ReliaCloud Hosting Review

Reliacloud is found to solve to major concerns of clients: reliability and security. Reliacloud assures clients’ reliability with multiple server nodes on which the data is stored. If one server fails, other server will automatically comes up and replaces the failed one. Their cloud network uses multiple routers and switches so that the best and the fastest channel to your website is available. Reliacloud plans are flexible meaning you have to pay as you go basis. You can upgrade as well as downgrade the resources as per your requirements. That means scale up when you have more traffic on web and scale down your resources when you have fewer customers online. Prices are charged by the hour which starts as low as $0.05. Prices are charged on uses of resources like number of CPUs used, memory, disk size, bandwidth, operating system etc. But comparatively Rediacloud has great plans. Control panel at Rediacloud is not produced same for all the clients rather it is customized for them. GUI is clear and user friendly. Support staff is available 24/7/365. Support is an important aspect of web hosting service provider and availability of them 24/7 is a plus point.



Auto Scaling

Cloud Storage

Database as a service

Deploy servers

Disaster Recovery

Flexible storage services



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