Top 10 Best Image Hosting Provider

May 26, 2020

1. Photobucket: –


Photobucket is unbeaten in its overall flexibility and appeal. Also having a place to store your photos, you can use their features to make a unique way to display them. This online hosting service provides you to make professional photos to share with friends and family, while still keeping it simple enough to upload to your Facebook page. You will be glad to know that this image hosting site has editing capabilities, so there is no need to buy costly photo editing software. The image editing dashboard provides options like red eye removal, one-click image fixing, cropping, layering and many more. You can also play with the dashboard’s image like word balloons, glitter text, distortions, stickers and many more.

Just signing up for a Photobucket account, you can upload multiple photos and videos from multiple places without any need to read a tutorial or download any software. This is where you can upload photos and video files from cell phones, emails or the web by clicking the upload button. It is a simple and quick process. No multiple Browse buttons it’s a clean process.

2. SlickPic: –


SlickPic is online image hosting services. It is really well in this category because their website is simple to use. This website provides something for everybody, from the starting photographer to the professional photographer. This online image hosting service provides a great way for starting photographers to display their images and get feedback from more experienced photographers. They provide many different account levels. Of course, with each upgrade there are more options you can use to get the most out of your photos. The various plans correspond to how you use your photographs. If you are searching for an online image hosting service, where you can share your photos with your friends and family, then using the basic service should be enough. But, if you are searching for something more professional so you can choose from two pro upgrades.

The base of this online image hosting service uses a drag-and-drop method that you will become familiar with. If you need help uploading your photos, you can take the instructions on your wall when you first log into the website. This will keep you always uploading your images to share with your group or community.

3. Zenfolio: –


Zenfolio provides a huge variety of services and plans so they can best fit the needs of their customers. Their Basic plan provides enough features that you will be able to store and upload your images in a safe place. You can also make slideshows and websites with this package. When you go with the Premium Business plan, you will have the ability to sell your own photos. You will have the chance to set minimum order amounts on your prints and have access to offer customer refunds if required. There are also many plans between these two plans that will provide you a bit of flexibility while still providing you what you need in an image hosting service.

When you log into Zenfolio for the first time you will see a welcome message. This message walks you by uploading your first gallery. Uploading is created simple with the use of a wizard that will take you by all of the steps in getting your photos online. In your uploading process, you will be asked to give your gallery a name and a caption. This is also the time when you can choose if you would like your gallery to be created public or kept private.

4. Flickr Pro: –


Flickr Pro will make to desire photographers and those who are searching for a place to upload and store their photos and videos online. This online image hosting service provides photographers to interact with each other by providing many groups you can join. Flickr Pro has a forum where photographers make groups to share photos and to challenge each other’s skills. Your friends can add comments to your photos that may give you some extra awareness on how to make even better looking photos. This online image hosting company also provides you to post your photos where internet users can download and use your images. Best thing is, it is a free service WOW!!!

You can simply drag your mouse across the files you want to upload and select if you want them visible by friends, everyone or no one but you. Once you press the upload button, your images are sent directly to your photostream that is also on your profile. If you plan to upload big batches of photos usually, you should think downloading the free photo uploading desktop tool. The Flickr Pro desktop tool lets you drag and drop a single photo or video or whole folders of images into the downloading area. It also provides you organize the photos for your Flickr Pro photostream That’s Great!!!

5. SmugMug: –


SmugMug is online image hosting service. It is flexible to anyone. Using this service you can upload your photographs for safekeeping. But, the protection doesn’t stop there. You can also upload video files, graphic files, RAW files and even Excel and Word files. With their flexibility in file types you can upload, they also provide great attraction to photographers. You can use SmugMug to not only host your images, but you can also selling your photos using this site. SmugMug is simple if you are used to the drag-and-drop method. You also have the option of selecting files to upload directly from your computer that is GREAT.

6. BlueMelon: –


BlueMelon provides much more than just online image hosting. This image hosting company will provide you to upload your photos and know they are secure and safe while still providing you the ability to make slideshows to share with friends and family. You can also order prints of your favorite photographs and gift items also to your loved ones.

When you arrive at the front page of this online image hosting company you will see a set of features that BlueMelon provides. But, they also show you how to use these services easily. They take the guesswork of organizing and uploading your photos right on the front page of their website. Also, you can find tips on how to export or import photos and how to share your photos with facility. This company provides flexibility to all who enjoy making and sharing their photos.

7. Webshots: –


Webshots Gold is online image hosting service provides you to upload your photos and store them online. The company also provides some amazing features for amateur photographers who are trying to be noticed. With this service, you can upload unlimited photographs to keep safe and secure in the cloud. You will also enjoy the group that Webshots Gold provides.

Webshots Gold will attract to anyone who is interested in looking at or taking great photos. The first page of the website provides a sight into the work of amateur and professional photographers. We like that the site is ready to display the work of those who are trying to break into the business of being full-time photographers. The image-hosting service also provides you the flexibility to make and share your photos with anyone of your choosing.

8. Picturetrail: –


Picturetrail is an online image hosting service that also provides some fun effects that you can add to your photos to make them Better than ever. You can add effects like glitter, frames, blinking icons, borders and more to your photos. This service also provides you to make slideshows using the same types of effects. When you first log onto the front page of Picturetrail you will notice the moving and glitter frames around the main photo. This made us wonder just how professional this site was. But, after making a few items we found that while they do provide some effects that you would likely find fit for a teenage girl, you can also upload and keep your photos safe on their website.

This online image hosting service provides two various photo uploaders that you can use. The newer uploader provides you to browse and select the photos you’d like to upload. But, in order to use this uploader you must have Flash installed on your computer. The older uploader provides you to select images from your computer and upload them. But, this uploaded only provides you to upload a maximum of five photographs at once.

9. Dotphoto: –


DotPhoto is online image hosting service is a great website if you are interested in storing and sharing your photos. They provide many of features that provide you to share your photos with family and friends, like the ability to make a personal website and the ability to upload your photos directly from your cell phone. They also provide you unlimited storage of your photos using this website.

DotPhoto will attract to anyone who is searching for a place to store digital photographs. If you are hoping to get feedback on your photographs, this online image hosting company provides a group or community where you can share your photos and your thoughts with others. You can also sell your photos online using DotPhoto without having any trouble about a big startup cost for making your own website.

10. PBase: –


PBase is about as basic as you can get when searching for an online image hosting company. Their website is quite basic that is great for those who know what they are looking for and are not interested in any decorations that may be provided by other image hosting companies. Their services are almost as basic as their website. They do provide a few major features like the ability to make a slideshow to share with others, and you can make various albums with PBase.

When you first log onto PBase’s website you will not be met with a lot of razzle dazzle. They provide simple tabs on the top of the page so that you can easily find exactly what you are looking for. They also provide a search bar for their website that we liked. Once you log into your account, you can start uploading photos, also creating and joining galleries where you can share your photos with other photographers. The amount of storage space that you have depends on the amount of money you would like to spend with this online image hosting company.

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