10 Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Service For 2023

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Maybe you already know about traditional hosting services like Shared, VPS, Dedicated, and WordPress Hosting solutions. Now, as Information Technology is constantly evolving and hosting clients are looking for new techniques to reach the target audience, a few years ago, cloud technology has been innovated. Now, if Cloud Web Hosting gets operated on a WordPress platform or a Cloud Technology is integrated with WordPress Hosting, you will experience better and faster performance. 

In this article, we have discussed various aspects, features, categories, benefits, and disadvantages of WordPress Cloud Hosting. These details will help you to choose the Best WordPress Cloud Hosting providers and the plans so that you can meet your requirements cost-effectively. 

Some Facts About Cloud Hosting 

While discussing the details of WordPress Cloud Hosting, you must come to know the types and functions of Cloud Web Hosting

A public cloud hosting provider hosts websites on its premises, a part of which can be purchased by everyone. The data center hosted on the cloud may get shared between other customers.

On the other hand, a private cloud is hosted exclusively for a single customer at a remote location. A virtual private cloud is the extension of the capabilities of a customer to handle momentary high loads. It may get hosted on the premises of the customer.

What Is WordPress Cloud Hosting? 

In short, it must be stated that if WordPress Hosting runs on a cloud infrastructure and offers cloud technology’s features and benefits, that particular hosting can be termed as WordPress Cloud Hosting. While using this hosting, you will get some tools and features to create your ideal cloud server environment. If you choose WP Cloud Server, you will get some essential plugins with some powerful modules. You can use them easily to customize your control panel and create an ideal cloud hosting environment.

Best WordPress Cloud Hosting 

Now, what is Cloud Hosting? It is a hosting method by which you can rent a space on a server using cloud computing services. Cloud computing is a technology that allows computational resources to be rented and consumed on-demand over the internet on a pay-per-use basis.

1 Cloudway Cloud Hosting

Cloudway Cloud Hosting

  • Cloudflare Add-on NEW
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free SSL
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
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2 DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting

Features:Solid-State Drives (SSD) Global Image Transfer DNS Management Private Networking 99.99% Uptime SLA Floating IPs Team Accounts Multiple Datacenter Locations Easily Scaling Through Versatile API 55 ...
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3 VULTR Cloud Hosting

VULTR Cloud Hosting

Features:All PHP Apps Supported SSD-Based Servers Account Management Dashboard  VULTR Cloud Hosting Plan   Cloud compute:High frequency :
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4 LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting

LiquidWeb Cloud Hosting

One of the things that set LiquidWeb apart from other providers is its focus on customer service. They have a team of highly-trained experts who are available 24/7/365 to help you with anything you need, no matter how big or small. And if you ever have any problems with your account, they have a no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee.
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5 InMotion Cloud Hosting

InMotion Cloud Hosting

Features:Choose Your Data Center Get Open-Source Get Automated. Adjust Workload Capacity SSH Key Management Scale, Upgrade, and MoreInMotionHosting Cloud Hosting
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6 DreamHost Cloud Hosting

DreamHost Cloud Hosting

DreamHost is a leading web hosting company that offers a variety of cloud hosting plans. Their plans are affordable and offer great features that make them a good choice for small businesses and individuals.
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7 Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Hostinger Cloud Hosting

Hostinger's cloud hosting plans are some of the most competitive on the market. The company offers a variety of cloud hosting solutions, all of which come with unlimited bandwidth and storage. In addition, Hostinger provides 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
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8 HostGator Cloud Hosting

HostGator Cloud Hosting

HostGator Cloud Hosting Features: ► 2X FASTER SPEED ► 4X MORE SCALABLE ► SSD STORAGE DRIVESHostGator Cloud Hosting Plan
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9 A2 Cloud Hosting

A2 Cloud Hosting

A2 Cloud Hosting Features: ► Up To 20X Faster Servers ► 24/7/365 Guru Crew ► Ultra-Reliable Servers ► 99.9% Uptime Commitment ► Perpetual Security ► Anytime Money Back GuaranteeA2 Cloud Hosting Plans
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If you opt for any cloud hosting service, you can avail of flexible pricing, redundancy, and easy deployment options.

