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Nowadays, for the majority of the business email is the simplest method of communication with their customers or workers. Currently, the emails are supported in several devices, including laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and so on. Also, the requirements of the businesses are continually rising over the years. The needs of the clients that includes easy access to their ids from any devices along with the requirement of high security.

Therefore, email hosting providers are required to ensure good quality email services. The email hosting services are presently being used widely in the world. There also many free and best email hosting providers such as Rackspace, GSuite, IONOS, etc. Out of these Rackspace is known to be the most affordable hosted email for small businesses.

There is a premium email provided by the email hosting services, as compared to that of the free email services that are supported by advertisements. Thus, there is a vast difference between the webmail sites and the email hosting services. These email hosting services primarily fulfill the demands of the clients and small or big scale industries.

Although the more prominent organization including Prostifix, Microsoft Exchange Server, etc. which creates email hosting services of its own. The hosting providers can handle the platform name of the customers.

What is email hosting?

Email hosting services offer several superior quality features that cater to the customer’s desires or wants. The premium email hosting providers are usually available without any kind of ads. The enhancement of the business performance can be done by using the correct email hosting provider.

There are numerous categories of email hosting services. These usually differ according to the amount of space present, mailbox location, and functionality. There are two categories of service models used that are used by the hosting providers to deliver this service. It includes mailbox hosting or traditional email hosting.

There are many famous email hosting providers also present in India. BigRock is known as the best email hosting provider in India. It offers a wide range of facilities for its users and ensures to provide the required services of any business. Therefore, it is stated as a cheap and best email hosting India for both small to medium-sized companies.

Best email hosting providers

1 Hostinger Email Hosting

Hostinger Email Hosting

Features:Contact Management Available on All Devices App Integrations Productivity ToolsHostinger Email Hosting Plan
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2 HostGator Email Hosting

HostGator Email Hosting

Features:5GB Email Storage Intuitive and Responsive Design Strong Spam Filters Inbuilt Virus Protection Calendars and Contacts 99.99% Uptime and SecurityHostGator Email Hosting Plan 
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3 Rackspace Email Hosting

Rackspace Email Hosting

Features:24x7x365 Expert Support Free & Easy Migrations Works with Outlook & Mobile Premium Spam & Virus Huge 25GB Mailboxes Unlimited Email Aliases Webmail 30GB File Storage Mobile Sync (ActiveSync) ...
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4 Fastcomet Email Hosting

Fastcomet Email Hosting

Features:Single Website Free Website Transfer Free Domain Transfer cPanel & Softaculous Free domain transfer Custom Optimized Server Setup Guaranteed Resources Immediate Account Setup Free DNS management ...
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5 Dreamhost Email Hosting

Dreamhost Email Hosting

Features:25GB Storage per Mailbox Mobile and Desktop Sync Ad-Free WebmailDreamhost Email Hosting Plan 
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6 iPage Email Hosting

iPage Email Hosting

Features:Gmail at your Domain ([email protected]) Online Storage, Calendars, Video Meetings, and More Seamless Integration with your iPage Account Enterprise-Class Communications Outlook Included (PC or Mac) 99.99% Uptime ...
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7 Hostpapa Email Hosting

Hostpapa Email Hosting

Features:Domain email Synchronization on all your devices Access from anywhere Sufficient storage Send large attachments Anti-spam filters & securityHostpapa Email Hosting Plan 
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8 A2 hosting Email Hosting

A2 hosting Email Hosting

Features:Unlimited Email Addresses Email SPAM Protection Webmail Software Email Forwarders Auto-RespondersA2 hosting Email Hosting Plan
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9 Namecheap Email Hosting

Namecheap Email Hosting

Features:Sophisticated Web-Based Email Mobile Support A Unified Approach Easy Collaboration Guarantee 2FA:Two-Factor AuthenticationNamecheap Email Hosting Plan
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10 Bluehost Email Hosting

Bluehost Email Hosting

Features:Microsoft Outlook Web Access Microsoft 99.9% Uptime Guarantee Automatic Microsoft Updates Intuitive Management Dashboard Security and Disaster Recovery 24/7 Expert SupportBluehost Email Hosting Plan
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Why Do I Need Email Hosting?

