Open Stack Hosting Review

Open stack is a cloud operating system that controls large sized computing, storage capacity, and networking resources throughout their own datacenters, all managed through a control panel that gives administrators control while helping their users to provision resources through a web interface. OpenStack related products and services include Distributions, Appliances, Public Clouds, Consultants and Training. Its Security Team provides tools to ensure secure code and notify users of security breaches. OpenStack security is a collaborative effort who come together to ensure that OpenStack provides a robust, reliable, and secure cloud for public, private, and hybrid based web applications. The OpenStack Security Project and its Management Team coordinate the work needed to identify, limit, and resolve security issues. The software is built by a thriving community of developers and users and it is designed on open space that satisfy the needs of both the parties.


Auto Scaling

Block storage

File storage


Load balancing

Object storage

Server cloning

System monitoring



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