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A variety of web hosting expands the hosting loads throughout several nodes or physical machines and enhances accessibility. It also reduces the chance of a single service (e.g., email or FTP) affecting the other (e.g., MySQL)

The usage of cluster hosting has increased drastically in recent years. Many individuals and organizations prefer cluster hosting due to its numerous benefits. It offers higher security, effective performance quality, better availability, and so on.

Several big websites normally use cluster hosting. For instance, big discussion or communication forums are normally operated with the use of server cluster hosting. Since it guarantees great performance and better quality. Primarily, several hosting industries normally utilize a single physical machine to host several hosted services. These services include email, web, FTP, database, and so on.

Having one physical machine means that there is just a single failure point, and it also has a limited traffic capacity. Therefore, it sometimes becomes tough for a busy or big website to manage. It is also difficult for websites with a high amount of traffics. Therefore, by clustering services throughout several hardware machines and utilizing load balancing, single failure points can be removed.

Besides, it also enhances the scalability of a particular website and other web services way higher than that of the single server hosting. A single server normally needs frequent reboots for the up-gradation of software. Whereas, in clustered hosting, the restarting can be done, so the service is still accessible during all-important machine up-gradation in the cluster.

What Is Server Cluster Hosting? 

In server technology, the word that is mostly utilized for referring to a set of servers that work together to enhance the bandwidth effectivity, guarantee redundancy, and data storage. The load-balancing occurs when a server is hosted, and the workload is distributed equally among themselves.

Cluster hosting guarantees a reduction in downtime, which is a major benefit for several big websites. Therefore, one of the most selected server clusters is hosting by most of the large websites with a vast number of tariffs.

Cluster is highly utilized because it offers all the essential resources needed by the customer’s web pages hosted on the servers. It also offers resources when the client suddenly requires any resources. If there’s a usage pick of resources, the necessary bandwidth and hardware are assigned automatically by a system to the one that urgently requires it.

There are several varieties of server clusters, out of which one of the popular ones is the High Availability Cluster. These refer to a set of services present in a group, which makes sure that when one server fails, the other server takes over the application. Therefore, High availability server cluster hosting is considered to offer better dependability and maintenance, along with completely reduced downtime.

Best Server Cluster Hosting Reviews

Features of Server Cluster Hosting 

The growing usage of server cluster hosting demonstrates its benefits in numerous industries. Server cluster hosting offers an individual or any big website owner a way to manage high traffic effortlessly. Besides, these server cluster hosting is available for customers at an affordable price range and the guarantee to fulfill business necessities. There are several premium features available of a server cluster hosting, such as:

  • Data Storage: Most of the server cluster hosting offers additional data storage. This storage ensures that the individuals have enough space to store their valuable data and that there is no storage lacking for all the industries using it.
  • Load Balance: It is an important feature that is provided by most of the server clustering hosting. This helps in distributing the network traffic equally throughout numerous servers. It helps in enhancing the accessibility of websites and applications for individuals.
  • Redundancy: Block storage redundancy is another crucial feature offered by selected few and best server cluster hosting providers.
  • Varnish Caching: Several clusters contain varnish to accurately serve the content and follow the industry’s needs.


Advantages of Server Cluster Hosting 

Server clusters are known to link numerous dedicated servers, offering better cost-effective methods to obtain good quality performance and accessibility. There are several benefits of server cluster hosting. Several industries make use of server cluster hosting due to the following benefits:

  • Enhanced Accessibility of Resources: When a single intelligence server fails in a cluster, the different intelligence servers present in the cluster can take up the workload. It helps in avoiding the wastage of crucial time and data in case a server fails.
  • Better Performance: Several machines offer higher power for processing.
  • Higher Accessibility: As the foundation develops and there is an increase in the complexity, the resources of an organization or individual also develops.
  • Easy Management: The control or management of complex or constantly developing systems becomes easier with clustering.
  • Proper Usage of the Resources: The projects can be distributed easily throughout the nodes in any configuration as per an individual’s choice. This minimizes overhead since not every machine is needed to operate every project and enables the better usage of the resources.


Disadvantages of Server Cluster Hosting 

Server clustering is very popular in many prestigious industries. However, it also contains some drawbacks. A few of these drawbacks are given as follows:

  • The Complexity of Execution and Configuration: Configuration complexity is one of the major drawbacks of cluster hosts. Building the cluster framework, handling the connectivity between hosts, and the shared storage configuration are tough tasks. Thus, it might require several teams based on the industry. It is better for any individual to not fear the complexity. Although the technology works properly, with the extra complexity, there is a higher chance of missing a few things that can ruin a system’s stability.
  • Cost Factors of Clusters: It is another main disadvantage of the cluster. To execute a clustered virtual host system, it is required to duplicate a few infrastructure portions. Besides, most vendor executions need a proper storage space network or a different subsystem of the disk.
  • Upgrade and Update Issues: Several problems can be caused due to the up-gradation of the older products to the newer hardware and versions. Since the host cluster links several systems, there are a large number of complex communications that happen between the components.


Top Server Cluster Hosting list Comparison

The server clusters are usually adopted in several industries to offer the customers better accessibility. These clusters are known to minimize outages since, during an outage event, another server takes it over. Clustered hosting is considered to be a bit similar to that of cloud hosting. Since it allows machine resources to be available for website’s utilization. Thus, turning it accessible brings several benefits to a clustered hosting solution. Few of the top server cluster hosting list is as follows:

  1. Bluehost: It is available at a price range of $2.95 per month. It provides free registration of the domain. Besides, it also offers server designs that are custom made to guarantee superior quality performance for each client, including small, big, and medium organizations.
  2. HostGator: it offers its services starting at $1.99 per month. It is a popular and cheap server cluster hosting provider that offers all the good quality features normally needed by businesses. HostGator is known as the best server cluster hosting. This server cluster hosting has a starting price of $1.99 per month. It is an easily affordable service provider that is best suitable for any small business or start-up. It is the cheap best server cluster hosting available across several countries.
  3. The price of this server cluster hosting provider starts at $3.75 per month. It offers endless data storage that ensures that there will be no occurrence of the storage shortage.
  4. This server providers advanced level features at a beginning price of $2.75. The storage space provided along with it is around 5GB. Thus, it is also considered a great option for individuals with a lower budget.


Thus, clustered web hosting is an incredible method for any big websites with high traffic. It ensures better stability and accessibility to these websites.

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