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HostPapa is a personally maintained website hosting company situated near Niagara Falls, Toronto, Canada, and in New York. It is an especially reliable web hosting company that aims to provide continuous web service so that their clients can count on them.

Clients are valued by the company above all else, and employees of the company go out of their limits to serve their clients in each unique way. Its motto is “Let Papa take care of you” for a reason because the company tries to treat every single client as a family member.

The company’s goal is to offer each client a fully-featured hosting package, sponsored by top client’s service and powered by green energy. The company is privately owned and established and a leader in low-cost plus high-value hosting. The company has significant growth.

We can start by saying that, of course, Hostpapa is a hosting service, that is, web hosting. We can say that we are facing a young host born in 2006, having 10 years of experience in the market. It has more than 100,000 clients who choose it every day to set up their web pages

Overview of Hostpapa Hosting services 

By using Hostpapa hosting, there are no limits to it. You can find everything you need for your project, including:


Blogs are the boom of the internet, it can be from a company or person, we must say that any hosting package is compatible with HostpapaWordPress, the most used content manager for this type of web pages.

Information websites:

Information websites are characterized by having a large volume of data, so Papa hosting packages with unlimited storage are ideal.

Online stores:

According to HostPapa e-commerce review, today, online commerce is a business that is growing every day. With any of Hostpapa’s web hosting packages, you can set up your own online store, you will also get for free Zen Cart, osCommerce, and you can access other options such as dedicated IP addresses, exclusive email accounts, etc.

Business page:

If you have a company, you will surely need a professional, stable, and secure website. At Host Papa, you will find everything you need, choose your domain with your company’s name, create exclusive email accounts, use the site builder to choose the design, etc.

The HostPapa web hosting review reveals that HostPapa displays a very green looking website due to its focus on offering a very environmentally friendly service to its customers. They do this by acquiring wind power credits for every watt of power the company uses, and they were the first company to get started. Since then, several companies have joined this practice.

They are based in the US and Canada. They offer great prices to small and medium-sized businesses, with a simple cPanel packed with features and additional elements to create, maintain, and market your website.

According to HostPapa Business Hosting Review, HostPapa hosts more than 500,000 small business and personal websites. At a starting price of $ 3.95 per month, which includes unlimited “almost everything” and great customer support, HostPapa is worth checking out.

Pros of Using HostPapa Hosting

  • A leader in green technology
  • domains along with bandwidth/disk space / MySQL databases are unlimited
  • SEO & promotional tools
  • Great uptime control

Cons of Using HostPapa Hosting

  • Little pricey renovations.
  • No automatic backups on low plans



Many elements and features at one low price

According to hostpapa google reviews, HostPapa offers a large number of elements. It also focuses on small business tools like blogs and small eCommerce projects. In addition, there is a complete section dedicated to Google Apps (spreadsheets, Google Docs, etc.) that can be purchased.

The technical details of the HostPapa plan are quite attractive. You get unlimited MySQL 5.1 databases, unlimited domains and subdomains, zero-limit email accounts, and a marketing package with free credits for more than 5 promotional tools. All this without forgetting that everything is green and the costs are quite affordable.

According to the HostPapa performance review, the 99.98% uptime is hard to beat; They offer 99.9% uptime to all their customers of all plans for sale. Excellent uptime statistics come from the level of technology and systems they employ, including backup UPS power, firewalls, and 24/7 monitoring systems to maintain stability.

As if that were not enough, they offer high-security facilities with uniformed guards patrolling the data center to ensure there is no security breach—a level of security that few competing companies can claim to have.

Do We Recommend HostPapa?

HostPapa enjoys an impeccable reputation in the technical world, reliability, security, and customer service.

Easy to use and register

The hostpapa review suggests that the HostPapa website is well designed and updated frequently. There is a lot of information about the company, as well as an active blog. It’s easy to sign up and choose a plan, and all included items and features are clearly displayed.

According to the HostPapa website builder review, you do not need to know HTML or have experience designing to use the drag and drop interface. It allows you to configure your website’s appearance relatively quickly and add widgets and functions already created to improve your website.

HostPapa uses the industry-standard panel, cPanel, which is easy for most users to use and configure. Since there are so many products included in the package, the HostPapa panel offers you more functionality than many other hosting companies.

  • Transparent registration process
  • Item-packed web builder
  • Platforms like WordPress ready to install


You can call or chat 24/7, as well as send an email or immerse yourself in their extensive forum. If you have hostpapa complaints, it is most likely that it has already been named in the forum or the database of possible doubts, and human help does not take long to arrive when necessary.

