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Top WordPress VPS Hosting Service-WordPress VPS Hosting providers

A lot of essential factors must be considered if you wish to host your website efficiently and consistently. Thus, you need to carefully choose the right hosting type and a proper hosting plan that can meet all of your web requirements smoothly. If you are an owner of a WordPress Website, you need to know about the solutions offered by the WordPress VPS. The Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting is a common choice for many medium-to-high traffic websites. 

If you are not a tech-savvy person and want to rely on Managed WordPress VPS Solution, you need to know the definition and features of WordPress VPS Hosting. In the below-mentioned sections, we have discussed them in detail. 

What Is VPS WordPress Hosting? 

Just like a Shared WordPress Hosting, the WordPress VPS Hosting also offers multiple users a single physical server. But, your VPS Hosting uses virtual partitions of the dedicated physical server. Your site will be hosted in a virtual server located on that shared server and you can control the functions and customize various other settings of that virtual server. 

WordPress VPS Hosting Pros 

WordPress VPS Hosting solutions offer a lot of benefits. Here, we have discussed them in brief. 


Loading speed is one of the essential factors of a good number of web traffic. Thus, along with world-class hosting service and a top hosting provider, you need to choose such a hosting type that provides a large number of customization options. Hence, you can set up your hosting in such a manner so that your web visitors experience a faster loading speed. In this regard, it must be mentioned that if you use VPS-based Hosting, you will be provided with a dedicated partitioned server or a Virtual Private Server. Thus, the best VPS Hosting for WordPress will allow you to access resources like RAM and CPU as dedicated resources. As these resources are not shared with other Website Owners, you can expect a good loading speed. 

High-Quality Security 

As WordPress VPS Services offer each user a separate virtual partition, you can set up your security system without sharing it with any other hosting user. 

On each VPS server, there is a software known as ‘hypervisor’. It is responsible for separating each area of the server and protecting against any resource crossover. It acts as a security gate that protects each area of the server from malware or malicious attacks. 

A Hypervisor can be breached by an expert hacker. But, if you use the best VPS for WordPress, it can be unbreachable. 

WordPress VPS Hosting Cons

Just like all other types of hosting services, WordPress VPS also provides many disadvantages. Some of them are discussed below. 

Top WordPress VPS Hosting Service Providers

1 Dreamhost WordPress VPS Hosting

Dreamhost WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:Unlimited 24/7 Support VPS Control Panel 100% Uptime Guarantee Solid State Drives (SSD) Unlimited Website Hosting Scalable RAM Unlimited Bandwidth Reseller and Sub Account Features SSL/TLS Certificate ...
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2 Fastcomet WordPress VPS Hosting

Fastcomet WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:Fully Managed Rapid Provisioning Powered by cPanel SSD-Only Cloud Root Access 24/7/365 Support Backup & Snapshots Completely ScalableFastcomet WordPress VPS Hosting Plan
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3 Bluehost WordPress VPS Hosting

Bluehost WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:FREE Domain Name for 1st Year 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee Free SSL Certificate 24/7 Support Root Access Extreme Performance Instant Provisioning Guaranteed Resources Dynamic Resources Enhanced Control ...
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4 A2 hosting WordPress VPS Hosting

A2 hosting WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:Auto-Setup Up To 20X Faster A2 Optimized Free SSL Global ServersA2 Hosting WordPress VPS Hosting Plan
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5 InMotion WordPress VPS Hosting

InMotion WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:Host Multiple Websites Free Dedicated IP Unlimited Professional Email Free SSLs Scheduled Snapshots cPanel & WHM IncludedInMotion WordPress VPS Hosting Plan
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6 Hostinger WordPress VPS Hosting

Hostinger WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:SSD Storage Limited Bandwidth Free SSL Managed WordPress Jetpack Free LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Acceleration WooCommerce Cloudflare Protected Nameservers Github Integration 24/7/365 Support 99.9% ...
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7 Knownhost WordPress VPS Hosting

