The Best WordPress Hosting For High Traffic WordPress Sites In 2019

Are you running a high traffic wordpress website and looking for  high traffic scalable premium wordpress hosting Almost all beginners host their WordPress sites with some basic hosting plans. Most of them prefer Shared Hosting in this regard. It is no doubt that many shared hosting plans attract huge volumes of traffic. But, most of them can’t attract unlimited numbers of visitors. Each shared hosting plan has a traffic limit.  Thus, you may face a situation when one day you will receive a notification in your hosting Dashboard that your website can’t accept any more traffic. 

If you are a non-technical blogger or a small businessman who does want enough growth, you may not take the stress. However, keep in mind that basic hosting plans may not allow you to install a huge number of WordPress plugins and many such plans also do not let their users utilize 100% features of each plugin. 

Thus, you must choose an appropriate hosting provider and a perfect hosting plan to handle a huge volume of traffic and a wide variety of essential plugins. To help you in this regard, we have created a list of a few providers below. 

list of top high traffic wordpress hosting service providers

  1. InMotion Hosting Inmotion WordPress Hosting
    Best Web Hosting Services For Small Businesses And Startups In India 1

  2. Hostgator Hostgator WordPress Hosting

Best Web Hosting Services For Small Businesses And Startups In India 1

3. SiteGround SiteGround Coupon Codes










Best Web Hosting Services For Small Businesses And Startups In India 1

Top premium wordpress hosting service List

  1. Blue Host – top node js hosting provider

Best Web Hosting Services For Small Businesses And Startups In India 1

2. A2 Hosting A2 Hosting WordPress Hosting

Best Web Hosting Services For Small Businesses And Startups In India 1

Conclusion part– 

At last, we must mention that we can only recommend the names of a few high traffic wordpress hosting providers. We can’t ask you to buy the services of any particular scalable wordpress hosting provider. There are many issues that you may face when running a business and you have to address them yourself. For example, you need to consider factors like Pricing, features, scalability, support, etc to pick the right hosting package. But, if you get more opportunities to customize your premium wordpress hosting and website tools, only then you can properly promote your brand on various online platforms. 

FAQ- Answers of some important questions about high traffic wordpress hosting

  1. Why Shared Hosting is not suitable for high traffic WordPress sites? 

Ans– Shared WordPress hosting is basically a hosting environment that has a few WordPress-specific optimizations and offers easy WordPress installations. Shared hosting plans can’t handle huge volumes of web traffic. Moreover, with these plans, you can’t install many WordPress plugins and can’t fully utilize the installed plugins. 

  1. Is Managed WordPress Hosting suitable to handle high traffic WordPress sites? 

AnsManaged WordPress Hosting takes care of everything related to your WordPress site. It commonly includes features like site upgrades, improved WordPress performance, virus scans, backups, and more. Moreover, many plans can handle high volumes of web traffic. So, you can easily choose Managed WordPress Hosting. 

  1. Can I use WordPress hosting for my non-WordPress site? 

Ans– Managed WordPress Hosting services are meant for only WordPress sites. However, Shared Hosting plans are flexible. Many shared hosting plans consist of WordPress addons to host WordPress sites. You can use those plans to host your non-WordPress site also. 

  1. Do I need to know PHP to effectively run my WordPress site and hosting features? 

Ans– The only time you would modify your WordPress website with PHP would be when integrating some of the plugins. There are a small number of plugins that still require manual edits to your files. In most cases, clear instructions are usually given within a text file with the plugin.

  1. Except Shared WordPress Hosting, do all other types of WordPress hosting offers unlimited traffic? 

Ans– No. All hosting services offer various plans with various restrictions. You need to choose such plans which can accept huge volumes of traffic. 

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