Best Windows Hosting Services 2022

Best Windows Hosting Services

Windows Hosting is a type of web hosting that runs on the Windows Operating System. Conventionally, almost all plans run on Linux. Hence, if you wish to buy a Windows Hosting Package, you have to go through its offered features carefully before buying. 

Windows Hosting is such a type of Website Hosting that perfectly locates the web-server run on the Windows Operating System. It also supports HTML or Hypertext Mark-up Language files. 

A few important benefits of Windows Web Hosting are listed below. 

  • The service of Windows Hosting is the perfect choice for the websites built on using .net languages. In other words, if you manage a website with the help of ASP.NET Web Hosting, you have to utilize a Windows Server and its various tools. 
  • Companies that use a Microsoft structured query language (SQL) server for their website and databases will also need to stick with Windows server hosting or Windows Hosting with SQL Server. The same thing goes if your business uses Microsoft Exchange for your company’s email server and Microsoft Sharepoint for your project management and team collaboration.
  • If you use Microsoft FrontPage for Web Designing purposes, Windows Web Hosting will help you to perform your actions smoothly. 
  • Almost all Desktops and Laptops can run on Windows Operating Systems. Hence, Windows Website Hosting can easily synchronize with the system.  This action makes hosting efficient and easily customizable. 
  • Windows Hosting will help your website collect data from an access database. The database will be integrated seamlessly. 
  • In the last few years, some new versions of the Windows Operating System have got launched that can run various Windows-based applications. You will be able to use windows hosting with SQL server for SQL services and the features of other internet-based applications. 
  • The licenses of the Windows Operating System and various pre-installed tools are owned by Microsoft. If you purchase a Windows OS, you can use these tools free of cost. Hence, the average Windows Hosting Cost is very much affordable in terms of facilities. 
  • Windows Hosting offers a user-friendly Plesk Control Panel. The feature of Plesk is also available in Linux Hosting. But, compared to Linux, as there are more users of Windows OS, they can easily use the Windows Server Hosting Interface. Hence, Plesk Windows is useful to make changes on the website and provide necessary updates.


Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting

While discussing Windows Hosting vs Linux Hosting, at first, you should know how each of these hosting services works. 

Though the Windows Operating System is used by maximum users, average hosting users don’t require it always. Hence, Windows Web Hosting Services are very much rare in the market. Like all other hosting services, a Shared Hosting Service runs better on a Linux platform. 

Windows Specific Applications 

Keep in mind that for Windows Server Hosting, you will need the support of some particular applications. These applications specifically run on Windows OS with the assistance of Windows Servers. They are- 

  • ASP Classic. 
  • ASP.NET.
  • Microsoft SQL Server or MSSQL. 
  • Visual Basic Development. 
  • C#
  • Remote Desktop for Dedicated Servers only. 

Moreover, a Windows Dedicated Server can support some additional Windows-based applications too. However, to use some applications, you may need to purchase licenses and install some extra software on that dedicated server. Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Sharepoint belong to this category of applications. 

Linux Specific Applications 

On the other hand, while hosting with a Linux Server, you need to take the support of some particular Linux-based applications. They are- 

  • SSH. 
  • Scripts or applications that require some specific Apache Modules to run. 

While discussing Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting comparison, it must be stated that Windows and Linux Servers are controlled by two completely different sets of control panels. 


Control Panels 

Control Panels of Plesk Windows are available on Shared and Dedicated Servers. Thus, every Windows Hosting Dedicated Server and Shared Server gets equipped with Plesk cPanels. A normal cPanel is available on each Linux-based platform like Linux Shared, Reseller, VPS, and Linux Dedicated Servers. Also, Web Host Manager or WHM is present on the plans of Linux Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Servers. 


File Names 

While experiencing Linux and Windows Server Hosting at the same time, you will find that Linux files are case sensitive while Windows files are not.


While speaking about Server Security, it must be stated that both Windows and Linux Operating Systems are equally secure. 


Windows Hosting Control Panel

While using almost any type of web hosting, users need to manage the servers. An appropriate Server Management helps to optimize the hosting website, as you will be able to monitor your hosting infrastructure and can control its various settings. These actions can be easily performed using a web hosting control panel. 

