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DigitalOcean Hosting Service- Know About All Features

DigitalOcean looks like a pretty good VPS hosting, but is it worth the price? We have the answer for you. We buy the service and use it for a while to judge how good or bad it is. It’s easy to see that DigitalOcean was designed for a specific user group. If you run a high-performance site and have an excellent technical skills level, this can be a great option. The problem can foresee that small owner like bloggers has a digital ocean.

Overview DigitalOcean Hosting 

Hosted databases, No fancy load balancing, Hadoop clusters, and many more. In December 2013, the company organized many new web-facing servers than Amazon AWS by over 200, following Netcraft. They provided throughout the artist’s recent album release that went online first.

Even big names like Gitlab seem to be fans of the company. Furthermore, it has also been authenticated by some reputable sites, including Netcraft, which called it one of the fastest-growing cloud hosting services. The company ranked third in terms of size for 2014 and has only grown since then.

The US-based company DigitalOcean is dedicated to providing private virtual servers. The company has different offices that, at the same time, act as a warehouse that tries to cover the entire planet.

These headquarters are located in New York, Toronto, San Francisco, Singapore, London, Amsterdam, and Bangalore. DigitalOcean was founded in 2011. It is recognized as one of the largest and most important globally, together with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, explicitly ranking 2nd according to Netcraft in 2016.

The company authorizes users to create different server examples using the same account. It provides scalable essential private servers, provisioned with SSD storage, in different locations, and allows DNS hosting. The company provides services that are very basic – you get VPS’s in the cloud and DNS management.

This American company is known for helping developers work faster. They came together to start a small startup in New York, which is now being used by more than half a million users.

Key Features:

  • Solid-State Drives (SSD)
  • Global Image Transfer
  • DNS Management
  • Private Networking
  • 99.99% Uptime SLA
  • US, Europe & Asia Locations
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Automated backups eliminate the need to worry about losing your files
  • Private networks allow you to keep more Droplets in the same data center without consuming your bandwidth
  • One-click apps will enable you to install multiple apps with one click
  • Monitoring features come at no cost
  • Numerous e-commerce platforms to choose from

According to digitalocean web hosting review,  it has excellent web hosting, including all kinds of activities.

Statistics hosted on the website & TLD

The website currently houses more than half a million domains, the majority belonging to .com. However, it also offers many other TLDs, including .info, .org, .biz, and country-specific TLDs like .us.

  • domains hosted on digital ocean

Performance, Uptime & Loading Time

It is essential to monitor performance when selecting a web host.

  • Performance Test (Pingdom)

We ran the Pingdom test to judge the site’s quality built with WordPress and had fictional content, including graphics. The test results were excellent:

According to the digitalocean load balancer review, the page took less than a second to load, which is pretty impressive. You should be aware of this point, as most users will leave a website if it takes 2 seconds or more to load.

We didn’t use caching or the speed optimization trick, and the results were pretty good. However, as you can see, the page size is relatively small here, and the speed can be a bit slower if you have heavy pages.

  • Server Uptime & Load Time (UptimeRobot)

We ran the UptimeRobot monitoring on the spot to judge the quality and were once again quite impressed with the result.

  • digital uptime

The website has been active for 5188 hours, which is equivalent to about 216 days. The speed is pretty reliable, too, and didn’t hit the 1-second mark even once. We can be sure that the service is fast and stable.

  • Server response time (Bitcatcha)

It is essential to know how everything is loaded on your site and how it works in different countries; After all, the Internet is about being global.

DigitalOcean earned an A + on the list. It has servers around the world. Therefore, speed is fast in almost all corners. It is the fastest in the US, followed by Australia. It’s pretty fast in Europe, too, matching 25ms in London. It’s the slowest in the Sao Paulo and Bangalore region, but that’s not that bad. Overall, it’s a great option if you’re expecting a fair amount of international traffic.

DigitalOcean Pricing & Plans (droplets)

According to digitalocean pricing reviews, DigitalOcean is designed not only for individual developers but also for large and small companies. The company offers a mix of packages and has different accommodation levels to meet the growing needs of consumers.

The company has given the name “Droplets” to its virtual machines. You can choose between CPU Optimized Droplets or Standard Droplets. The former is more suitable for users who want a robust device that can handle intensive jobs, while the latter is more suitable for users who want to perform regular tasks.

