Top 6 Fastest Web Hosting Services Of 2020

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Top 6 Fastest Web Hosting Services Of 2020 | Welcome to the new and fresh article. In this article, I will come with the top 6 fastest web hosting services of 2020. These best web hosting service of 2020 will help you to choose a perfect hosting for your business website or your blog.

Top 6 Fastest Web Hosting Services Of 2020

If you want to start your website or personal blog for earning lots of money and get high traffic in your blog, then this article is going to be important for you because I have selected the top 6 fastest webs hosting after using lots of web hosting and after deep research, we are writing this article.

So, read this article carefully because may it can help you to get huge traffic. Let’s get into it –

If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably looking for a new web host. But you’re not looking for just any web host – you’re researching on the most reliable, fastest web hosting you can get because you know how crucial it can be for online businesses.

Are you looking for the fastest WordPress hosting for your website?

Top 6 Fastest Web Hosting Services Of 2020

Doesn’t matter if you’re starting a new business or if you already have one that’s been around for a while, speed is one of the keys to making sure that your site can grow and remain healthy. Bonus point … this will also keep your visitors active.

Looking for the right fastest web hosting can be a little tricky, though, because every host is different.

They have a multitude of packages that can make you confused when you go through them. Everyone wants what’s best for their business, no matter if it’s a small or big one. And of course, one of the most important things you can rely on is the speed.

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☘ Top 6 Fastest Web Hosting Providers of 2020 ☘

Find the best web hosting providers using price comparisons and reviews from our expert hosting editor. You can also find hosting for different needs like e-commerce, enterprise, specific content management systems, and more.

Let’s have a look on fastest web hosting –

1. SiteGround 

  • Shared hosting starting at $3.95/mo.
  • WordPress hosting starting at $3.95/mo.
  • Reseller server starting at $42/year.
  • Cloud hosting starting at $80/mo.

SiteGround sits in the middle ground between a consumer web hosting provider and those who cater to enterprise business solutions.

If you’ve got a small business with more complex web needs than a typical small business, SiteGround is an ideal solution.

Although offerings start as low as $3.95 per month, we particularly like the company’s GoGeek plan, which is chock full of useful features, including access to a staging server and one-click Git repo creation.

There’s a lot to like about SiteGround, but the company did lose some points due to its policy of more than doubling your hosting costs after the first year. That nice $3.95/mo price shoots up to $11.95 per month. The company calls it the first-year discount, but that’s in very tiny, light gray print.

On the plus side, SiteGround offers free automatic daily backups, access to the Cloudflare CDN, high-performance SSDs for all plans, unlimited email accounts, and integration of the free LetsEncrypt SSL certificate into sites.

The company does limit bandwidth and storage, but even those who claim to offer so-called unlimited bandwidth and storage have some limits in its terms of service.

SiteGround is proactive about protecting its customers’ security. It has a dedicated security team that writes necessary patches and web firewall rules that help mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities. It also uses an AI-based system to monitor and apply fixes to all its servers dynamically.

Finally, the company offers an entire tier of custom enterprise business services. So, if you start with a small business and do GrowBig (as its mid-tier plan is named), you’ll be able to stay with the company no matter how big you get.

2. Hostinger

  • Shared hosting starting at $0.99/mo.
  • WordPress hosting starting at $0.99/mo.
  • VPS hosting starting at $3.95/mo.
  • Cloud hosting starting at $9.99/mo.

Note: On Aug. 25, Hostinger revealed that up to 14 million users might have been impacted by a security breach. The company reset passwords for all impacted accounts. The original post follows.

Hostinger, a hosting provider based out of Lithuania, boasts it signs up a new client every five seconds.

With 29 million users in 178 countries and subsidiaries in the US, Indonesia, and Brazil, the company has been in operation since 2004.

Hostinger has a nice selection of plans, all of which can be optimized for WordPress. We particularly liked that even the least expensive plans offered some level of SSH access for those who need it.

The company gained points for its offering of SSD performance, dedicated IP, and regular backups for some plans.

What sets the company apart is its first-year hosting price of less than a buck a month. The company’s least expensive plan is a startlingly low 80 cents a month.

This is the least expensive hosting program we’ve seen, although the price does go up after that first year. Most of the company’s plans increase after its promotional price expires.

Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with the wording we wish more providers would use: “If for any reason you decide not to continue with Hostinger, we will offer a full refund on your purchase, no questions asked.” If you have any questions, the company has customer support with live chat lines available 24/7.

3. A2 Hosting Turbo

  • Shared hosting starting at $2.96/mo.
  • WordPress hosting starting at $2.96/mo.
  • Reseller hosting starting at $9.80/mo.
  • VPS hosting starting at $5/mo.
  • Dedicated servers starting at $99.59/mo.

A2 Hosting does a lot of things right. It offers Linux and Windows-based servers, SSD, caching CDN, and SSL for all plans.

While some plans offer uptime monitoring and regular backups, all plans offer malware scanning and automatic patching and updates.

The hosting provider offers a managed hosting service called HostGuard.

Subscribers of this service have access to a 24/7/365 “Guru Crew” support team that manages the network, hardware, software, and security. Managed hosting for WordPress customers begins at $9.78/mo and for VPS customers at $25/mo.

The web hosting provider offers solid plans with a good selection of features. The one area we’re concerned about is how it presents its offers. Like many hosting providers, its published pricing is a bit misleading.

You’re not getting hosting for $2.96/mo unless you pay $71 for two years of service. Renewals are generally at a higher rate, although a salesperson we spoke to advised you to ask for a “loyalty discount.”

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that, like other web host providers, A2 Hosting’s unlimited plans aren’t unlimited.

