Best Minecraft Server Hosting 2021

Best Minecraft Server Hosting

It is considered that the multiplayer mode of Minecraft is more entertaining and enjoyable as it enhances the experience of the individual. Minecraft helps an individual build teamwork skills.

A mine craft server is typically a private network that can be developed for gaining multiplayer experience by enabling others to join. A server has certain limits such as the IP and username, to manage the players’ access.

What is Minecraft Server Hosting?

A Minecraft server demonstrates an individual’s space that can control it to invite their friends to join them. It is always possible for an individual to set up their own private Minecraft server on their PCs. The servers can be hosted easily with the use of any VPS Control Panel. This allows the individuals to control and manage the virtual server of their own.

There are several benefits of Microsoft server hosting, which is why many individuals prefer it. One of the major benefits of Minecraft server hosting includes the enhancement of security. Besides, many free Minecraft hosting servers are renowned such as Minehart.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting

1 Accuwebhosting Minecraft Hosting

Accuwebhosting Minecraft Hosting

Features: Bare Metal Dedicated Servers Intel Xeon & Scalable Servers & AMD Dedicated Resources & Full Control Self Managed & Fully Managed Linux & Windows Servers Specialize in Custom Server Configurations ...
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2 Hostwind Minecraft Hosting

Hostwind Minecraft Hosting

Features: 1 Gbps Ports 99.9999% Uptime Friendliness Guarantee Solid State Drives Free Website Transfer Multiple Locations Snapshots Custom ISO's Enterprise Firewall Hostwind Minecraft Hosting Plan
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3 Meloncube Minecraft Hosting

Meloncube Minecraft Hosting

Features: Dedicated RAM DDoS Protection Multicraft 2.0 (Demo) Enterprise Hardware Unlimited SSD Storage US & EU Locations Instant Upgrades Accepting PayPal phpMyAdmin Access Unlimited Slots Easy to Use ...
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4 ScalaCube Minecraft Hosting

ScalaCube Minecraft Hosting

Features: Unlimited slots Multiple server DDoS Protection Full File Access Custom JAR Custom Launcher Free Domain FreeMySQL Instant Setup Backup System Website and Forum ScalaCube Minecraft Hosting Plan
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5 Apexminecrafthosting Minecraft Hosting

Apexminecrafthosting Minecraft Hosting

Features: Java & Bedrock Edition Servers 24/7 Chat and Ticket Support All Mod & Plugin Support 200+ 1-Click-Modpack Installers Premium Hardware & Low Latency Full FTP & MYSQL Database Access 7 day money ...
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6 Shockbyte Minecraft Hosting

Shockbyte Minecraft Hosting

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7 Bisecthosting Minecraft Hosting

Bisecthosting Minecraft Hosting

Features: Free Unlimited Slots DDoS Protection Custom JAR Support Free Sub-Domain Free Full FTP Access Control Panel Multiple Locations Free Daily Backups Free MySQL No Overselling 24/7 Support Solid State ...
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8 Hostinger Minecraft Hosting

Hostinger Minecraft Hosting

Features: instant Setup Web/FTP File Access DDoS Protection Free MySQL Multicraft Panel Mobile App Partnership Program Full-Time Development Team PCI-DSS Compliant Automatic Off-Site Backups Dual-CPU Hardware ...
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9 Dreamhost Minecraft Hosting

Dreamhost Minecraft Hosting

Features: Speed Like No One Else Full Root and Full Control Use the devops tools you love A Cloud That Grows With You Dreamhost Minecraft Hosting Plan  
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Top Minecraft Server Hosting List

Minecraft is very famous across the globe. It can also be played on several devices, including laptops, PCs, mobile phones, tablets, consoles, etc.

Besides, Minecraft also allows individuals to create a server that enables them to play together with their friends. Although hosting is considered a difficult task, it can be done easily with some of the best Minecraft server hostings.

Some of the top Minecraft servers hosting that are widely used across the world are as follows:

  • Hostinger: It is one of the most highly preferred Minecraft hosting providers throughout the world. Its popularity is the availability of several offer plans for the players, and it provides around 2 GB ram.
  • Shockbyte: This hosting provider offers a server for several other games, including Minecraft, at an affordable price range.
  • BisectHosting: This is considered a famous hosting prover as it offers numerous other important web services.
  • GGServers: They provide servers for numerous other game categories, including Minecraft.

 How to Make a Minecraft Server? 