Policymakers of various web hosting companies believe that it is necessary to offer more options for customizing their purchased hosting services. Hence, they provide separate sets of control panels for the plans of Linux and Windows Hosting. 

Now, it must be stated that apart from Plesk, there is no other platform that can offer cPanel Windows functions. Plesk is such a Windows Hosting Control Panel that works with Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Linux, Cloud Linux, and Windows operating systems.

While running Windows Hosting with Plesk, you will find it very much flexible as there are benefits like client-facing functionality, admin functionality, and a high-level of control. Hence, Hosting Providers like GoDaddy, Docker, and Google use Plesk for better user experience. 

Before choosing and installing a Windows Hosting Bundle, you must know the basic features of a Plesk. These are listed below. 

  • Plesk offers a wide range of compatibility. Hence, it can be used for both Linux and Windows Server Hosting. It is also helpful for installers using CMS Platforms. 
  • By using Plesk, you can efficiently take care of Server Management and Account Management. 
  • Unlike cPanels of Linux hosting services, a Plesk acting as a cPanel Windows offers more user-friendly UI 
  • If you use a paid windows hosting control panel like Plesk, you will get a framework ready environment for Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby On Rails.  
  • Plesk provides WordPress Toolkit that is helpful for automatic cloning or staging, ensuring high-security standards, and utilizing mass-management features. 
  • SSL is an important key to ensure web security. But, setting up this system and updating its tools are not easy for the website owners. If your website hosting is running with a Plesk, your SSL certificate will be automatically retrieved and set up while your web server will get configured to make use of HTTPS, and not the insecure HTTP layer. Moreover, Plesk will also notify you instantly if your server experiences any hacking activity. 

Windows Hosting Control Panel Open Source 

An Open Source Control Panel is such a tool that can be used to manage a hosting service running on multiple servers. We have already mentioned above that Plesk is a Windows Hosting Control Panel that works with multiple platforms like Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Red Hat Linux, Cloud Linux, and Windows operating system. It can also help to efficiently manage Windows VPS Hosting that runs on more than one server. Hence, the Plesk can be easily termed as a Windows Hosting Control Panel Open Source. 

Now, you may ask whether you can enjoy the services of any Windows Hosting Control Panel free of cost. The answer is yes. Names and primary roles of some of these free control panels are listed below- 

Solid CP: It is one of the most reputed and commonly used Web Hosting Control Panels. It is very much user-friendly and supports almost all major enterprise software. It offers a multi-server panel to manage multiple servers using a single server. The updates get automatically installed frequently, and you will get a variety of feature enhancements for Exchange and RDS. 

Website Panel: Website Panel is a full-fledged portal designed especially for the use of Cloud computing organizations and IT service provider firms in the market. With this tool, business owners can mechanize the provisioning of the complete suite of Windows server hosting and services. It is a flexible open-source platform and can be used to easily control all major Windows server applications such as Hyper-V Deployments, OCS, SQL Server, SharePoint 2010, IIS, Exchange 2010, etc. As it offers enhanced support for Private Cloud Servers, it is very much beneficial to Windows VPS Hosting. Also, with this tool, you can centralize the administration of web hosting infrastructure and can distribute resources across several user accounts. 

MSP Control: If you are dealing with the Windows Server Ecommerce Hosting, then you should choose MSP Control. This tool is used to instantly monitor the progress of Ecommerce Websites. Also, you can easily manage domain hosting in rapid, protected, and power levels. It is a PHP-based tool that offers support for DNS Management and IPV6. 

Web Controller: Web Controller is a web-based remote administration software ideal for use on Windows 2003 web hosting servers. With the required installation of windows components, this software also works on Windows XP on NTFS drive.

ZPANEL: ZPanel is a web-based tool that is coded in PHP to make it an efficient windows hosting control panel. Moreover, it is also compatible with the NIX Host Operating System. It is a kind of repository used for the storage of ZPanel 6.x.x code. It offers support for a wide range of languages. 


