Top 7 Best WordPress Hosting can Boost Your Traffic

How Best WordPress Hosting Can Boost Your Traffic By Genuine hosting Reviews

If you want your website fast and get more traffic, choosing the right hosting is most important. If you are a beginner WordPress user, our best WordPress hosting guide is absolutely for you. Here we discuss all the details, essential points to buy the best hosting.

how best WordPress hosting can boost your traffic 

WordPress hosting is a server, where your website data stores. Like your computer, it has a processor, ram, hard disk and it has a 24 hours internet connection so that visitors can visit your site anytime.

When somebody calls your website, the browser sends a request to the server(your hosting)that uploads the data, and the browser downloads it to the user screen. This upload and download time is the speed factor of your site which is called port speed. Best WordPress hosting also needs a fast hard drive, ram, processing power, so you should check those things. Here SSD is always faster than HDD. This is a short concept of hosting speed.

Here data capping is another factor, after crossing the data limit Sarver’s internet speed is not decreasing, you have to pay for it. So you must check the transfer data plan. Most hosting providers claim unlimited bandwidth. Ideally, it is not unlimited, it mentions in terms and conditions.

Now like your computer it has an operating system if it windows it’s costly but Linux, a free open-source operating system is free for all, so the hosting will be cheaper. If you, a WordPress user then Linux hosting is the best hosting for you.

There are three types of hosting

1.dedicated server -the whole server box is yours,

2.virtual private server(VPS)-When a dedicated server is Virtually divided, called virtual private server

3.shared server – in this there more division in VPS and installed several web sites different c panels.

About the facility dedicated hosting is most costly, VPS is cheaper than it, and shared hosting is the cheapest hosting for you.  so if you are newly starting your blogging journey or a small business website, shared hosting will be the best hosting for you. Ideally, a well-shared hosting can handle 1000 of traffic at a time.

 Before buying fast hosting you always note some important points.

1.speedlatest studies suggest that 1 second delay in page load will cost you 8% fewer conversions, 11% fewer page views, and a 20% decrease in user satisfaction.

2.uptime-the amount of time when your server is working properly is called uptime. you should take care of your hosting must above 99% uptime.

3.customer support-best hosting provider work includes quality customer support. Especially for beginners, customer support is a huge point. Customer Support of your chosen provider must be efficient. can understand the importance of storage, you must notice it.

5.price– our reviews can help you

You can compare popular hosting companies based on these points. Or you can also check our top hosting list.

Every year we make a list of the best WordPress hosting sites. We do not recommend any hosting company. It’s a review of top WordPress hosting companies. So Let’s know the top WordPress hosting services for 2023.


2.HostGator857ms99.5%4.6/5 ground150ms99.99%4.6/5
4.A2 WordPress hosting150ms99.9%4.5/5
5.Dreamhost1180ms99.63%4.5/5 5 hosting545ms99.9%4.5/5

A quality list of best WordPress hosting 2023

1.BlueHost(one of the best WordPress recommended hosting provider 2023)

Take a quick look

Customer support9.8

Bluehost is one of the best cheap WordPress hosting brands on the market that is why it is very popular among WordPress users. It is WordPress recommended since 2005. There is much reason that makes it best.

1.Their starting prices are very low.

2.It is very user-friendly(one-click installation for WordPress)

3. bluehost has a dedicated team engaged for top-class customer support

4.they provided lots of features, that are

Bluehost features:

⇨ 50 GB hosting space for the basic plan and unlimited WordPress hosting space for other plans.

⇨ Free domain, unlimited subdomains, and unlimited  domain WordPress hosting,

⇨Free domain name on Ruby, CGI, PHP, Perl, etc.

⇨ Site Transfer/unlimited GB file,

⇨Unlimited Email accounts,

⇨ Secure shell, FTP, SSL, stats, templates, and Free Site Builder,

⇨ WordPress Auto-updates,

⇨ Secure WordPress install,

⇨Simple script 1-click install,

⇨50% off in the first month,

⇨24/7 top-quality customer support.