Knownhost WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:24/7/365 Fully Managed Tech Support Best Uptime on the Planet! 99.996% Proven Availability Complementary DDOS Protection Free Backups & Free Migrations Instant Setup - Full Root Access ProvidedKnownhost ...
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8 Interserver WordPress VPS Hosting

Interserver WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:High Performance Storage Instant Provisioning 99.9% Uptime Gurantee Easy Control Panel Multiple language Servers Flexible Software OptionsInterserver WordPress VPS Hosting Plan 
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9 Rosehosting WordPress VPS Hosting

Rosehosting WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:FREE Full Weekly Backup FREE WordPress Installation Enterprise-Grade SSD Storage Firewall Security and Hardening FULLY Optimized For Speed FREE 24/7 Fully Managed Support FULL Root Access 99.99% Uptime ...
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10 MilesWeb WordPress VPS Hosting

MilesWeb WordPress VPS Hosting

Features:24/7/365 Support 30 Day Money Back 99.95% Uptime Free Domain Fast SSD Storage WordPress Preconfigured Automatic WordPress Updates Free SSL Security Fast Provisioning Datacenter Choice Secure Email ...
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Improper Resource Allocation 

If you fail to properly choose the best VPS Hosting Provider for WordPress and buy the VPS service from a random provider, you may find that the physical server isn’t partitioned proportionately. This issue may cause improper or unequal resource allocation among multiple partitioned servers. Sometimes, a hosting provider may sell a certain amount of space from each partitioned server. All of these issues can affect your site’s speed, storage, and reliability. 


Before choosing the Best VPS for WordPress, keep in mind that this hosting is expensive than Shared Hosting but less expensive than Dedicated Hosting. 

What Is Managed VPS WordPress Hosting? 

Ans: In the hosting market, you can easily find the Best VPS Hosting Providers for WordPress. Some of them offer friendly and smart assistance from world-class technical support teams. These experts will help to keep your server running & up-to-date with security patches, OS updates, and more solutions. This type of hosting service is termed as Managed WordPress VPS Hosting. 

We have created a list of providers and their plans offering Managed VPS WordPress Hosting services. This list comprises of reviews, features, benefits, and cons of this type of hosting. 

WooCommerce VPS or VPS for WooCommerce

In the world of web hosting, a VPS (virtual private server) can often be a solution for WooCommerce and can help make your online shop a lot faster.

Before discussing the functions of WooCommerce VPS, you must have a basic idea about WooCommerce. It is an open-source system that runs on WordPress. The WooCommerce plugin enables you to turn a WordPress website into an appropriate online store. The open nature of the plugin allows you to easily add a lot of functionalities, like links with newsletters and software, links with comparison sites, dynamic prices, and various payment methods. Moreover, using WooCommerce you can add more online shops to your existing WordPress system.

How VPS Becomes A Great Solution With WooCommerce? 

The WooCommerce VPS solutions can work perfectly without compromising with the existing speed. In many ways, the WordPress VPS is suitable for hosting a dynamic environment like WooCommerce and aligns perfectly with the most important WooCommerce hosting requirements.  Some benefits are listed below. 

  • Database and object caching ensure higher speeds, particularly for customized parts of websites and pages that involve users having to log in.
  • VPS can offer a huge amount of resources and that is beneficial for any relatively heavy platform like WooCommerce.
  • As VPS is highly scalable, the best VPS for WordPress can be easily utilized to add extra resources or upgrade existing plans.  
  • VPS is useful for easy installations of essential software and applications.

 we have created a list of the top WooCommerce VPS WordPress Providers, their plans, reviews, and benefits. 

we have created a Guide mentioning the names, plans, reviews, pros, and cons of the Best VPS Hosting Providers for WordPress. As a WordPress Site Owner, you may go through The Best VPS WordPress Hosting List to choose the best provider and the plan according to your requirements and budget. 

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