Best WordPress Security Plug-ins for Website Protection

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Best WordPress Security Plugins for Website Protection|WordPress is a free, open-source content management system software that helps you create beautiful blogs, apps, and websites. It is written in PHP and paired with MySQL.

Best WordPress Security Plug-ins for Website Protection

WordPress initially started with being only a blogging website but now has evolved over the years with time into a powerful website builder and a robust Content Management System.

What is a plug-in in WordPress?

A plugin is a piece of software that contains a group of functions that a WordPress user can add to his or her account. These plug-ins can add new essential features to your website and make it more user-friendly.

5 Most Important plug-ins that you need exclusively to grow your Business

  • Security Plug-in: Safety is your priority before any abnormalities crop in and you face any security breach
  • List Building: Let’s you collect email address, thereby increasing your ROI
  • SEO plug-ins: To drive more traffic to your website, and make your pages rank in Google listing
  • Caching plugin: to garner more speed to your website

Best WordPress Security Plug-ins for Website Protection

All plug-ins are never 100 percent safe. But you can take an active interest in researching and gathering knowledge about how to significantly reduce the vulnerabilities that crop every time you want to install a plug-in. If you choose the best WordPress plug-ins from the correct source like WordPress repository, you will never have to worry about its authentication and originality.

 Importance of WordPress Security plug-in and why do we need to install:

Daily, an average of about 30-40k websites is hacked. WordPress websites are an easy target due to different plug-insusceptibility. If your WordPress account is hacked, it can cause potential damage to your business revenue and tarnish your image.

Hackers are always on the lookout to attack and steal personal information, install malicious software, and distribute malware to your clients who are subscribed to your website. Thus by installing the best WordPress security plug-ins for your website, you will stay clear of any malicious activities by hackers.

Best WordPress Security Plug-ins for Website Protection

Some of the Factors and Reasons that can lead to hacking of your WordPress site:

  1. Vulnerabilities caused by Web Hosting servers
  2. Third-party plugins
  3. Permissions to suspicious files
  4. Weak passwords
  5. Theme Security
  6. WordPress database security

 Best WordPress security plug-ins with Malware Scanner Option

Listing down some of the best WordPress plug-ins with Malware Scanner:

Best WordPress Security Plug-ins for Website Protection

It is one of the best complete security plug-ins that give you comprehensive solutions to all safety measures related to your website.

  • Malware scanner: provides unlimited scans- daily scan frequency, scans sites on-demand, Can track and detect any kind of malware, no matter how complex those are
  • Malware Protection: blocks unidentified websites, blocks attackers from attacking the login page, enable hardening of sites.
  • Easily accessible, easy to configure, cloud-based scanning
  • Malware Management: centralized dashboard, better user management, responsive and customizable
  • Malware Removal: cleans your site in less than a minute, there is no tab on the number of clean-ups you perform
  • Cost-effective, supports emails, chats, and social media.


1.Astra Web security

It has become one of the fastest-growing and premium security plug-ins in the market that has garnered user appreciation for being an all-inclusive security package.

  • Guarantees Firewall protection that gives real-time protection 24*7, monitors blacklist
  • The plug-in assures to provide Unlimited Scans,  File Difference Visualization, removal of Malware automatically, powered with  Machine Learning
  • Security audit feature essentially administers static and dynamic code analysis, provides bugs free assistance and re-scanning
  • Fights all malware, hackers, BOTS
  • User-friendly, 24-hour support help, robust and responsive plug-in


WebARX is a security plug-in platform that helps your WordPress account from all types of malicious activities.

