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Opnenebula thinks it is important to state what “open”, “simple”, “scalable”, and “flexible” mean to everybody from developer to users, from small business owners to large organizations. Terms like “open-” and “open-source” are used by many vendors as a marketing tool to fool the customers. Openness means you can run ready software that is fully open-source without lock you down into any agreement. Yes, this means that OpenNebula does not need enterprise extensions. There is one and only one OpenNebula distribution, and it is truly open-source, Apache licensed, and enterprise-ready. Nothing else. Simplicity means that you do not need more administrators to build and maintain your cloud. OpenNebula is a product so you don’t have to integrate anything to build upon. Moreover your cloud will run for years with less cost maintenance.



Auto Scaling

Block storage

File storage


Load balancing

Object storage

Server cloning

System monitoring



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Radhu Goyal

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