HostGator New Dedicated Server

HostGator Announced A New Dedicated Hosting Platform

The latest news about Hostgator that they launched a new dedicated hosting platform with a high-performance option including up to 16 CPU threads, 32 Gb memory, 1 TB SSD.

This is special to meet the increasing demand for business online. Some below features they updated:

Double the processing power

Included the Intel Xeon-D 1541 processor with 8 cores and 16 threads in our new Dedicated Platform.

Memory Doubled

Increased memory 32 GB RAM for high-end package

Increased scalability

There is one caveat, if you choose to move from HDD to SDD, we would still need to do a physical migration but don’t worry, we have streamlined that process as well.

Free SSL available

One other important item is the SSL certificate, both cPanel and Plesk offer free SSL encryption solutions that you have full access to with the new platform.  Fear not, if the limitations of the free Control Panel SSL Options don’t work for you, HostGator still provides other options as well like Extended Validation (EV) or Wildcard Certs.

Option in an operating system

HostGator now offers Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS and on the windows 2012 image. Because of many users’ demand.

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