starting a business. Once your business is established and getting the traffic you want then you can go for the dedicated server. Dedicated servers are the best for very high trafficking blogs and forums.

Top bare metal server provider list :-

1. Internap: –

Best Bare-Metal Server Hosting Review 1Bare-metal hosting provides non-virtualized dedicated servers with the scalability of cloud. For flexible, pay-as-you-go workloads, providing hourly bare-metal cloud resources on demand by our customer portal or robust API. Need dedicated performance with more likely costs? Bare-metal servers are available monthly. Each account has Internap’s global Content Delivery Network, IPv4 and IPv6 compatible route-optimized Performance IP™ bandwidth and rock-solid support. Bare-metal servers offer optimal performance for your most demanding applications and workloads. Single-tenant servers eliminate resource contention and provide the full processing power of a dedicated server.

Features: –

  • Optimal Performance
  • Hybridization
  • Universal Transfer
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Highly Configurable
  • Global Reach

Best Bare-Metal Server Hosting Review 2

2. Stormondemand: –

Best Bare-Metal Server Hosting Review 3Powerful cloud features in a dedicated server wholly allocated to you. Storm Bare Metal provides users to view complete technical server specifications and order the server they need exactly. Need an exact CPU processor type? Need a specific configuration? No problem with Storm Bare Metal! You will get complete hardware transparency.

Features: –

  • Instant Deployment
  • Hourly Utility-Style Billing
  • Migrations made easy
  • Hybrid Hosting Environment
  • Easy Scaling
  • Fully Managed Support Available
  • Free Cloud Attached Firewalls
  • Create and Deploy Server Images
  • Easy Clone & Resize
  • Built-in Private Networking
  • Real-time Monitoring Team

Best Bare-Metal Server Hosting Review 2

3. Rackspace: –

Best Bare-Metal Server Hosting Review 5Rackspace is an IT hosting company in Windcrest, Texas, USA. It is a suburb of San Antonio, Texas. The company also has offices in UK, Australia, Israel, Switzerland, India, Hong Kong. The company’s apps and email section controls from Blacksburg, VA and other offices are situated in Texas, San Francisco, California and Austin. In January 2003, the company launched ServerBeach in San Antonio as a low-cost different for addressed servers created for technology hobbyists who want reliability and flexibility. Their Bare-Metal server services were responsive and fast, and connectivity and integration with them was very easy. Shared customers loved them. For small companies, there are cheaper options to email or hosting; still Rackspace is surely competitive in their field. It would be nice if they provided packages for people who subscribed to many services.

Features: –

  • Built for reliability
  • Fast provisioning
  • Consistent performance
  • Integrated administration
  • Open-source standards
  • High-performance networking

Best Bare-Metal Server Hosting Review 2

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