When you will decide to host your WordPress site online, you can opt for WordPress cloud hosting service for better user-experience and other technical benefits.


Features And Benefits of WordPress Cloud Hosting 

While discussing the Benefits of WordPress Cloud Hosting, you will come to know all of its features too. 

If your WordPress Hosting gets integrated with Cloud Technology, you can enjoy a lot of unique sets of features and benefits. We have discussed them below.

Server Management 

Efficient server management is one of the essential WordPress Cloud Hosting Features. That’s why you will find that cloud hosting offers out-of-box solutions to automatically handle server management routine, and is more efficient in terms of compute resource allocation based on business growth.


WordPress on Cloud offers reliable performance. As Cloud-based WordPress Hosting combines the resources of multiple servers, you will not experience the issue of your resources being over-used. Here, if one server in the cloud is no longer working, the other servers are available to step in and ensure the flow and continuity. Thus, your WordPress Cloud Hosting uptime will improve, and you will face less downtime for your website. 

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Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility is one of the essential WordPress Cloud Hosting Features by which resources are delivered on-demand and in near real-time. 

If your WordPress site frequently experiences sudden traffic spikes, you will find that WordPress Cloud Hosting for High Traffic Websites is a perfect choice as you can easily increase your resources instantaneously. This facility will prevent both over and under-paying. An effective WordPress Cloud Hosting Scaling can enhance your computing power or storage by expanding your cloud resources.


Top-class security is one of the essential Benefits of WordPress Cloud Hosting. You will find that the Best Cloud Hosting provides an excellent solution against data infringement on your website called data segmentation. Thus, if one of your servers gets hacked, the Data Segmentation Feature will offer the flexibility to separate this infiltration from your website before anything else gets affected. In this regard, it must be mentioned that Self-managed cloud hosting leaves the responsibility of the server configuration to you, while managed cloud hosting shifts this responsibility to your web host.

Now, WordPress integrated  Cloud Web Hosting can help to safeguard against information loss with a powerful feature called data replication. It utilizes a network of interlinked servers making your website’s data available to be cloned and stored into as many servers as necessary.

Clarity in pricing 

The WordPress Cloud Hosting Cost can get easily determined as you only have to pay for the services obtained, rather than settling for a certain amount of resources that may or may not be used. 

Easy to Integrate Managed Hosting 

With top Genesis WordPress Themes Cloud Hosting, you don’t have to worry about maintenance and technical administration. If you opt for a managed service, one-click WordPress cloud-hosted providers can easily solve any problems you might have.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs quickly distribute content. Content delivery networks get built with the same basic principles as the cloud. You can use a CDN in conjunction with the cloud if you like to increase your speed.

Optimized Performance 

You can experience the Fastest WordPress Cloud Hosting if you use optimized servers. It has been observed that optimized cloud servers can run WordPress seamlessly and efficiently. 

Finally, you may have known the fact that WordPress offers user-friendly website builders. Hence, you can easily control a WordPress Website Builder to integrate WordPress with the Cloud Infrastructure. 


To save your time and effort, we have created a list of top WordPress Cloud Hosting service providers. We have included features, reviews, and other technical details against each provider’s service. You can compare and contrast those details of all providers among each other. You can easily choose the best provider and the most suitable plan to host your WordPress site.


1. SiteGround

WordPress Cloud Hosting

Due to cloud hosting features, managed WordPress Cloud hosting of SiteGround will offer you an amazing experience of flexibility and easy deployment.

Some Unique Features of WordPress Hosting of SiteGround are as follows:

  • With the help of an automated WordPress installation and a unique WordPress starter, you can create a functional site within a few minutes.
  • Your WordPress sites will experience high speeds and optimizations of resource usages. These include powerful caching, front-end and image optimizations, PHP platform, and a few more activities.

