Nimbix Hosting Review

The nimbix cloud technology is an award winning cloud computing platform for corporations and end users who want high performance at affordable cost and ease of use. A powerful processing API at Nimbix runs compute intensive applications on company’s computing platform first. Unlike other hosting companies where public clouds rely on virtual machines, the nimbix uses bare metal machines to run your applications whether GPU or powerful supercomputing cluster. This means high performance at cheap and optimized cost. You can get your cloud computing answer very quickly then other alternative solutions. Jarvice is the reason which makes nimbix cloud unique. Jarvice is the platform that delivers true HPC in the cloud. When Jarvice is working, you can count upon it for crunch of your data, wrapping up your task more quickly and getting the best possible results. Media, oil & gas, Manufacturing/engineering, developers, medical and life sciences and big data analytics can use the nimbix cloud services.



Block storage

Cloud storage

Bring your own OS

Disaster recovery

File storage



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