Ultimum Cloud Hosting Review

The cloud is all about providing computing to end users in all size organizations varying from small to large ones. Ultimum cloud provides cloud services in a remote environment also where the actual software runs as on reliable servers rather than on user’s own computer. Cloud computing can refer to “as a service”— software, platforms, and infrastructure. Today’s most all weather cloud infrastructures are powered by an OpenStack platform with scalability, security and quick launch of new applications. OpenStack falls into the infrastructure as a service category. Infrastructure has its own platform on which a developer can create software applications for the deployment to the end user. Ultimum Cloud provides an Infrastructure as a Service Cloud for enterprise customers. It offers highly available and scalable resources with an emphasis on performance and automation. Ultimum Cloud aims at providing latest cloud technology platform built on Ultimum cloud’s projects of Nova, Neutron, Swift, Horizon and others.



Block storage

Bring your own OS

Cloud storage

Database as a service

Disaster recovery

File storage

Object Storage




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