A Beginner’s Guide to cPanel 2022

A Beginner’s Guide to cPanel

 It’s not always feasible to hire a web developer for each and every minute of updates on your website. What if there was a system where you can manage, maintain, and control all your websites by yourself? Well, that is possible! You can manage your website, host it, update it, take backups, add SSL, create FTP and email accounts, add subdomains, install CMS, and a lot more- all by yourself, without taking any help from anyone.

Yes, you don’t need to hire a web developer to manage your websites when you have a cPanel! If you are not aware of cPanel hosting or want to know more about it, then keep reading this complete cPanel hosting guide so that you don’t have to hire a web developer anymore!

Top Beginner’s Guide to cPanel 2022

1 Bluehost cPanel Hosting

Bluehost cPanel Hosting

Features:Secure logins for cPanel and WebMail 1-click WordPress installation and ad credits FREE domain and FREE site-building tools Expert support available 24/7 Easy access to email tools and site statisticsBluehost ...
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2 InMotion cPanel Hosting

InMotion cPanel Hosting

Features:Manage your site via cPanel FREE domain and 1-click installer with 300+ apps Business-class hardware and email spam filtering Gain exposure with up to $250 of FREE ad credits FREE data backups and 24/7 US-based ...
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3 A2 Hosting cPanel Hosting

A2 Hosting cPanel Hosting

Features:Cheap, secure, and performant hosting with cPanel 1-click installs for dozens of popular apps Host up to unlimited website on a single account Advanced security features and FREE HackScan FREE SSL certificates and ...
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4 HostGator cPanel Hosting

HostGator cPanel Hosting

Features:Includes cPanel control panel and 1-click-installs 4,500 FREE templates to build a site without code $100 toward Google marketing, plus FREE paid ads Unlimited emails with spam prevention and support Award-winning ...
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5 iPage cPanel Hosting

iPage cPanel Hosting

Features:Manage your site easily with vDeck interface cPanel included with VPS and dedicated servers FREE site-building tools, domain names, and email Blogging, CMS, and eCommerce tools available FREE online store and your ...
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6 FatCow cPanel Hosting

FatCow cPanel Hosting

Features:Custom control panel on shared hosting Script Barn for easy software installs Full cPanel available for VPS and dedicated servers $200 in marketing credits for FREE exposure Uniquely GREEN, powered 100% by wind ...
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7 Web Hosting Hub cPanel Hosting

Web Hosting Hub cPanel Hosting

Features:Includes industry-leading cPanel control panel FREE domain and zero-downtime transfers 1-click WordPress install and FREE website builder Includes eCommerce tools and IMAP secure email More than 400 FREE apps with a ...
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8 JustHost cPanel Hosting

JustHost cPanel Hosting

Features:Instant setup with cPanel and FREE domain $200 of marketing credits from Google and Bing MOJO Marketplace with hundreds of apps 1-click WordPress installation and eCommerce tools 24/7 customer support via phone, ...
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9 GreenGeeks cPanel Hosting

GreenGeeks cPanel Hosting

Features:SSD Storage Arrays Best Speed Technologies Built-in Scalability Advanced Security Stable Hosting Platform Expert 24/7 SupportGreenGeeks cPanel Hosting Plan
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What is cPanel?

 It’s a control panel for the hosting server to manage all the websites that run on the same server. Most of the developers are familiar with cPanel as they need to manage it regularly to keep track of the sites’ performance, FTP accounts, email accounts, data usage, backup maintenance, new file uploading, creating subdomains, managing SSL certificates, software installation, and more.

A cPanel is a purely Linux-based solution to provide the developers or the site admins with a user-friendly, graphical representation that helps in managing one or more websites effortlessly.


cPanel hosting is not freely available. But nowadays, most of the hosting service providers give cPanel for free along with the hosting packages. Whether it’s shared hosting or reseller hosting, or any other- if it’s Linux based, then you get a cPanel for free along with the hosting package.

Server requirements for cPanel hosting

If you are using a shared hosting server or reseller hosting, then you won’t need a high configuration system as you’ll be accessing a shared hosting server that is located somewhere else. All you need is a device (PC or mobile) and an internet connection to log in to the control panel and manage it.

But if you plan to go for a dedicated hosting server, then you’ll need a system configuration as mentioned below.

  • Intel CPU of 2.0 GHz or higher
  • A RAM of 512 MB
  • 10 to 20 GB space of the hard drive
  • The latest version of Linux OS (Red Hat or Fedora)
  • A RAM minimum of 512 MB
  • Around 10-20 GB Disk space
  • The latest version of a Linux OS (Fedora or Red Hat)


Best cPanel Hosting Providers

 Some of the top cPanel hosting providers that offer excellent service are-

  • BlueHost
  • SiteGround
  • HostGator
  • Hostinger
  • A2Hosting
  • NameCheap
  • GoDaddy
  • HostChilly

VPS cPanel hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server works almost like a dedicated hosting server that provides its resources only for your website(s). It is a dedicated hosting server that is virtually placed in a cloud environment and accessed only by your websites. It is faster and more powerful than a shared, cloud, or a reseller hosting server.

The best thing about a VPS Cpanel hosting is, it doesn’t require any highly configured system (as the dedicated server is virtually accessed by the websites) but still provides similar performances as a dedicated Cpanel hosting.

Shared Cpanel hosting

In this hosting package, you’ll get a shared Cpanel hosting server to manage one or more websites through it. While the server that you use is shared among many users and is a Linux based server located somewhere else.