This is where HostPapa loses some points. Their prices are indeed competitive, especially if you look at what they offer. But things like plugins selected by default (such as private domain or SiteLock security plans) or domain maintenance costs after the first free year are annoying.

Credit for Web Positioning

When you set up a site on the internet, its promotion is essential so that users know it, which is why each package includes $ 225 free for you to use on Google, Amazon, Yahoo, and Google.


According to HostPapa India Review, India’s server response time is very fast and the same with uploading time.

Site Customization

You can find different templates in the Site Builder, which contain the necessary features to be functional and rewarding:

Customize Hundreds of templates with images, videos, forms, and much more.

Publish Anywhere: You will no longer only publish on common sites. You can also do it on social networks and make your pages compatible with access from mobile phones.

Organization: You can organize the sites you want with fluid, intuitive, and flexible navigation.

SEO optimization: All templates take into account the web positioning factor and are fully optimized.

Domain names

According to HostPapa hosting reviews, if you need to find a domain to set up your site, you no longer have to waste time reserving it. You do everything through PapaHost, who is responsible for registering it. In addition, each package includes a free domain, so you do not have extra expenses in the registration.

Site Settings

Everything you need to create your professional website is taken into account by the Host Papa staff. All aspects will be configured for free so that the site runs without any inconvenience.

Multiple Domains

As you know, you do not necessarily have to host a single domain. If you want to host multiple sites, you can make effective the advantages:

Administration with Control Panel: The control panel used is cPanel, the simplest to manage all your sites.

Multiple for One: Hosting multiple domains will not generate an extra expense since, with a single hosting package, you can include the domains you want.

Services for each Domain: Each of the domains that you host have their own characteristics: statistics, FTP, etc.

Parked Domains: They are those that have different names but that redirect to a particular site.

Independence: All the domains hosted in your hosting package will not be linked in any way. They appear as separate web pages.

Email accounts

According to the HostPapa email review, both the Business and Business Pro hosting packages have unlimited email accounts. That is, you can create as many boxes as you need, which gives a more professional appearance to each of your sites.

How to Install HostPapa Hosting

If you wish or plan to install HostPapa Hosting. You can follow a series of steps that are not so complicated. Without a doubt, the usability of this hosting has one of the best scores from its customers.

First, you must pay for the entire package you wish to purchase, be it personal or professional. After that, a file is downloaded, which will be saved on the user’s computer.

The file must then be clicked to configure the site. Changes can be made through cPanel. This tool is handy when it comes to shaping the website to the customer’s way.

HostPapa Hosting, in addition to cPanel for WordPress, offers various tools that are very useful to dig deeper. Through them, the website developers can be more creative and

Build the website to suit the client.

The only thing that you will have to configure by yourself some variables of the hosting. As well as configuring the DNS and the services and storage space that you will want for hosting. In a few simple steps, you can complete this operation:

  • Hire the most appropriate plan
  • Login to cPanel with your credentials.
  • Assign the domain you are going to use.
  • Install WordPress or any other CMS.

A fully trained team will meet the requirements of customers who have doubts about installing the hosting.

They will assist you by phone for urgent inquiries, such as hosting configuration during installation. But if your question is not in such a hurry, they will be able to respond to emails with all the detailed information necessary to configure and install Hostpapa.


  • Unlimited Storage5 & Bandwidth*
  • Free Website Migration
  • Free Setup3 & Domain Name2
  • 1-click Script Installs
  • Unlimited5 Domains & Websites
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Eco-friendly – Green Web Hosting
  • Backup
  • Free Website Builder1
  • World Class Servers
  • Accelerated Performance with Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)8
  • Rocket Fast Premium Servers (3x Server Performance)6
  • Unlimited Email Addresses5
  • Available Anytime Support 24/7

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8 Total Score
Hostpapa Hosting Review

HostPapa provides Drag-and-drop website builder, Secure & reliable email, Unlimited everything, User-friendly account & website access, Easy-to-use control panel, Telephone, chat, and email support and 30-day money-back guarantee.

  • A leader in green technology
  • domains along with bandwidth
  • disk space
  • MySQL databases are unlimited
  • SEO & promotional tools
  • Great uptime control
  • Little pricey renovations.
  • No automatic backups on low plans
User Rating: 3.7 (1 vote)
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