Take a quick look

Customer support9.8

For WordPress users, HostGator is a smart choice.  Within a short period, its web hosting service has become one of the best services in the market.HostGator is a reliable and customer-friendly WordPress hosting. Their  24/7 customer support is also a point to make them the has hosts10 million domains. The pre-installed jetpack is an exceptional feature of HostGator’s WordPress hosting. You can choose from hundreds of available templates, plugins, and other services to design your website.

HostGator features:

⇨ 5 GB to 40 GB storage throughout all plans,

⇨ Unlimited Bandwidth,

⇨ Hardware support from Dual Core CPU to Hexa Core CPU throughout all plans, and 2 GB RAM to 6 GB RAM plans,

⇨ Unlimited Email accounts,

⇨ Hostgator live chat,

⇨ 4500 free website templates,

⇨ 99.99% guaranteed uptime,

⇨ $ 100 Google Ad words support,

⇨ 1 click script installs.

⇨ 45-days money-back guarantee,

⇨ 24/7 top-quality customer support ground(one of the best WordPress recommended hosting provider 2023)

Take a quick look

Customer support9.5

It is one of the largest independently owned WordPress hosting providers in the market.  Currently, it hosts more than 1,700,000 domains throughout the world.

This is one of the few companies which provides location-specific hosting using 3 Data Centers in Europe, the USA, and Singapore. It gives 24/7 customer support and also replies promptly within 10 minutes after creating tickets.

SiteGround lists the personal profiles of all of its employees. When you get in touch with one of its employees, you can easily check his/her details.

It also provides Tutorials, Webinars, and a detailed installation guide so that you can gather knowledge and can know about its technologies and features in detail.

 Siteground features  :

⇨ Free domains,

⇨ Free install,

⇨ Unlimited free Email accounts,

⇨ Free daily backup and auto-updates,

⇨ Free backup restore

⇨ Free account migration,

⇨ Free SSL and HTTPS certificates for unique security,

⇨ SuperCacher,

⇨ Unlimited MySql Database access,

⇨ 10 GB to 30 GB storage covering all plans,

⇨ 24/7 Customer Support,

⇨ 30-days money-back guarantee.

4.A2 WordPress hosting


Take a quick look

Customer support9.6

A2 WordPress hosting features:

⇨ WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla optimized websites and compatible hostings,

⇨Turbo servers help to increase the speed of hosting,

⇨ High-end security with various certifications,

⇨ 99.99% guaranteed uptime,

⇨ A2 Quick installer,

⇨ 30-days money-back guarantee


5.Dreamhost(one of the best WordPress recommended hosting provider 2023)

Take a quick look

Customer support9.6

Dreamhost features:

⇨ Pre-installed, Pre-configured and easy setup,

⇨ 1 click installation,

⇨ Automatic Updates,

⇨ Auto backups,

⇨ Unlimited disk storage and unlimited bandwidth,

⇨ Any WordPress theme and plugin can be added,

⇨ 100% network uptime,

⇨ Multiple domains,

⇨ Unlimited Email accounts,

⇨ Scales to handle traffic spikes,97-days money-back guarantee,

⇨24/7 Customer support


6.site5 hosting

Take a quick look

Customer support9.7

Site5 hosting features                                                                                                                               

Site5 is one of the best WordPress hosting services in the market which offers attractive plans for both beginners and experienced ones. It has no overloaded server as it allows a comparatively low number of customers for each server.


⇨Unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth,

⇨Multiple domains for a single account,

⇨ Free migration of sites,

⇨ Daily backups,

⇨ 99.99% guaranteed uptime,

⇨ 30-day free trial,

7.Just host

Take a quick look

Customer support9.5

Its WordPress hostings are best for first-time users, and all of the plans are highly affordable. Fast and simple small business web hostings are the advantages of the services offered by this WordPress hosting provider.

JustHost features

⇨Free Domain,

⇨ Free Site Builder,

⇨ Free Email accounts,

⇨Best Apps,

⇨ Free marketing tools,

⇨ 1-click easy install,

⇨ SSL, FTP, and other security certificates,

⇨ Outstanding uptime,

⇨ 24/7 Customer Tailored Support

In 2023 these are the best WordPress hosting list. Here we explain all the features of these best hostings.  All-time the cheapest WordPress hosting is not the best website host.


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