The Available Features in the Plans of WordPress Cloud Hosting are as follows:

  • With the basic plan, you can host only one website. But with other plans, you can host an unlimited number of websites.
  • Across the various plans, you will get from 10 GB to 30 GB of web space.
  • Each of your sites can experience 10,000 to 100,000 monthly visits depending on your plan.
  •  You can create an unlimited number of Email accounts.
  •  All plans include free Let’s Encrypt Standard and Wildcard SSL certificates.
  • Daily backups to keep up to 30 copies. You can also create instant on-demand backups.
  • Free Cloudflare CDN.
  • Free installation and auto-updates.
  •  Free Migrator.
  •  Unlimited access to MySQL Database.
  •  30-day money-back guarantee.


2. Cloudways

WordPress Cloud Hosting

In Cloudways, you will get a fully managed cloud hosting experience. Thus, your WordPress site will be hosted very fast and you can easily manage your server.

Here, we will discuss Managed and Enterprise WordPress Cloud hosting services of Cloudways.

The Available Features in Managed WordPress Hosting Services are as follows:

  • You can experience SSD-based managed WordPress hosting with servers that have dedicated resources. You can fully control these cloud servers with top-of-the-charts global response times.
  • There are built-in advanced caches like Memcached, Varnish, and Redis.
  •  Cloudways has an advanced WordPress web hosting stack. It offers the latest PHP versions and Apache and Nginx as web servers, MySQL, and MariaDB as databases.
  •  All servers are PHP 7 based.
  •  CloudwaysCDN is used which is a kind of service that improves server response times.
  •  You will get a dedicated firewall and a 1-click SSL installation.
  •  Auto backups.
  •  Two-factor authentication provides an extra layer of safety.
  •  Free WordPress migrator plugin.

The Available Features of Enterprise WordPress Cloud Hosting are as follows:

  • There is a cluster of nodes powered by the Google Cloud Platform. When a cluster node goes down, another one takes its place to prevent application downtime.
  • You can easily manage heaps of traffic coming to your website. Additional resources are automatically allocated according to traffic.
  •  Both manual and automatic backup options are available.
  •  Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, and Redis for enhanced performance.
  •  Reliable Database.
  •  Dedicated firewall.


3. HostGator

WordPress Cloud Hosting

The Three most Common Features of WordPress Cloud Hosting Service of HostGator are:

  • Speed- You will experience up to 1 second faster page load times than normal shared hosting.
  • Security- The cutting-edge technology has been used for the protection against WordPress specific attacks.
  • Reliability- You will experience little or no downtime. Automatic WordPress updates and backups will create flexibility and consistency.

In The Plans of HostGator WordPress Cloud Hosting, You Can Find The Features like:

  • A Free Comodo SSL certificate is available in each plan.
  • 2.5X faster load times for your WordPress websites. HostGator has achieved this character due to supercharged cloud architecture, low-density servers, CDN, and multiple caching layers.
  • You can get the benefits of Free Global CDN in all plans. This Global CDN refers to a globally distributed group of servers. These servers ensure faster delivery of internet content around the world.
  • Codeguard Site Backup and restore. Your site will experience automatic backups at regular intervals.
  • Control Panel is not complex and you can use it easily.
  • You can avail of the feature of free migration. Depending on the plans, 1, 2, or 3 WordPress sites can be migrated without any interruption or downtime.


4. A2 Hosting


WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is the main contributor to web hosting solutions for A2 Hosting. Thus, these solutions are fine-tuned, blazing-fast, and highly reliable for your WordPress sites. The blazing-fast turbo servers help to load your page up to 20X faster than other pages with other WordPress hosting services.

There are 4 plans to deliver WordPress Cloud Hosting service. They are Lite, Swift, Turbo, and Managed. Their unique

Features Are As Follows:

  • You can host one website in the plan of Lite. Using each of the other plans, you can host an unlimited number of websites.
  • You can connect up to 5 databases using the plan of Lite. However, in each of the other plans, you can connect with an unlimited number of databases.
  •  You will get unlimited storage and unlimited data transfer options.
  •  If you buy any of the three plans of Lite, Swift, or Turbo, then you will get a user-friendly cPanel. If you use the plan of managed, you will get the Plesk Control Panel.
  •  You can get the facility of free and easy site transfer using each of the plans of Lite and Swift. Using each of the plans of Turbo and Managed, you will be provided with A2 Site Accelerator.
  •  Only in the plans of Turbo and Managed, the pages can load up to 20X faster than other pages with other WordPress hosting services.


