Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020

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Node.js hosting. All you want to know about it.

Node.js is an open source JavaScript based environment for developing web based applications. Node.js is not a javascript web framework but its modules are written using javascript and you can write new modules with it too. It is interpreted using Google’s V8 javascript engine. Node.js has an event driven architecture and comes with great scalability in web applications as well as real time web applications. Node.js also offers very rich and detailed libraries of JavaScript modules which will help you to simplify your task of developing web applications using node.js.

Most of the hosting service providers do not support node.js hosting because it is very new. But there are also some specialized hosting service providers which offer node.js hosting service because of its trendiness. So compare all the packages from different hosts and then go ahead. See the youtube video

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic and high level programming language. It is one of the three most used technologies of World Wide Web development. Majority of websites accommodates it and is supported by all the available browsers. JavaScript is a multi paradigm language and has an API for working with regular expressions, date and arrays.

JavaScript is also used for non web based environment like special browsers, desktop widgets and PDF documents. It is also used in game development and mobile applications. JavaScript is popular at server side web applications because of it faster JavaScript Virtual Machine. At client side it has been implemented as an interpreted language.

Features of node.js.

  • Node.js APIs are non-blocking and quick responsive. This means the server based on node.js would never wait for an API to return the data. Server would move to the next API after calling the first one and node.js help the server to get the response from the previously called API.
  • Google’s V8 JavaScript engine makes Node.js very fast in programme execution.
  • Highly scalable node.js uses a single threaded model. This mechanism makes the server respond in quick way and makes it highly scalable unlike the traditional server which creates queue to handle the API requests. Node.js develops the single thread to handle all the requests which make it faster and better than compared to the traditional servers like Apache’s HTTP server.
  • Node.js never ever stores or buffers the data. It simply executes the data in chunks.
  • Node.js has been released under the MIT license.

Users of node.js hosting service.

Node.js hosting services are adopted by very big organizations like eBay, Godaddy, Microsoft, Uber, Paypal, Yahoo, Wikipins, General Electric.

Free node.js hosting.

If you are the fan of JavaScript programming language then you have already installed it in your system and worked well on that. So it makes some sense that you should search well in advance for cheap and free but reliable host for node.js hosting. And if you have found one then you must check the future plan also because you will need to upgrade the basic and free plan once you have grown up in the field of development.

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Now you wonder that from where you can find the free hosting service for Node.js. Here are the free hosting service providers for node.js.

  • Nodejitsu
  • Heroku
  • RedHat OpenShift
  • Modulus
  • Microsoft Azure

1. RedHat OpenShift

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 1From the people who brought you Red Hat Linux and many other popular open source projects comes RedHat OpenShift. OpenShift seems to be the go-to recommendation for free Node.js hosting. OpenShift stands out among our other free Node.js hosts as offering a no-trial, truly free Node.js hosting platform.

Languages / frameworks – Node.js | Java | PHP | Ruby | Python | Perl | Ruby | More

Limits – Host 3 applications

Other stuff – Built-in private databases

Respond to web traffic – Automatically scale up or down as your application needs it

Multiple Regions – Deploy apps closer to your users with less latency

Backed by Red Hat – The world’s leading provider of open source solutions

Other free features:

  • System administration by Red Hat
  • Application auto scaling
  • Maxium gears: 3
  • Application idling: 24 hours
  • Hosting region: U.S.
  • Included free: 3 small gears
  • Storage base (per gear): 1GB
  • Subdomains on
  • Shared SSL on
  • Custom domains
  • Sharing controls
  • Help center
  • Documentation & guides
  • Developer community

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 2

2. Microsoft Azure

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 3Microsoft Azure is also the strong competitor in the free Node.js hosting world is Microsoft’s Azure services. You can sign up for a free month and get $200 to spend on all Azure services.

Build infrastructure – Provision Windows and Linux Virtual Machines and applications in minutes. Use the same virtual machines and management tools in Azure that you use on-premises.

Develop modern applications – Build and deploy a wide variety of modern applications for Android, iOS and Windows that take full advantage of the cloud, including web, mobile, media and line-of-business solutions. Automatically scale up and down to meet any need.

