Cloud hosting vs cdn( cloud delivery network)

Cloud hosting vs cdn( cloud delivery network)

Cloud computing is to handle data or applications on sharing basis not having personal devices or local servers..

Cloud computing means computing that share servers, applications and storage spaces between several organizations or devices through the internet..

Cloud computing can be applied for high performance computing power.. This type of computing is used in large groups of servers that are linked together.. To increase the power of cloud computing some virtualization techniques are used..

There are the types of cloud services:

1)      IAAS  ( Infrastructure as a Service )

2)      SAAS (Software as a service)

3)      PAAS (Platform as a service)

 types of cloud computing

Cloud computing Models:

1)      PUBLIC : In this model  the required data spreaded at all over the internet..

2)      PRIVATE:In this model the data kept saved for a particular server or organization..

3)      HYBRID:This model is the combination of above two models(PUBLIC and PRIVATE)..

4)      COMMUNITY: This model is for the group of servers or users that refer to a particular organization..

cloud development models

cloud development models

On the other hand CDN i.e Cloud Delivery Network is a system of servers that serves data and other information to a server based on the geographic location of the content delivery server, the webpage or we can say the user..

CDN is used in large organizations to speed up their delivery of content even in case of high traffic..The speed of delivery depends on the geographical location of the user.. CDN delivered the content as speedy as the user is geographically close..

content delivery network

content delivery network

CDN servers are categorized on the basis of following types:

1)      Content Provider CDN

2)      External Service Provider CDN

3)      Internal Service Provider CDN

4)      Peer Based CDN

5)      Application Level CDN

Following are the CDN providing services:

1)      Coral CDN

2)      Amazon CloudFront

3)      CacheFly

4)      Max CDN

5)      Pro CDN

6)      BitGravity

7)      LimeLIght

8)      CDNetworks

9)      SoftLayer

10)   EdgeCast

11)   Swiftwery

12)   Cotendo

13)   Level 3

14)   GoGrid

15)   CloudLayer

microsoft cdn cloud

microsoft cdn cloud

So, the major difference between Cloud computing and CDN is that the Cloud computing is a group of servers in a hub which is at one location and the CDN is the group of servers in which servers are distributed over the country.CDN is more faster and better than the Cloud computing to access the website.

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