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Serversaurus is a Melbourne based web hosting company, founded in 2005 by former web developers in the biggest corporations and banks in Australia. Team of managed professionals coming from different background, assist you in network engineering and core cloud platform. You can trust on serversaurus because company promises the best, secure, stable and responsive services. All of their infrastructure is green architecture, meaning co2 generated for powering Serversaurus has been remedied by planting over 100 trees per year. In 2013 company donated about 1% of its profit to NGOs to help them fight against green house gases that adversely affect global environment. Serversaurus is powered by high density compute nodes running on OnAPP platform. Each node carries local storage, network cards and continuous power supplies. Serversaurus is connected to DDoS equipment which makes sure that your network never gets oversaturated.



Auto Scaling

Cloud Storage

Content delivery system


Load Balancing



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