Gain insights from data – Azure provides managed SQL and NoSQL data services and built-in support for gaining insights from your data. Leverage the full power of SQL Server in the cloud and use HDInsight to build Hadoop clusters to analyze data.

Languages / frameworks – Node.js | Java | PHP | Python | .NET

Limits – Depends on what you spend you $200 credit on the first month.

Manage identity and access – Manage user accounts, synchronize with existing on-premises directories and get single sign on across Azure, Office 365 and hundreds of popular software-as-a-service applications, including Salesforce, DocuSign, Google Apps, Box, Dropbox and more.

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 2

3. Heroku

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 5Heroku was founded in 2007, also boasts a completely free Node.js hosting plan for use.

Languages / frameworks – Node.js | Java | PHP | Ruby | Python | Scala | Clojure

Limits – 1X 512MB RAM | 1x CPU Share | Row limit of 10K | Four hours downtime/month

Add-ons – Use technologies you love with more than 100 services in our add-ons marketplace. Add-ons are fully-managed services that are integrated into the Heroku platform. They can be provisioned and scaled in a single command and consumed by your application as loosely coupled components. Add-ons provide services for logging, caching, monitoring, persistence and more.

Buildpacks – Buildpacks are collections of scripts for compiling apps on Heroku, specific to the frameworks and languages you use in your app. Heroku supports a set of default open source buildpacks, but you can also make your own or use one from the community.

Configuration – Heroku lets you manage environment-specific configurations (such as credentials for backing services) separately from your source code for greater safety and portability. In Heroku, this data can be managed with config vars, which are made available to your running application as simple environment variables.

Run – Sometimes you want to run one-off dynos on your app — run a script in your app’s environment, use your app’s console, etc. Using heroku run, you can quickly spin up a one-off instance of your app environment to run ad-hoc commands.

Deploy with Git – Use git to deploy apps to Heroku in one command. We’ll build and run the source application, handling compilation, dependencies, assets and executables so you can focus on code. Code pushed to the heroku remote will be live and running on the platform quickly.

Heroku Fork – Heroku fork creates a duplicate instance of your application, running on Heroku immediately. It can be used to rapidly spin up new application environments, demonstrate feature branches on a running app or migrate apps to Heroku Europe.

Releases – Whenever you deploy changes to your app, Heroku creates a new release of your app. We keep your app’s release history, and you can list all of your releases, who made them and when. If something goes wrong in a release, use the rollback command to roll back to the latest release or a specific release until you can fix the problem.

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 6


4. Modulus

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 7Modulus is great free Node.js hosting service. Modulus is a premier Node.js hosting platform that provides a complete technology stack for application developers. This includes custom SSL, WebSockets, MongoDB, statistics and more. With Modulus, you can get $15 in starting credit to spend in your first 30 days of free service.

Languages / frameworks  Node.js

Limits  Depends on what you spend you $15 credit on the first month.

Simple Scalability  Our flexible infrastructure ensures your Node.js business application has the resources it needs to handle any amount of demand. Instances of your application are run on our mini-servers called “Servos.” Servos can be dynamically added and removed from your application at any time and traffic is automatically load balanced between them. You can decide to run these in any region we have available in world (Currently in U.S. and Europe).

Auto Scaling  Don’t worry about how your application is going to scale to meet demand. Just use the built-in auto scaling capabilities. Auto scaling automatically scales up or down your project to a number servos in a region based on custom defined rules. Rules can be set up individually for each region your application is running in.

Persistent Storage  Node.js application projects running on Modulus have an unlimited amount of storage that is directly mounted to the file system and is instantly replicated to all instances of the application.

Powerful Statistics  Modulus has a motto of “track everything.” Every request that enters your Node.js application is stored and available in real-time. Statistics are broken down by individual routes, so you can see which route is taking the longest to respond, which is transferring the most bandwidth and which is the most active.