Types of Windows Hosting and their aspects 

 Based on roles and features 

Windows VPS Hosting

The full form of VPS is Virtual Private Server. A VPS Hosting can be termed as a Shared Hosting with some better features. Just like Shared Hosting, in VPS Hosting, a Physical Server is shared among multiple users. But, also in the VPS Hosting, one physical server hosts multiple virtual servers, each isolated from the others. Thus, while using a plan of Windows VPS Hosting, you will be able to get more control over your data and bandwidth usage. However, each VPS Hosting Plan decides how much RAM, bandwidth, and Server Space you can utilize. 

Windows VPS Server and its functions  

A Windows VPS Server is one of those virtual servers created by dividing a dedicated server into multiple servers. Each of these servers does have the appearance, capabilities, and features like a dedicated server at an affordable rate. As each virtual server can efficiently utilize the operating system and can get independently rebooted, the Windows VPS Hosting is termed as the best web hosting solution. You will get almost all the features of a dedicated server along with managed operating system updates, security patches, and shared hosting.

Various web hosting companies are offering plans to provide Cheap Windows VPS solutions. The prices will not be as high as dedicated server hosting because the virtual server is hosted on a physical server that holds many other virtual servers too.  As these plans offer complete administrative control and flexibility in web hosting activities, they have become the most preferred hosting packages to a lot of small and large business organizations in recent years. 

Now, if you want to experience the performance of a VPS Server on your Windows Operating System, you can easily sign up for a free VPS Windows Hosting trial. A lot of reputed companies offer free trial periods that vary from 1 month to 3 months. 

Below, there is a list of the top Windows Hosting Providers who offer Windows VPS Hosting Services at affordable rates.

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Buying Guide for Windows VPS Server Hosting 

If you decide to buy Windows VPS Services, you need to consider the following points before buying. 

RAM and CPU 

Check the abilities of RAM and CPU of every VPS Hosting Plan offered by a hosting provider. The performance of your Windows VPS Hosting is completely dependent on the RAM and it has been observed that 256 MB of it is adequate to host a regular website. If your site deals with a large number of applications and a huge volume of Web Traffic, then you may require additional RAM. Thus, choose such a plan that is very much flexible so that you can add more RAM easily. 

While running a Windows VPS Server or any other hosting server, you will find that a CPU manages a lot of tasks and allocates resources to the Operating System. A CPU performs various actions every time a page is requested to load, and thus, an optimal allocation is very much significant. Some providers create such an environment so that you have to fight with other users for additional resources. This situation causes downtime and frequent disruptions leading to an enhanced Windows Hosting cost. Thus, select such a provider who will not let you face this issue. 

Control Panel

Keep in mind that only the top Windows Hosting Providers offer such plans that will let you use user-friendly control panels. The Best Windows VPS Hosting Solutions offer such control panels that can provide complete access to almost all features and a lot of customization options so that you can vastly improve your site’s performance. 

Infrastructure for backup 

To get the experience of the Best Windows VPS Services, choose such a provider that can offer high-quality infrastructure. Only such a provider can offer a consistent backup and restore activities.  

Check Network Monitoring Ability 

Buy Windows VPS only after checking the ability of the technical support team of a provider. The members of such a team must be highly experienced and qualified to monitor the server and troubleshoot technical problems. While working with a Windows VPS Server, the technical team of your hosting provider must be ready to resolve any network-related issue so that your hosting does not face any downtime or disruption. 

Choose from Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting 

If you are not a tech-savvy person, you should go for Managed VPS Hosting packages. Otherwise, you can choose any unmanaged hosting package. Almost all top windows hosting providers offer packages of both types of VPS Hosting. 

Windows Dedicated Server Hosting 

If you wish to buy a Windows Dedicated Server Hosting, a single physical server will be offered to you. You will own that server and have to manage almost all technical issues arising from it. Be it Windows or any Linux, a Dedicated Server Hosting is provided only to optimize the performance of various business applications. As you will own an entire server, you will get a lot of customization options to create a robust IT infrastructure, and it will be able to build a world-class hosting environment. 

Windows Dedicated Server and its functions 

If your business site runs on .NET Technologies, you must choose the Windows Server Hosting solution as the .NET Technology is offered by Microsoft, the owner of the Windows Operating System. 

If you are a tech-savvy person and can efficiently manage a dedicated server, you will experience an outstanding performance and a superior quality of the best web hosting solution. However, you don’t need to be an IT Expert to organize your Windows Servers as the technologies involved are very much user-friendly. The control panels offered by almost all Windows Hosting Dedicated Server packages are professionally designed for maximum output and are easy to handle. 