It expects you to use its service like “similarly situated customers.” This is like being on a highway. If everyone is going a few miles above the speed limit, you’re probably okay, but if you’re barreling down the fast lane past everyone else, you’re probably going to be asked to slow down.

The company offers a solid 30-day money-back guarantee it calls an “Anytime” money-back guarantee. Yeah…kind of. You can ask for your money back at any time, but after your first 30 days, how much you get back will depend on a painfully complex pro-rating system.

But, again, operationally it’s quite strong. 24/7/365 customer support is available not only by live chat and email but by phone.

It offers free site migrations with some dedicated attention paid to making a transfer as smooth as possible. And, if you’re willing to go for one of the higher-end plans, the company has put some serious attention into performance and caching.

4. Kinsta

  • worldwide average speed – 180 ms
  • price (USD) – $30 / mo.

Next on our list of fastest web hosts is Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting. Built using Google’s very own cloud platform, Kinsta leverages Google’s cutting edge tech and 15 data centers, making them the FASTEST web host we’ve encountered so far.

They’ve had a decade’s worth of experience with WordPress, and they’ve dedicated that experience into creating the best and fastest Managed WordPress Hosting solution you’ve seen.

Their speeds blew us away with them consistently scoring below 3 ms, with the worse performing one at a crazy 127 ms. Their worst performance is better than most web hosts’ best results!

They scored a worldwide average of 179.5 ms, which prompted us to say that Kinsta (and KeyCDN) is truly a fast web hosting. The only thing that stopped us from ranking them any higher is their hefty price tag with their entry-level plans starting $30 per month.

5. InMotion Hosting 

InMotion Hosting

  • Shared business hosting starting at $2.95/mo.
  • WordPress hosting starting at $4.99/mo.
  • Reseller hosting starting at $13.99/mo.
  • VPS hosting starting at $22.99/mo.
  • Dedicated servers starting at $139.99/mo.

We particularly like that the company offers free backups and SSH access, even on its lower-end plans. WordPress support with integrated WP-CLI is also available.

Here are some of the reasons the company gets a top rating. It offers an all-SSD infrastructure.

It has 24/7 telephone customer support in addition to the ticket, email, and live chat support options. It offers a basic site migration, in that it’ll unpack a site saved from another cPanel instance. It offers free SSL and free malware detection.

Rounding out the wins, InMotion offers a full 90-day money-back guarantee. On top of that, here’s a special money-saving hint.

In a chat session confirming pricing and offerings, the operator offered me some special prices and deals that reduced the published price by a few bucks.

I was also told that while promotional pricing does go up at the end of the offer period if you contact customer service, InMotion has a “loyal customer discount” that may bring the price back down.

6. Liquid Web

Last but not least on our list, we’ve got Liquid Web, the oldest bad boy around the block.

Formed way before the inception of Google, Liquid Web knows every trick in the book to improve their speeds, and they’ve incorporated all of their experience and speedhacks into their web hosting services.

They cover a full range of hosting services, but we’ll be covering their Managed WordPress services here.

Like any premium web host, Liquid Web offers unlimited page views across all of their Managed WordPress plans, so you won’t have to worry about service interruptions no matter the traffic.

The tools they use to optimize data delivery is on par with the rest, utilizing cutting edge tech in their infrastructure to reduce loading times.

They’ve got 3 data centers located across the USA (US East, US West, US Central). This makes it ideal to host your sites with them if your main customers are American.

Pings from other countries didn’t do too shabbily either, with 146 ms in Japan and 216 ms in Singapore. Bangalore didn’t respond well though, so keep that in mind if you’re targeting India.

We were a little uncomfortable with their prices (starting at $69 per month) but with support staff that is 600 strong, a worldwide average of 152 ms, and professional Managed WordPress Hosting services, Liquid Web is deserved their spot on this list.

Why is speed important?

The fastest WordPress hosting will help you organize and develop your content in an easy way. A slow host not only slows down the page load for the visitors but can slow the admin panel too. This will make your work harder and more time-consuming.

However, most importantly, a fast hosting will make your visitors feel comfortable when they try to access your site and interact with it in some way (like commenting or trying to click your social media buttons). A website that fails to load fast will cause them to go away.

Long story short, if you are looking for the fastest WordPress hosting that won’t break your bank, it is SiteGround, but feel free to figure out which one is best for you by further reading the study.

How to choose the fastest WordPress hosting for you:

Here’s the step-by-step for selecting a hosting package that’s going to be fast for you and your audience:

✅ Select one of the companies that go through the companies listed above and get familiar with what they provide. Take note of every interesting detail about their offerings. This is where your budget comes into play.
✅ Check their server location to see if it fits yours
after you select a company, you should check their available server locations. That means you have to verify if it’s relatively close to your audience’s location.
The closer, the better. This aspect is important because it gives you better performance for the same investment. Some companies show their server locations during the sign-up process, others need to be contacted directly about this.
✅ Choose a plan after you decide which company is closed and also serves all your needs, you have to choose one of the plans they’re offering. The plan you need is the one that fits best your budget, your audience, and your goals.


There’s plenty of hosting companies that can serve everyone’s needs and budgets. But this may make selecting the fastest WordPress hosting for your site even tougher.

It’s important to know your business and your goals very well to be able to select the right company. Apart from that, there are also a lot of tools and services – free and premium – that can further improve your site and make it work even more smoothly.

Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on the top 6 fastest web hosting of 2020. If you feel like I have missed something, or would like me to cover a particular provider, please let me know down in the comments. so, if you have further questions, please feel free to drop us a message.

please share your thoughts as it will help others make the right decision.

Thanks for reading!

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