Other free features:

  • Websockets
  • Session Affinity
  • Multiple Node.js Versions
  • Servo Sizes
  • Integrated Mongo Database
  • CLI Deployment
  • Mobile Management
  • Custom Domains
  • Free Custom Domain SSL
  • Multiple Region Support
  • Notifications
  • No Tiers

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 25. AppFog


AppFog, CenturyLink’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) based on Cloud Foundry, enables developers to focus on writing great cloud-based applications without having to worry about managing the underlying infrastructure. The result is increased agility and productivity, more efficient use of resources and low operational overhead. A free trial with up to $500 in usage.

Languages / frameworks  Node.js | Java | PHP | Ruby | Python

Limits – Currently AppFog does not have persistent file system; other object storage systems can be integrated at an additional cost.

Key Feartures – The ability to run your applications on multiple clouds is AppFog’s biggest advantage. Those who prefer the VMware platform will also find the PaaS appealing.

Pricing  Based on the level of service, add-ons deployed and includes charges for exceeding quotas. Service levels are based on memory instead of CPU. Pricing plans range from $20/month (2GB RAM) to $720/month (32GB RAM).

Bonus  Free version allows unlimited apps within 2GB of RAM, 100MB persistent storage (MySQL or PostgreSQL) and up to 8 service instances.

Best Node.js Hosting Service Provides 2019-2020 9

Where to use node.js?

When you are choosing node.js for the web applications development and going for the node.js hosting then make sure that you have chosen the right path. Make sure that you are choosing the right host depending upon your requirements of the applications you are going to develop. You are advised not to use it for CPU based applications. We would suggest you to use node.js for the following areas.

  • Applications about Data Streaming
  • API based applications
  • I/O bound applications
  • Web based real time applications
  • Single page applications

Reasons to use node.js.

  1. JavaScript is trendy that would make you fully energized throughout the development. Every personal computer is JavaScript runtime machine today so JavaScript is not going anywhere.
  2. Google’s V8 makes node.js very fast in the execution of the code. All the common tasks in web applications execute very fast in node.js. It also allows you to build easy and scalable network applications which could handle huge number of connections simultaneously.
  3. NPM of node.js is robust and consistence. It separates the packages of different applications and thus avoids the conflict.
  4. Real time web applications like gaming and chat made easy with node.js. Multi user requirements are taken care by node.js very easily avoiding conflicts.
  5. Streaming of data is made easy with node.js. Node.js handles I/O in a better way.
  6. With node.js and the database like mongoDB you can write entire client to server to database application.
  7. Plugins and libraries are just great. Find anything you want on them and they will never disappoint you.
  8. Now all the big hosts are supporting the node.js hosting.


Pros and cons of node.js hosting.


  • Node.js let user write an application on server side in JavaScript so user can write both front end and back end web applications. Also JavaScript is supported by all the web browser, it would be easy for the organizations to deploy their applications on them.
  • Developers can add more nodes to the existing node.js applications or add more resources to the nodes thus we can scale the node.js applications both horizontally and vertically.
  • Execution of JavaScript is very quick using Google’s V8 engine.
  • Node.js supports caching of modules. When modules is executed for the first time, node.js cache it and when it is called for second time, it is executed quickly without executing the entire code of the called module.
  • Developers have an option to use commonly used tools like Jasmin, NPM, grunt etc.


  • JavaScript has no standard library like many modern languages has. Sometimes users find it difficult to run even common programmes with node.js. It also lacks the libraries for image processing, XML parsing and database operations.
  • The APIs are changing frequently and thus developers have to make changes in their coding according to the new APIs. This is really boring.
  • Many users find Asynchronous Programming model more complicated because this model makes coding looks messy and unapproachable.

Does node.js run on all the platforms?

While working with node.js hosting, you will need some base capabilities. Thus we can say that no, you cannot run node.js on any hosting provider. You are going to need access to C compiler and you should be able to install the extra packages too.

However your node.js projects can be deployed on PAAS sites like Heroku and Linode and on cloud hosting providers. PAAS is more responsible for providing you the needed infrastructure and for the operating system.  On cloud hosting once you get the access to a virtual or dedicated server, you are the responsible person to install the node.js, databases and web servers. As far as developers are concerned they can go for the PAAS rather than cloud hosting because it is easy to develop and deploy.


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