5. DigitalOcean


WordPress Cloud Hosting

DigitalOcean is a New York-based WordPress Cloud Hosting provider. Using its seamless connectivity, users can deploy and scale multiple web applications simultaneously.

Cloudways offers managed cloud hosting solutions and it also manages the DigitalOcean server set up for you.

The Advantages of DigitalOcean Are As follows:

  •  It is very much affordable.
  •  You can set it up easily.
  •  Reliable connectivity.
  •  User-friendly interface and control panel.
  •  A cluster of performing cloud servers.
  •  Consistent uptime.

The Disadvantages of DigitalOcean are:

  • Complicated installation technique.
  • Pre-built servers.
  •  One-click set up scripts.
  • Security concern.


6. Liquid Web

WordPress Cloud Hosting

Using cloud computation, Liquid Web has made its Managed WordPress Hosting solutions very much unique, consistent, and reliable.

The Attractive Features of WordPress Cloud  Hosting Services of Liquid Web Are As Follows:

  • Your WordPress site will load very fast.
  •  Free automatic plugin updates with visual comparisons.
  •  Page-speed will increase due to the inclusion of an image-optimization plugin.
  •  Free site migration.
  •  No charge for pageview counts or overage fees. There is no traffic limit.
  •  Easy to Upgrade when you want to.
  • Automatically daily backups are taken and they are stored offsite for 30 days.
  •  Free SSL certificate.
  •  Presence of developer tools like SSH, Git, and WP-CLI.
  •  Liquid Web has advanced data centers.
  •  20 to 150 GB storage depending on the plans.
  •  5 TB bandwidth in each of the plans.
  •  iThemes sync is included in each of the plans except the basic plan.


7. Bluehost


WordPress Cloud Hosting

The WordPress cloud hosting environment inducts some unique features in the WordPress Hosting solutions of Bluehost.

The Available Features In The Plans Are As Follows:

  •  Speed and excellence.
  •  Each dashboard of each account can manage everything.
  •  Free SSL certificate.
  •  Malware detection and removal.
  •  Daily backups.
  •  Jetpack tools.
  •  Marketing Centre and Business Review Tools are available in each of the two plans.
  •  10 GB to unlimited video compression.


8. DreamHost


WordPress Cloud Hosting

In the WordPress Cloud Hosting environment, the WordPress Cloud Hosting solutions of DreamHost show some attractive features. They are:

  • Experience high performance. Fast and secured web hosting top Genesis WordPress will bring peace to your mind and you can focus on your business.
  •  You can manage isolated resources. There will be more backend control.
  •  More than 50,000 WordPress plugins.

The Available Features In The Various Plans of WordPress Hosting of DreamHost Are As Follows:

  • The control panel is very much advanced and easy-to-use.
  •  Automatic updates.
  • SSL Certificate.
  •  100% uptime.
  •  30 GB to unlimited SSD storage depending on the plans.
  •  An unlimited number of visitors when using each plan.
  •  On-Demand backups when using each of the three plans.
  •  SFTP, Shell Access, WP-CLI, and a few more advanced features.


Drawbacks of WordPress Cloud Hosting 

The drawbacks of WordPress Cloud Hosting are the same as the disadvantages of Cloud Web Hosting. These drawbacks are discussed below. 


Though you can expect transparency in pricing, an average WordPress Cloud Hosting Cost is generally more expensive compared to most other third-party web hosting solutions. It’s cheaper than obtaining and maintaining your server equipment but, it’s a different story when it is compared to other types of hosting such as shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS.

Cloud hosting is only cheaper if meticulous resource and infrastructure monitoring and management are implemented, and when proper comparisons are made to find the service with the most cost-efficient package.

Security Issues

If you decide to Migrate WordPress To The Cloud, keep in mind that there are various security risks in cloud computing. Unless you choose a truly reputable cloud server hosting provider, the threats of hacking, privacy breaches, and cyberattacks can’t be fully avoided.