DigitalOcean Basic (Plan VPS) in detail

The digitaloceanvps reviews reveal that it doesn’t matter how good a company is; most people will steer clear if it is too expensive. DigitalOcean is the most affordable option. You can choose between hourly packages and the best monthly packages. All standard packages include DNS management, 24/7 support, free and pre-defined firewalls, comprehensive monitoring, and several pre-built open source applications.

What is included in the VPS Basic package ($ 5)?

You can get the Standard Droplet 1vCPU package for as little as $ 5 per month or $ 0.007 / hour. It comes with 1 TB of transfer and 25 GB of SSD.

Starting prices

Long-term enrollment may be a good option, but the company does not offer discounts, and the cheapest 36-month contract will cost you $ 180. It comes with 12 TB of transfer and 840 GB of SSD.

Pros of Using DigitalOcean Hosting

  • good prices
  • Agile provisioning
  • Good API for integration
  • Good knowledge base for troubleshooting
  • Various pre-configured image options
  • High level of security

Cons of Using DigitalOcean Hosting

  • Does not support Windows
  • There is no hourly charge, but there is a machine assignment.
  • Limited disk size
  • Limited support
  • It does not offer other services such as Storage on Demand and Managed Data Bank

Do We Recommend DigitalOcean?

Let’s take a look at some of the main features that DigitalOcean has to offer. This will help you determine how good or bad this option is for you.

Domain name & Email

All packages come with free email accounts; however, none of the packages currently offer free domain names. You will have to buy one from a registrar and transfer it to DigitalOcean as they offer DNS hosting service but no registry.

  • Webspace&Broadban

You can select between two storage options:

Block Storage – You can choose between 1GB and 16GB and even combine different blogs into one, resize them, and move them from one Droplet to another.

Object storage: According to the digitalocean spaces review, Object storage is suitable for hosting unstructured data such as videos. It is different from block storage in that the data is not in the proper format. Also known as spaces, it allows you to access stored data over HTTP.

According to the digitalocean cloud hosting review, this is the first and only SSD cloud host with an intuitive and simple API that enables large-scale production workloads. . High availability storage up to 16TB can be attached as required. A blazing fast network is also provided. Load balancing is also offered as a service and monitoring and alerting with pre-built open source applications.

One-click apps

The digitalocean app platform review reveals that you can save more time by installing applications with just one click.

Migration service

Although the company does not offer a free or paid migration service, you can contact customer service for help on how to do the job.

Server security

The company understands the importance of keeping servers secure. Not only are data centers protected by security personnel, but the company also uses different tools, such as two-factor authorization and biometric testing, to keep intruders out. Additionally, DigitalOcean also complies with national and international safety standards.


It is a system that allows you to deliver stored data to end-users and applications. They are scalable and easy to create. Also, they operate clearly and come with a drag-and-drop API.

Reliability (security options)

Security is a big concern when it comes to data in the cloud. DigitalOcean seems to understand this and offers a ton of security features.

Domain privacy protection

According to the digitalocean review, Since the company does not provide Domain Privacy Protection, your only option is to purchase a third-party provider domain and add it using the special domain console that makes the process easy.

SSL certificate

While the company does not offer SSL certificates, users can install it through the console for free. This is very important because some browsers will not load your site without a valid SSL certificate, and even Google can penalize your site if it lacks an SSL certificate.

It also allows you to buy standard certificates from other sites, like GoDaddy, where it is available for $ 5.99 / year.

Dedicated IP

The company offers a free dedicated IP with every Droplet. Additionally, the company also provides “floating IPs” with each Droplet so that the application continues to run even if a Droplet fails. The system will quickly assign the IP to a standby drop, thus avoiding downtime.


According to digitalocean hosting review, Backups are not a concern for DigitalOcean, as the company offers snapshots and backups that allow you to restore, duplicate, or save Droplets. Snapshots and backups are stored separately. While the snapshots are created manually by the user, the system automatically keeps the backups.

However, remember that the company clarifies that the customer must keep the data safe and not the company, so you may consider backing up the data.

Snapshot storage is charged based on space. The company offers automatic backups at 20% of what the Droplet costs you.

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DigitalOcean hosting review

DigitalOcean is an American virtual private server provider in New York City, New York. The company rents capacity from remaining datacenters, containing sites in Amsterdam, New York, Singapore and San Francisco.

  • good prices
  • Agile provisioning
  • Good API for integration
  • Good knowledge base for troubleshooting
  • Various pre-configured image options
  • High level of security
  • Does not support Windows
  • There is no hourly charge, but there is a machine assignment.
  • Limited disk size
  • Limited support
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