Netmagic Hosting Review

Netmagic is a fast transitioning from traditional IT architectures to agile and responsive IT solutions that involve mix of hosted applications, public cloud and private cloud infrastructure services.Today’s business landscape and technology choices make it complex for the end user and thus it is natural to have workloads on infrastructure platforms. Company’s IT teams need to know all these platforms for getting more returns from their investments whils still having the scalability to migrate to other platform in need be. Netmagic’s cloud services can help you here to scale and manage your IT infrastructure. Whether your applications are running on a third-party hosted private cloud, public clouds, or a combination of any then Netmagic can deliver you all these various IT infrastructure facilities with scalability and flexibility to migrate to your chosen IT infrastructure service provider.


Bring your own OS

Cloud storage

Database as a service

Disaster recovery

File storage


Flexible storage services

Load balancing

Auto scaling

Horizontal scaling

Vertical scaling



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