Windows Azure Hosting Review

Azure is a cloud computing service by Microsoft for building, deploying and managing web applications through global network managed by company’s data centres across the globe. Virtual machines and Infrastructure as a Service allow users to make their own linux or Microsoft windows virtual machines. App services and PaaS allow customers easily publish their web sites. Hosting of websites on Azure let developers build web sites using, php, node.js and can be deployed using FTP, git and mercurial. Even users can select from several open source applications to deploy their web applications. Mobile apps can be developed by HockeyApp. REST and SDK APIs services are provided for storing and accessing data on cloud. SQL database works to create and extend applications into cloud computing. Its data warehousing service is designed to handle intensive data queries on data exceeding 1TB.



Highly available and scalable applications and APIs

Visual studio and Azure SDK

Great applications not babysitting hardware

Testing before deploying

Health monitoring and sound alert system

Optimize cost for best performance



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