M5 Cloud Hosting

M5 cloud allows you to create virtual machines within minutes. Virtual machines can be migrated which allows us to conduct maintenance with zero downtime. M5 Cloud’s Primary storage is already as fast as Amazon EBS! Their cloud delivers everything from custom template creation, load-balanced clustering to the use of private networking. “HA” storage of m5 cloud gives you redundancy at each and every point. Each storage cluster is multi-headed, with internally redundant arrays. All systems have redundant power supplies and network switches. Their world-class data center standard UPS and industry generator systems. The company’s Primary Storage is connected to the storage network by bonded, 10GigE connections in a fiber network. The M5 Cloud sits on a world-class network on the Control Platform to optimize outbound routes.




Block storage

Bring your own OS

Cloud storage

Database as a service

Direct connect

Recovery management

DNS management



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