Cloudant Hosting Review

Cloudant is an IBM product, which is primarily worked as a cloud based service. It is an open source distributed database with the same name. Cloudant is backed by apache’s couchDB and BIGCouch projects. Cloudant services include integrated data management, search and analytics engine especially designed for web applications. Cloudant scales databases and provides hosting, administrative tools and support for couchDB and BIGCouch. The main advantage of Cloudant is data is distributed redundantly over multiple machines. Cloudant hosted database extends CouchDB in several ways. It has chained MapReduce views. Cloudant updates applications without downtime and fine user experience is created that work both offline and online. It also ensured data flows continuously so that your app scales elastically across the globe. Support staff is taking care of backend processes and let you focus more on development.



Database as a service

Horizontal scaling

Load Balancing

Vertical scaling



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