Additionally, for those who are new to cloud hosting, the lack of familiarity with the interface, functions, and technologies may contribute to the failure in implementing the right security measures.

Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting And Its Various Aspects

If you are not a tech-savvy person or a first-time user of Cloud-based WordPress Hosting, then a cost-effective package of Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting should be your perfect choice. 

Apart from the features and benefits of an appropriate Managed WordPress Hosting, you can expect more if you integrate Cloud Web Hosting with your WordPress. Some of these features and benefits are listed below. 

  • You can easily add extra resources as there will be transparency in price rates. 
  • If you can choose the Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Provider, you can get full access to servers and databases. However, many providers limit this type of access. 
  • Highly flexible and scalable. Also, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your plans. 
  • Periodical backups and restores. While using WordPress Managed Cloud Hosting, you will get the option to fix your backup schedule.  
  • WordPress Hosting offers various security features and when this hosting is integrated with the cloud, the security system of your hosting will strengthen further. 
  • An efficient Managed WordPress Cloud Hosting Provider possesses world-class teams of technical experts, and they offer 24/7/365 support via phone calls, emails, and online chats. 

Below, we have created a list of some Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers that offer managed services. Go through this list and read the features, reviews, and benefits of each provider and plan. 

A Brief Discussion On WordPress Cloud vs VPS vs Shared Hosting 

While explaining WordPress Cloud vs VPS vs Shared Hosting, we have to briefly compare and contrast functions and features of Cloud, VPS and Shared hosting technologies. We will discuss these below. 

Basic Functions

A Cloud Web Hosting service stores and serves your content on various cloud servers located throughout the world, much like a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

In VPS Hosting, a single physical server gets virtually partitioned into many other servers. That means, if you are sharing a server with other users, after virtually dividing it, you will be provided with a certain number of segmented virtual servers. These servers are completely dedicated to you, and thus, you have to control them yourself. 

In WordPress Shared Hosting, your WordPress site will be hosted through a server that gets shared with other WordPress sites. Thus, top Genesis WordPress Hosting Services running through a shared server experience slower speed and inefficient security systems. 


If you choose the best providers, you can experience the Fastest WordPress Cloud Hosting as well as VPS Hosting. Both of these hosting options can provide a fast and reliable website speed and performance. However, VPS users sometimes face uptime-related issues. Because a VPS gets only hosted on one physical server, you could experience website downtime. However, with cloud hosting, your resources are spread across multiple servers. It means that one server being down won’t put your site out of commission. 

On the other hand, WordPress Hosting through a shared server doesn’t offer more reliability than that of Cloud and VPS services. As the hosting server is shared with multiple users, you can’t expect consistent speed and top performance. Moreover, if you don’t choose a top hosting provider, you may frequently experience downtimes. 


In Cloud Web Hosting, your web-data will often get stored in multiple physical locations. This function can make keeping your website optimally secure a little more difficult.

On the other hand, VPS hosting is a better choice if you need top-notch security. It is particularly true if you are running an e-commerce website or any other type of site that collects private information.

Now, we have already mentioned that in shared hosting, you have to use a shared server, and your security system will be shared with other users. This issue makes Shared Hosting the most vulnerable. 


While using a web host service, customization refers to the set of activities that are performed to configure and set up the hosting server. 

VPS Hosting uses just one physical server, and thus, many providers offer admin access at the Operating System level. Thus, customizing this setup is much more flexible than any other hosting or server solution. Hence, it can be stated that if you run WordPress On Cloud or Shared server, you will get comparatively lower customization options than those of VPS services. Moreover, in Shared Hosting, you will get limited options for customization activities. 


Both VPS and cloud hosting offer a fair degree of flexibility, which makes them popular among many website owners. Scalability is also possible with both options but in different ways. With VPS hosting, you can increase or decrease your resources (such as network bandwidth) as your monthly needs change. With cloud hosting, you can do the same, but instantaneously. 

As such, VPS hosting is best for websites with a steady stream of monthly visitors. You can always upgrade as necessary every month. On the other hand, cloud hosting is useful for websites with less predictable traffic numbers. If your needs ever change, you can instantly increase your resources to meet them.