It is easy for anyone to create a Microsoft server of their own with the help of the steps given below:

  • Obtain Minecraft Java Edition: It is considered an essential step for successfully making a Minecraft server. The individuals with the windows 10, console, or pocket edition of Minecraft can not host any server of their own. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the Minecraft Java Edition.
  • Acquire the Newer Version of Java: It is important to check the Java version before purchasing to ensure it is the latest or newest version. Since Java is required to operate Microsoft, the newest version will be useful in running the server smoothly.
  • Download Minecraft Server: The next step includes the downloading of the Microsoft server. However, it is required to download the Server.jar file first, which is available on the Minecraft web page.
  • Commands to Operate the Minecraft Server: The next step includes creating the files that are essential for making a server. It also involves ensuring the smooth operation of the server with minimum lag.
  • Establishing Properties of Server: This step includes a few of the server properties that can be customized or changed as per the individual’s requirement. It mostly depends on the category of the game that the individual plays on the server.
  • Port Forwarding: The individuals wanting to invite friends from different locations except for the local one. However, this step is not compulsory for individuals wanting to play on a local server.
  • Connecting the Server: This is the final step, which includes the Minecraft server connection.

 How to choose between paid and free Minecraft Server Hosting?

To choose the best Microsoft server hosting, it is important to know its quality and the list of features it offers. It comprises SSD storage, processors with high clock rates, simple installation and establishment, easy updates for plug-ins and mods, etc. It is also essential that it offers a smooth operation with no or least lag.

Therefore, while choosing a Minecraft hosting server, either paid or free, it requires the individuals to check for the features mentioned above. Besides, it is also necessary to ensure that the server hosting fulfills their needs.

There are many renowned and famous Microsoft servers hosting that any individual can select from. Compared to some of these popular servers, BISECT is known to be a cheap Minecraft server hosting. Whereas, amongst the free server hosting, ATERNOS is the best free Minecraft server, hosting provider.

Minecraft shared hosting 

Minecraft servers are considered a great place to get to play together with similarly minded players and enjoy the game’s multiplayer mode. There are two types of servers available, including the PvE and PvP servers. So, any individual wanting to create a server of their own can use Microsoft shared hosting. Currently, there are several Microsoft shared hosting present that is being used by the majority of individuals.

Some of the best Minecraft servers in India include GhostCraft, DPCraft Network, RageNation, Minecraft India, etc. Some of these servers concentrate on several types of games. Another popular and exciting Minecraft server amongst the players includes the Minecraft dragon server. Thus, these are a few of the top servers that can help individuals spend jolly time with their friends.

Minecraft VPS hosting

The popularity of Minecraft has increased exponentially in recent years. It is considered one of the best games that can be played on multiple devices. Besides, the plays can select how to play the game, which provides them with more freedom. Many players use the public server to play. Still, the demand for private servers has grown drastically since it enables individuals to build an isolated server where they can invite their friends to play together.

The virtual environment, which is completely isolated and is established on a bare-metal server, is referred to as a virtual private server. Every VPS contains a specific amount of the physical resource of a server.

Minecraft dedicated hosting

The dedicated hosting server typically helps the players by offering them the entire nine yards. Using this option helps fulfill all the hardware needs. In comparison with other servers, this server provides the best quality performance capacity to your projects’ requirements. Besides, one of the major benefits of dedicated hosting is Minecraft cloud hosting.

Minecraft hosting is also being used widely across the world currently. Besides, it also allows the individuals to store your world data in the cloud storage. One of the major Minecraft cloud hosting servers is the BeastNode. It is a server mostly used mainly for high-level players. It provides a separate IP number to the individuals that offer endless bandwidth and storage.

Minecraft java server hosting free

The pre-populated server list does not exist in the Java edition straight from the Minecraft web page or in-game. Although, the stand-alone version of Java launcher is useful for adding more servers in the multiplayer part.

Besides, it also helps the individuals monitor if the server is online or not, including the number of available slots. Also, the players can check up their ping or connection to the server.

How to Host and Configure a Minecraft Server with No-IP?

There are numerous steps involved in configuring a server using No-IP. Some of these steps are as follows:

  • Downloading: The first step includes downloading the software package for the Minecraft server.
  • Minecraft server installation: This step involves installing the server.
  • Port Forward: It then includes port forwarding, which is a necessary step that allows you to play with the individuals from separate locations.
  • Configuration: This step requires the individuals to configure a method to keep the No-IP updated with the continuously changing IP address.
  • Server connection: The final step includes connecting it to the server created.


These are some details regarding the best Microsoft hosting providers. These are a few of the best options for any individual to host an isolated server. These servers are simple to use and are easy to install.

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