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OpenCart refers to a store structure related to online management, which is mainly based on PHP and includes database elements like MySQL and HTML. It is a quite famous system that is used widely across the globe. There several varieties of languages and currencies supported by this system. In addition, it is available entirely free under the General Public License.

OpenCart was established back in the year 1988 by Christopher G. Mann, mainly for Walnut Creek CDROM. In Perl, the development of the product took place, and its first official release took place in the year 1999, 11th May. Although the release of the project was in 1999, it couldn’t gain any popularity instantly. Since the outcome of the product was quite low, it resulted in a pause in product development in 2000.

In the year 2005, February, the platform ultimately declined before a developer based in the UK utilized the product as a foundation for creating an e-commerce software of his own. The PHP also reported this. The developer is widely referred to as Daniel Kerr. Finally, in 2009 February, the development of the very first steady variety of software took place onto the Google code.

As stated by Kerr, OpenCart was the leading software supplier across countries globally, including China. Besides, the demand for OpenCart grew exponentially from that time onwards. The software has also gone through several updates to improve and maintain its performance through the changing times and requirements.

What is OpenCart?

The open-source e-commerce domain that is useful for online merchants is referred to as OpenCart. It offers a highly acknowledged and dependable baseline from which it is possible to create an impressive online shop. This is a platform that is useful for several types of users, including web developers that are in search of an easy-to-use interface. It also includes the shop owners that are establishing their business online for the very first time.

There are a variety of features and facilities provided by OpenCart that help any individual to have better control over their store customization.

The system typically offers support for numerous types of languages, along with currencies. Besides, there are several OpenCart hosting deals available for both small to large shops. It can be accessed easily under the General Public License. One of the major advantages of it is that it is available without any cost and is completely free.

Best OpenCart Hosting

1 A2 hosting Opencart Hosting

A2 hosting Opencart Hosting

Features:Up To 20X Faster Turbo Servers Guru Crew Support Free Account Migration Money-Back Guarantee 99.9% Uptime CommitmentA2 hosting Opencart Hosting Plan
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2 Fastcomet Opencart Hosting

Fastcomet Opencart Hosting

Features:Free Domain Transfer SSD-Only Cloud Free Cloudflare CDN Powered by cPanel Daily and Weekly Backups Free 24/7 Priority Support Free Managed Migrations 100% Satisfaction or Money Back GuaranteeFastcomet ...
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3 Hostpapa Opencart Hosting

Hostpapa Opencart Hosting

Features:100% OpenCart Compatible. Simple OpenCart Installation. Unlimited OpenCart Sites. Free Domain Name Registration. Worry-free OpenCart site transfer. 24/7 multilingual support.Hostpapa Opencart Hosting Plan
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4 TMD Hosting Opencart Hosting

TMD Hosting Opencart Hosting

Features:Free installation and migration. 10+ Years of experience All-SSD based storage with 3 layers of cache 99.99% uptime guarantee  TMD Hosting Opencart Hosting Plan
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5 InMotion Opencart Hosting

InMotion Opencart Hosting

Features:Simple Installation Large Range of Support Multiple Payment Gateways cpanel security icon Feature Rich email administration icon Easy Admin Panel Multiple Language & CurrenciesInMotion Opencart ...
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6 Kualo Opencart Hosting

Kualo Opencart Hosting

Features:99.9% Uptime Guarantee 60-Day Money Back Guarantee 24/7 Phone & Online Support No lock-in or long term contracts Unlimited Data Transfer Unlimited Email Aliases Unlimited Email Auto-Responders Enterprise ...
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7 Arvixe Opencart Hosting

Arvixe Opencart Hosting

Features:Exclusive OpenCart Optimized Environment Unlimited Space & Bandwidth 24/7 Live Chat & Phone Support 100% Risk Free for 45 daysArvixe Opencart Hosting Plan
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8 Milesweb Opencart Hosting

Milesweb Opencart Hosting

Features:24/7/365 Support 30 Day Money Back 99.95% Uptime Pure SSD Storage Free SSL Certificate Secure Email Accounts Latest PHP & MySQL Website Backup in Cloud Free Instant Setup 1-Click Installer ...
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9 Interserver Opencart Hosting

Interserver Opencart Hosting

Features:Super Fast SSD Storage Free SSL Certificate Business Email cPanel Frequent Updates Automatic Backup Auto Scaling Free MigrationInterserver Opencart Hosting Plan 
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10 WebhostingHub Opencart Hosting

WebhostingHub Opencart Hosting

Features:1-Click OpenCart Install Free Customizable Themes Painless Zero-Downtime OpenCart Transfers Moneyback guarantee  WebhostingHub Opencart Hosting Plan
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OpenCart Hosting Server Requirement 

There are several specific technical needs of The OpenCart Hosting server that must be fulfilled for the store to run smoothly. The first step requires the development of a web server to ensure that the OpenCart shop is accessible publicly on the web.