If you run WordPress Hosting on a Shared Server, some best providers may offer easily upgradable plans undoubtedly, but, in this hosting, you can’t add extra resources smoothly. Thus, Shared Hosting is not flexible at all. 


VPS hosting is often offered at a flat-rate fee, which can increase or decrease based on your predicted needs for the upcoming month. Hence, this hosting is beneficial to such websites that experience sudden traffic spikes. But, while buying resources, take precautions so that no unimportant stuff is procured. 

On the other hand, cloud hosting lets you pay for what you use. Instead of paying a similar rate each month, your bill will fluctuate based on your monthly usage. The benefit is that you pay for only what you’ve used. However, this can mean that heavy traffic months come with unexpectedly hefty bills. 

Shared hosting is the cheapest among all types of hosting. As you have to share a physical server with other users, all Shared Hosting plans are very much affordable. But, just like VPS Hosting, while buying resources, take precautions so that no unimportant stuff is procured. 

How To Migrate WordPress To The Cloud?

Before discussing this topic, first, you need to know what WordPress Migration is. Actually, it is the process of moving your entire WordPress Website from one server to another without affecting any of its functionalities. Thus, if you have a WordPress Website, you will be able to Migrate WordPress To Cloud platform.  

If you wish to transfer your WordPress Hosting features and the site to Google Cloud, you need to follow any of the two methods. These methods are- 

  1. Manually Migrate WordPress to Cloud
  2. Migrate WordPress to Cloud using plugins. 

To follow these methods, you have to take separate sets of steps. These steps are listed below. 

Migrating WordPress to Google Cloud manually 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to migrate your WordPress on Cloud Platform offered by Google. 

  • Compress (Zip) your WordPress file folders.
  • Create a copy of your MySQL database. 
  • Upload WordPress .zip file and MySQL .sql file to google cloud server.
  • Point your DNS to Google Cloud. 

Migrating WordPress to Google Cloud using plugins 

There are a few WordPress migration plugins in the market of hosting which can transfer WordPress Websites to new servers smoothly. You just need to click a few buttons to accomplish this task. 

Keep in mind that if you use free versions of these plugins, each of them will provide memory restriction. If the memory of your WordPress website and its resources cross this limit, they can’t be migrated to the cloud. 

How To Setup WordPress On Cloud 

In this section, we have stated the method to install WordPress On Google Cloud. It will make you understand How To Setup WordPress On Cloud offered by any provider. 

First, we’ll set up a Google Cloud account, and install WordPress on the Google Cloud Platform. For this step, you don’t yet need a domain name. Additionally, if you’ll be transferring your site, the process will be slightly different. While changes are being made to your website, you should make your site private until the process is complete.

Keep in mind that to put an existing WordPress On Cloud, you’ll have to set up WordPress and import a backup of your old site’s files and database to its new home. Make sure to check if the database name, username, and password are the same after the import is complete. 

Now, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. 

  1. Go to cloud.google.com and create your personal account. Enter your address, name, and your credit card details. You can opt for the optional free trial.
  2. Now, open the GCP Console. Head over to https://console.cloud.google.com/start or click the Console button on the present page.
  3. In this step, you need a Project. Click on the automatically generated “My First Project” tab.
  4. Now, go to the “marketplace” located on the left-sidebar shown on the above-mentioned image. 
  5. On the next screen, there will be several apps that can be installed on the virtual machine that will be created. Here, search for “WordPress” using the search box, find it, and select it.

In the below-mentioned section, we have explained the core process to show how to setup WordPress on cloud. Go through the following steps carefully. 

  1. First, find the button mentioning “LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE” on the WordPress.org website. 
  2. Hit the button “LAUNCH ON COMPUTE ENGINE”.
  3. Now, see the below-mentioned image carefully. You can adjust the name, zone, and other details of the deployment. Be sure to select a name and enter an administrator email, and to allow both HTTP and HTTPS traffic, by ticking the boxes at the bottom.

    4.Finally, after clicking the Deploy button, wait for a while to complete the installation. Once it is finished, you can access the freshly launched WordPress site by accessing its IP address.