  • PDF security reports
  • Security monitoring 24*7
  • Automatic off-site backup
  • SSL monitoring
  • Malware scanning and Removal, daily scans and checks
  • Repeated domain reputation checks
  • Works best on WordPress platform


Wordfence has become one of the most trusted securities plug-ins for WordPress users as it has over 2 million active installs. Some of the key features are:

  • Real-time blocking a feature-blocks malicious website, live traffic views
  • Guarantees password security
  • Malware scanner technology that blocks security threats like scrappers, crawlers, Bots, SEO spam
  • Customizable as per user needs, multi-installation with the help of only one click


 Best Cost-effective WordPress Security Plug-ins

Listing down some of the Best free WordPress Security Plug-ins:


The jack-of-all-trades, JetPack plug-in is the most widely used security plug-in that has recently added some more features to make your WordPress journey hassle-free and protected. The plug-in has both freer and paid subscriptions. Let us take a look into the free available features:

  • Core security features include downtime monitoring, brute force protection
  • Easy plugin management along with secure authentication
  • Proper spam filtering, automated site restoration, backup of archives
  • Manages site verification provides website site statistics
  • Automation of related posts, sharing through social networking sites and generates plug-in auto-updates.

2.iThemes Security

iThemes Security promises to deliver more than thirty plus ways to secure and protect your WordPress website.

  • Two-factor authentication system
  • Scheduled malware scan daily
  • Generates strong passwords
  • Protection against spammers, automatic updates of key features
  • The Brute force attack protection Network feature automatically reports the IP address if there are any cases of repeated failed login and immediately blocks the site.

3.Shield Security

It is a free security plug-in that ranks high among WordPress users.

  • Blacklists offending and malicious IP addresses automatically
  • Protection from Bots that threatens through Brute-Force attacks,
  • Administers spam protection
  • Security through the two-step authentication process via Google Authentication app and email


Another most popular security plugin that is highly rated is Cerber.

  • Limits login attempts, scans all site files, and folders for malware
  • Appropriate spam filtering, automated site restoration, backup of records
  • 24-hour support help, robust, customizable
  • Integrity checker, two-step authentication option
  • Protection from spam and Bots



5.Bulletproof Security

Bulletproof Security is a security plug-in platform that helps secure your WordPress websites and blogs.

  • Protects by adding powerful firewall, database backing
  • Protection from Brute-Force attacks by bots
  • Scans for malicious codes and spiteful websites
  • Administers website speed on mobile as well as desktop
  • Frequent scan frequency scrutinizes sites on-demand, Can track and detect any kind of malware

How to choose the right WordPress Security plug-in for your websites?

To choose the best WordPress Security Plug-ins for blogs and websites, you need to consider certain factors. These factors are:

  1. Hosting Service provider: Before downloading another security plug-in make sure you quickly check your hosting service provider. Some providers already include security features like- firewall protection, malware scanning, backups, updates, and repeated website scanning.
  2. The kind of platform suitable for you depends on your budget and requirements. As stated earlier certain host service provides already give benefits of certain security features. So if you have a tight budget then those security checks might be enough for you or you can restore to free plug-ins without spending an insane amount of money on premium WordPress security plug-ins.

A complete list of WordPress Security plug-ins that are a hit in 2020

  1. Sucuri Security: Security hardening, auditing your websites, scanning for Malware
  2. All In One: WP Security and Firewall, automatic scan and backup security monitoring user account integrity
  3. SecuPress: Protection against security keys, PHP malware scans
  4. VaultPress: Migration of site, automated off-site backups, easy website restoration procedure, protection from spam, and malware.
  5. Security Ninja: Automatic problem fixing feature, blocking of suspicious websites, Malware scanning, Cloud firewall security


Advantages of using WordPress

  • The software is free to download, install, use, modify to match your requirements
  • Free website templates and Plug-ins that help the non-tech-savvy users design and beautify their websites
  • WordPress sites rank higher than other websites because of the high-quality code standard that makes search engines like Google rank it higher. Thus being SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly, WordPress interprets your content efficiently and indexes it correctly in their database.
  • Safe and Secure platform to run your website and expand your business.
  • Easy to manage, comes with an automated update management system
  • Can handle different types of media- images, video files, audio along with embed enabled websites like tweets, YouTube videos, and Instagram photos.

There is no way by which you can deny the number of available WordPress security plug-in present in the market. With so many varied options available it is somewhat difficult to determine the right one for your website and business.

The only thing that might help you decide the correct security plug-in for your website is by knowing your requirements, right knowledge, and pairing the plug-in with other important security factors that will prove to be essential in securing your website.


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