Any business owner needs to have proper email hosting. Email hosting is an essential part of several industries since it offers countless benefits to an organization. Emails are essential for the majority of the business owners to communicate effortlessly with their clients or workers. One of the major benefits of email hosting is that it can be used to set up and control numerous email accounts as per your need.

Besides, the majority of the email service providers offer services around the clock through online conversation, email, and also a phone. All of the important emails of the business will be saved in the cloud, which conserves space on your web hosting.

Email hosting providers also offer extra tools that are ideal for cooperation between the team members. It includes the facility for sharing files, chat, video calls, and calendars. The well-recognized email hosting providers offer better security measures to protect your emails from any hacks.

How Do I Choose the Best Email Hosting Service?

To ensure better communication in your business, it is vital to have the best email hosting service. To select the top business email hosting service, it is crucial to check its features and if it meets the businesses requirements or not. Since the necessities of every industry changes, there are few essential options that the service provider must offer.

Few important features that can be taken into account for selecting the top email hosting service such as:

  • Dependability:

    It is necessary for the email provider to be running and available at any time it is needed by the business owner. Besides, the email should always be active and accessible. Since the downtime of email can dissatisfy the clients.

  • Spam Filter:

    It is an important feature that every email service prover should offer since spam messages waste a huge amount of time. Since the majority of individuals despise wasting their crucial time in spam messages, therefore, it is best to find a service provider that has a system to identify and filter the spam messages in the inbox.

  • Security: 

    Since there has been a hike in the rates of cybercrimes like email hacking. The necessity of proper security services is high currently. Thus, the email provider must offer a few security measures to guarantee the safety of the business emails.

  • Premium Quality Features:

    The email providers that are considered as the best, offer few advanced features. These features include unending messages and task scheduling. Besides, it can be any high-level feature that suits the needs of the business best.

  • Storage:

    One of the most significant features that must be checked before selecting an email service provides is the storage capacity provided. Since every individual requires enough storage space to not lose out on any important data.

How Much Should Email Host Cost?

Although there are no setup or fixed pricing list for email hosting, it is considered that the individuals that pay the highest receive the highest quality and number of features. Besides, the pricing of the email hosting normally changes according to the provider that a person selects.

The email hosting plans of the email providers vary largely since an individual needs to select the one which satisfies your requirements and necessities.

However, Zoho Mail is known to be a cheap email hosting provider that offer a wide range of features that are of good quality. It is also stated to be the best email hosting for small business. The best email hosting provider in India is however uncertain. It depends on the requirement of the client.

Also, few email hosting providers offer services starting at $1 per month. Although, the email hosting providers that offer premium quality functions and features take up around $8 to 10 dollars.GSuite is another best email hosting for small business. Besides, the best email hosting India is HostGator which is easily affordable.

Which Business Email Service is the Best?

Email is very crucial for all the business owners since it is their main method of communicating with vendors and clients. Besides, some of the business owners also communicate with their workers using emails at times. Therefore, it is essential to guarantee that you utilize an effective email hosting service provider to fulfil their business wants and requirements.

Since the business holds the utmost importance, it is necessary to select the email provider that meets the business necessities as almost every business has its own set of requirements. However, a few important features are only offered by a good email service provider. Some of the features that a good email provider delivers are storage, security, spam filter, dependability, simple to use, security, reputation, and so on.

Few of the best business email service providers present across the world are as follows:

  • Gmail:

    It is considered as one of the leading email service providers that are free as well. It is highly famous throughout the globe for offering advance level features for free. This is also known as the best email hosting free service provider. These are used for various purposes, including both personal and business usage. It is widely acknowledged and comprises of many impressive features including email forwarding and undo send features.

  • Outlook:

    It is yet another best free email hosting service provider that offers excellent features. This is known as one of the best choices for anyone searching for a great email provider. It provides several high-quality features like Undelete, Clutter, etc.

  • Yahoo! Mail:

    It is known as the earliest internet industries, founded back in 1994. The popularity of this mail increased gradually over the years. It also provides several good quality features to its customers like the automatic deletion of trash messages after a total of 90 days.


Thus, these are some of the top email hosting providers that guarantee to deliver the best features. The usage of these providers is high in the modern age since email is referred to as the best communication measure in several offices or industries.

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