Cloud Cpanel hosting

This type of Cpanel hosting is based on the cloud servers where one can allocate the resources based on the requirements as an on-demand resource allocation solution. Cloud Cpanel hosting allows the user to install/ deploy the Cpanel on any operating system such as Linux or Windows, instead of specifically depending upon the Linux platform.

A cloud environment expands the hosting services from a traditional way to a new dimension of resource sharing system. If you are a reseller, then cloud Cpanel hosting will bring much profit to you. You get a WHM panel and a CPanel along with your cloud reseller hosting package which then you can resell to others sharing the resources that you have opted for.

It becomes profitable because you only choose the resources that you need, and not paying for any resources that you’re not using. And the customers to whom you resell the services would get a separate CPanel to manage their own hosting.

 Dedicated VPS Cpanel hosting

In this hosting plan, you’ll receive a dedicated hosting server that runs your website(s) without being shared by anyone else. All the resources are accessed only by you and only your website(s) can access the resources, bandwidth, disk space, memory, etc. of this hosting server.

A dedicated VPS Cpanel hosting plan is suitable for websites with high traffic, providing faster page loading time, and more security to your website(s). A dedicated VPS hosting plan is costlier than shared, cloud, or reseller hosting packages.

 Fastest Cpanel hosting

 We cannot name a single Cpanel web hosting provider as the fastest of all. The speed depends upon the following.

  • The plan/ package you are choosing
  • If you’re a shared hosting plan, then you’ll get a low speed as compared to cloud hosting.
  • The number of sites you are running on the same hosting server.
  • The memory, bandwidth
  • If your site is suitable for the type of hosting you have chosen.

But still, I would recommend you to go for Kinsta web hosting if you have a good budget and requirements. For a mid-level budget you can choose BlueHost or SiteGround; they give an outstanding performance at a low cost. BlueHost is recommended by the WordPress platform.

However, if you have a low budget, then go for HostBet; I already am a subscriber of HostBet and want to continue the same for the long term.

Plesk hosting

Plesk hosting and Cpanel hosting serve similar purposes when it comes to making things easier for the users through an user-friendly graphical interface. But Plesk holds the upper hand here as in a Plesk hosting package you’ll find the related features are grouped together whereas, in a Cpanel hosting everything is scattered around.

On the other hand, Plesk hosting is comparatively slower than Cpanel hosting, while features and security remain the same in both.

Free CPanel hosting

In the web world, if someone (some company) provides you with free hosting or a free domain, then that’s an offer, go grab it! But the free hosting plans are for beginners. If you already own a domain that drives a good amount of traffic, then a free Cpanel web hosting plan won’t work.

However, a free hosting plan or a free domain suits perfectly fine for the newcomers to get started with the new journey. The best part is you can have a hands-on with these free resources, and then apply the experience while using a paid one.

Fortunately, there are web hosting service providers who offer free Cpanel web hosting services. To mention the names-

  • GoogieHost
  • Free hosting
  • ProFreeHost
  • Amazon Web Services(the first year is almost free)
  • Google Cloud (the first year is almost free)


Advantages of CPanel hosting

When it comes to the pros and cons of Cpanel web hosting, then most of them are the advantages as Cpanel hosting has been introduced to provide usefulness to the users. Let’s explore the advantages of it one by one.

  • One-click CMS installation
  • Add/Update SSL certificates
  • Access multiple plugins
  • Manage FTP accounts
  • Create business email accounts
  • Add subdomains
  • Upload new files to the website
  • Take regular backups
  • Migrate site from one host to other
  • You can easily install a CPanel
  • No-prior experience is required to manage a CPanel


Disadvantages of CPanel hosting

  • So many features can confuse the user new to Cpanel
  • Every user may not require all the features, causing misutilization of resources
  • Rarely available for free, most of the time you need to purchase it
  • Resources (disk space, bandwidth, memory) are limited. So it is suitable for small websites.
  • When you host multiple websites within the same Cpanel, the sites become slower(but that happens mostly with the shared Cpanel hosting packages).



Q: How do I get a free Cpanel hosting plan?

Ans: There are some hosting provider companies that provide you with free Cpanel hosting plans. Here are some of the names of the hosting providers that provide you with a free Cpanel hosting plan. Their website links are given along with their names.

Q:  Do I need a Cpanel hosting?

 Ans: It’s not mandatory, but when you use Cpanel hosting, then managing multiple websites becomes easier for you through an intuitive graphical interface. Whatever may be the requirement, you can get it within a few clicks.

Q:  Can I manage a cPanel by myself alone?

Ans: Yes, you can. Managing a cPanel doesn’t require any technical or website development knowledge, anyone can handle the complete management and maintenance by themselves alone without taking any help from a website developer. And that is the reason why the invention of cPanel has been introduced.

Q: Which is the best cPanel hosting among all?

Ans: Well, as mentioned earlier in this article, we cannot mention some particular web hosting provider as the best Cpanel hosting provider of all. It depends upon the requirements and other factors. But, as per my recommendations, I would say that performance-wise Kinsta hosting is the best hosting of all. But it is costly.

So if you have budget constraints, you can go with BlueHost or SiteGround. They have been providing a great service for years and have got really good reviews.

If you have a very low budget, then try using Hostbet, it’s smooth, secure, and fast with lots of features.

And if you are a beginner, want to experience what Cpanel hosting is, then try out some of the free Cpanel hosting services mentioned earlier.





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