Buying Guide For The Best Cloud Hosting For WordPress 

Instead of looking for the Top Cheap WordPress Cloud Hosting packages, you should buy a cost-effective package that can meet all of your requirements at an affordable rate. As WordPress Hosting is integrated with the cloud to offer the features and benefits of cloud computing technology, you must choose such providers that offer the Best Cloud Hosting plans. 

Below, we have created some sections to discuss the factors that must be considered to choose the Best Cloud Hosting for WordPress. 

Know The Types Of Cloud Hosting 

There are different types of cloud hosting services and you have to choose one of them considering your requirements and the type of website you own. For example, Traditional web hosts, such as DreamHost and HostGator, offer cloud hosting packages that are priced similarly to their other web hosting packages. These Cloud Web Hosting solutions are appropriate for websites that don’t experience high volumes of traffic. On the other hand, Enterprise-level, infrastructure-as-a-service cloud hosting from the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace are also available.

Check The Features Along With Terms And Conditions 

Potential clients always read the reviews, features, pros, and cons of each hosting plan before choosing one. But, that is not enough. Almost all Best Cloud Hosting providers have various terms and conditions against their services and individual plans. Due to these terms and conditions, not all features are provided in an unlimited manner. That’s why if you’re interested in “unlimited” anything, no matter if it’s data or storage, be sure to read the tiny print to make sure that there aren’t any surprises.

Though it is no doubt that you will select such a plan that perfectly meets your requirements, you must choose such a provider that offers 24/7/365 world-class customer support. 

While speaking about the WordPress Cloud Hosting Comparison, you must consider the security features offered by each plan. If your goal is to sell products or services, you need to look into Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS). Those technologies encrypt the data that travel’s between a customer’s computer and your company’s servers to safeguard the information from people with ill intentions.


If you are running a small business and your website is not an enterprise-level one, you may buy a WordPress Shared or VPS plan. If you wish to get better performance by paying some little extra bucks, you may buy such a Shared or VPS plan that runs on the Cloud platform. 

Keep in mind that the Best Cloud Hosting packages cannot be considered expensive. They are cost-effective and offer all the necessary features at appropriate rates. 

Maybe you have an idea about common Shared, VPS, Dedicated and other types of hosting packages. If cloud technology is integrated with each of them, their costs will increase up to a certain amount. However, some providers offer Cloud Web Hosting plans at such rates that are the same or less than many other types of hosting plans. 

Finally, it must be mentioned that Cloud-based packages offer transparency in their pricing rates. Due to this factor, you just have to pay for the resources that you will choose to buy. No unimportant resources will be added by any means. 

Keep in mind that you have to know every detail of the WordPress Cloud Hosting Comparison so that you can choose the best provider and the plan to meet your hosting requirements. That’s why we have created a list of the Top 10 WordPress Cloud Hosting Providers, their popular plans, reviews, features, pros, and cons. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

1.Is WordPress Cloud Web Hosting Faster Than Shared Hosting? 

Ans: Yes, it has been observed that Cloud WordPress Hosting is up to 200% faster and reliable compared to shared hosting.

2.Can I Easily Migrate WordPress To The Cloud? 

Ans: Theoretically, it is easy to migrate your WordPress Site to the Cloud. We have explained the process in one of the above-mentioned sections of this article. But, we must say that technical facilities offered by your provider also play an important role to accomplish this task without any hassle. 

3.Is The Control Panel Provided With WordPress Cloud Hosting? 

Ans: Yes, you will get a control panel to manage your website from the back-end if required. 

4.Is The Average WordPress Cloud hosting Cost Is More Than That Of Each Normal Hosting Package? 

Ans: As a normal hosting package runs on a cloud platform, it is obvious that its cost will increase. Thus, theoretically speaking, a WordPress Cloud Hosting Package will cost more than a simple WordPress Hosting Package. But, nowadays, some reputed providers offer WordPress Cloud Hosting Packages at affordable rates and some rates are lower than those of normal hosting services offered by many other providers. 

5.Will I Get SSH Access?

Ans: The Best Cloud Hosting providers always provide SSH access so that you can manage your website from the command-line. 

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