While choosing a specific hosting service, it is crucial for one to check that these particular server needs are offered and downloaded/installed on the web servers:

For the easy and smooth installation of OpenCart on the web server, it is important to allow these extensions.

  • PHP 5.4+
  • Web Server (Recommended Apache)
  • Database (Recommended MySQLi)

Essential PHP modules/Libraries

  • ZIP
  • Xml
  • Zlib
  • Curl
  • GD Library
  • Mcrypt
  • Mbstrings

The PHP extensions that are mentioned above are essential and must be provided by the majority of the hosting providers since it ensures that these extensions are available for the installation to proceed efficiently. In case any of these extensions are missing, it is important to contact the hosting provider.

Top OpenCart Hosting Service Providers

The OpenCart hosting services can be perfect for individuals wanting to start up a business or an eCommerce shop. OpenCart is known to offer some of the best quality features. There are also several fastest OpenCart hosting services available across the globe. OpenCart is considered the best option for several reasons. It is possible to provide the customers with a range of products of different kinds along with the optimization of the workflow. In addition, it is also available freely, which makes it one of the top choices for many individuals. Some of the best OpenCart hosting service providers present in the world are as follows:

  1. SiteGround
  2. HostGator
  3. BlueHost
  4. A2 Hosting
  5. InterServer
  6. DreamHost
  7. InMotion
  8. GreenGeeks
  9. HostPapa
  10. iPage

OpenCart Shared Hosting

Shared hosting refers to the sharing of almost every detail, with a huge number of users present on the same server. Although this server is not suggested much, its demand is still high in several sectors. This type of hosting is perfect for small businesses or start-ups with a lower budget.

Shared hosting is utilized by several users, which can be an advantage for some people. However, it often becomes a demerit for the users that seek more control/power. In other words, this site might not be an appropriate choice for the users that are in need of wide software development.

There are several panel systems used by shared hosting, which are based on the web, including cPanel, Plesk, H-Sphere, and so on. Although, the global industries tend to utilize the control panel that is customized by them.

OpenCart VPS hosting

The hosting platform that is widely popular throughout the world is the Virtual Private Server. This server is perfect for individuals in search of a dependable and steady server to enhance the process of business development and expansion.

VPS hosting is considered to be highly stable, and it also contains a huge amount of useful resources/materials. These resources include bandwidth, speed of the data, disk space, and so on for its customers in comparison to shared hosting with the least amount of resources.

OpenCart Dedicated Hosting

The leading place for website hosting is taken up by dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting refers to the renting of one’s own server generally. Being able to rent the server gives an individual the entire power or control over it. Since it means that only the person is renting the server is utilizing it.

As it is a personal server, it enables the smooth operation of a huge number of memory-intensive scripts. This is totally ideal for the huge web pages with a vast amount of traffic. It ensures that the bandwidth of the server is not taken up by the other users as compared to the VPS hosting. Thus, it decreases the loading and buffering, which saves uptime. Although, the functionality of the dedicated hosting is similar to that of the VPS hosting. It is considered as an ideal OpenCart high traffic website hosting.

OpenCart Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is useful for ensuring that web pages and applications are easily available with the use of cloud resources. Since it is a modern hosting server, the deployment of the solutions does not take place in one server like that of the traditional hosting. Rather, the application or the web page is hosted by a network of linked physical and virtual cloud servers. Thus, it offers higher accessibility and flexibility.


It can be challenging to start an eCommerce business. These top OpenCart hosting servers provide a better substitute for people who don’t prefer some of the other eCommerce hostings. It helps people who have business requirements for small scale up to medium scale. Thus, OpenCart works as one of the best solutions for the eCommerce hosting platform.

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