Best Reseller Hosting Provider 2022

Best Reseller Hosting Provider

Today web hosting constitutes the core of any business or starting an Internet presence of a physical business. The reason is simple; every website needs a web server to function and hosting space to protect the files necessary for its operation. Web hosting is a great business opportunity in itself; as contradictory as it may seem, few are those who dare to start it. Best Reseller hosting India allows anyone to operate a business web hosting “white label.” It is used by web professionals to offer web hosting, domain registration, and email services to clients. Most hosting resellers are based on WHMCS, Enom, and ClientExec, although ResellerClub has also become extremely popular and has a different approach to domain product services. Typically, resellers share hosting space for an unlimited number of domains with fixed bandwidth and storage limits.

One of the most important things to look for in reseller hosting plans is free licenses for all necessary software; otherwise, WHMCS, Enom, and ClientExec can be expensive to purchase individually. Other web hosting majors provide wholesale credits for resale or their storefronts that can be implemented with a full range of web hosting products and TLDs for registration. Web hosting reseller accounts are a good place to gain experience and learn more about the industry.

What is reseller hosting?

Best reseller hosting is a type of web hosting through which a web hosting plan within a server allows an account to resell hosting within the same plan—thus allowing creating subdomains and adding external domains, creating sub plans or hosting plans Reseller hosting account.

Best Reseller hosting 2021 users can create separate accounts for each website they are managing. Therefore it is a more orderly way to manage multiple websites; reseller hosting is a good way to start a hosting business web for entrepreneurs.

Each site is managed separately; therefore, it is safer to manage multiple websites with a reseller web hosting plan than to choose a shared web hosting plan. If any site within a web hosting plan is compromised, this will directly affect the other sites hosted with the same cPanel account. However, with a reseller web hosting plan, managing the sites separately will not allow this type of web page vulnerability.

Who is reseller hosting for?

This type of service can be convenient for website designers who want to offer a complete service to their clients. Cheap reseller hosting is helpful for all kinds of business models who want to host many sites.

It can be useful for people who have several websites, so shared web hosting plans usually only include an account in the control panel, such as the Control Panel, to manage the sites.

It is advantageous for business owners who want to host their website while generating additional revenue by providing some hosting services to other businesses or sites.

Best Reseller Hosting Provider

1 GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting

Features:GreenGeeks’ features are nothing short of impressive. The reseller control panel is WHM with Softaculous, and billing and CRM are handled with WHMCS. Again, features that most providers use. Now for the other features. ...
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2 A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting

A2 Hosting Reseller Hosting

Features:A2 Hosting offers a WHM reseller control panel. This control panel is the industry standard for reseller hosting. All providers in these reviews have it, sometimes with Softaculous pre-installed. It comes with an array of ...
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3 InMotion Reseller Hosting

InMotion Reseller Hosting

Features:InMotion Hosting has overall good features, but hardly anything outstanding. I bet you can guess which reseller control panel they offer. That’s right, you get the WHM reseller control panel. And if you’ve guessed the ...
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4 AccuWebHosting Reseller Hosting

AccuWebHosting Reseller Hosting

Features:AccuWeb’s Linux plans run CloudLinux with LiteSpeed web server while Windows ones run Windows Server 2016. A variety of technologies are supported with the plans, and you can check the full list on AccuWeb’s website. Linux ...
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5 HostGator Reseller Hosting

HostGator Reseller Hosting

Features:For the control panel, HostGator is another provider that has opted for the WHM reseller panel and the cPanel client panel. Pretty standard and pretty good. HostGator covers both CRM and Billing with WHMCS. Again, this is the ...
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6 InterServer Reseller Hosting

InterServer Reseller Hosting

Features:The first thing you’ll notice about InterServer is its website is not too pretty. Once you get over the, let’s say, “unorthodox” appearance, the offer is solid. You get the features you’d expect like the WHM/cPanel, SSL ...
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7 HostPapa Reseller Hosting

HostPapa Reseller Hosting

Features:HostPapa’s features are pretty good, even if there are better hosts out there. The control panel is the standard cPanel/WHM with Softaculous. WHMCS, however, is not free with the most affordable plan. HostPapa is another ...
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Reseller Shared hosting

Cheap Reseller Hosting is a very basic type of hosting service. If you are hosting only your website and have limited traffic, shared hosting is the best fit for your needs. Most operations need to be managed via the control panel and FTP. It is a very useful hosting service due to the limited hosting resources for hosting websites.

Reseller VPS hosting

Unlimited Reseller Hosting is a virtual server that can be split into hosting packages using special software. It has many advantages, such as low cost and fully scalable. A virtual server is one large server that is virtually divided into the smaller independent server. It uses less space and power and automatically lowers usage costs. Resellers can extend the server itself. Virtual private servers also offer a great opportunity to start a small business-it’s much cheaper than a single dedicated server while offering a decent set of features. Also, since you already have a reliable VPS hosting provider, all you have to worry about is the client flow.

Reseller Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Reseller is dedicated to professional hosting. It provides the hosting solution for those who need quality web hosting for distributors with their hardware and panel of customers and users.

The dedicated reseller plan provides up to 100 Gb of disk space, up to 5000 mailboxes with 2 Gb for each of your email accounts. It is a special Hosting plan for resellers who require professional ASP and PHP web hosting at a very low price per domain. Reseller hosting prices are very reasonable.

Also, now that you do not have to worry about the number of emails you send or receive, now in all your mailboxes, we do not measure the data consumption you make to guarantee your peace of mind further and avoid surprises when exceeding the transfer.

Easy to administer and manage, from your control panel, you can manage your clients, web pages, DNS records, FTP, MySQL, SQL databases, etc.

Reseller cloud hosting

Reseller cloud hosting is designed to allow you to sell web hosting services in the cloud without purchasing them first. All you have to do is set the price of each package based on the wholesale price. This way, you can start your own hosting business without any initial investment.

There are three basic options you can choose when setting up your reseller hosting store.

Reselling pre-defined cloud web hosting plans, which are suitable for both individuals and businesses. Creating your customized cloud web hosting plans according to your clients’ demands with the help of our Plan Builder tool; or

Offer a combination of pre-defined plans and other personalized ones. Apart from the cloud hosting packages, you could also resell Virtual Private Servers, dedicated servers,semi-dedicated servers, and domain names.


It is good for entrepreneurs who are starting their own business to do so by reselling the spaces, but you have to keep in mind that it is a business that they must master if they want to be successful. It is a relatively low-risk investment in the initial cost.

For end-users, reseller hosting is a good choice for experienced webmasters. You can enjoy the low cost of reseller web hosting. On the other hand, if you are new to hosting and programming, reselling hosting may not be your best option. If you have a problem that passes, you will need technical resource support from established Reseller hosting companies to resolve the problem, but this is not fully guaranteed.

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