With a Windows Dedicated Server, you don’t need to watch and manage your server operations frequently. Your Dedicated Server will synchronize properly with Windows and its tools and the Server Management initiatives will be easy and smooth. 

If you are a busy business owner, you must consider buying the services of a Professional Server Management Enterprise. However, nowadays, top Windows Server Hosting Providers offer this service through different packages. 

Below there is a list of the Best Web Hosting Providers who offer world-class Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions at affordable rates. 

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Buying Guide for Windows Dedicated Server Hosting 

To enjoy high-quality uninterrupted Windows Hosting Dedicated Server solutions, you must consider some essential factors before buying a hosting plan. These factors are listed below. 

Ability to lower downtime 

Being a tech-savvy person if you can manage a dedicated server, you must carefully go through the features offered by all of the preferred Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Packages. You must find out whether using the offered features of each package, you will be able to create a proper hosting environment or not and how efficiently you can resolve any hardware-related issue like server crashes. 

Check the hardware 

As your hosting will be run by the server, every hardware part of that server must be checked before taking its ownership. Choose such a hosting provider that has branded parts in its offered hardware infrastructure. If your Windows Dedicated Server hosts a website of a high traffic volume, then the processor speed should be high and there must be enough server memory. Moreover, the load speed and the overall operating speed must be very much high. 

Check the bandwidth 

Like all other hosting services, before buying a plan of Windows Hosting Dedicated Server, you must check the bandwidth or the connection between the dedicated server and the user. An enterprise-level website may experience huge volumes of data transfer and thus, the uplink speed must be high. Hence, it is evident that to host such a website, you will require massive amounts of bandwidth. According to the experts, if a Windows Dedicated Server hosts utilizing high-powered networks through a multi-provider blend of bandwidth, a stable uptime of 99%-100% can provide a greater level of redundancy. 

Some features of datacenters 

Datacenters must be organized in 4-tiers and by using a standardized methodology, uptime and performance of each datacenter can be checked. Tier 3 and 4 offer the best redundancy levels and uptime.

Locations of the datacenters also play an important part in providing efficiency. Thus, dedicated servers housed in a datacenter located in the region where the customer and the targeted audience reside are more efficient than the servers located in other regions. 

Monitoring System 

Choose such a Windows Web Hosting Service Provider that offers a plethora of tools to perfectly monitor data usage, used resources, and server performance.

Flexible plans  

A Dedicated Windows Server Hosting is used for an enterprise-level website. Hence, while hosting such a website, you may require more storage and bandwidth for better performance. If you buy a flexible plan for the first time, then you will be able to easily upgrade to such plans that offer better features and more resources. Moreover, a proper upgrade path will not abnormally increase your Windows Hosting Cost

Check the additional services and add-ons 

Choose such a Windows Web Hosting Provider that offers extra add-ons and additional features like firewalls, load balancers & backup, recovery, and one-click installation in their Dedicated Server Hosting Plans of Windows. 


In a Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Environment, you have to manage an entire server yourself. Thus, you have to play a major role to make necessary security arrangements to protect your data and resources from hackers, malware, and phishing applications. Buy your Windows Dedicated Server Hosting from such a provider that offers essential plugins and applications which you can utilize for security purposes. 


The price of each Dedicated Server Hosting plan depends on the quality and the specifications of the offered physical server. Moreover, it should be also observed how flexible the plan is. That means the owner must be able to add additional resources, storage, and bandwidth easily. 

Windows Cloud Server Hosting 

Cloud is a new-age computing technology that follows the principles of shared storage and the multitasking features of various hardware components. Thus, after creating a hosting environment of Windows Cloud Server, you will observe that multiple servers are interconnected in an intricate and a wide network is created to offer a smooth and fast computing ability. 

Features and benefits of Windows Cloud Server Hosting  

First, take a look at the roles of a Windows Server in the cloud. Many web hosting providers offer a fully isolated Windows Cloud Server to each of their consumers. This feature provides a wider choice of server types, deeper configurability, better performance, and stronger isolation and security guarantees.

If you choose any best Windows Hosting Provider, you will get pre-installed cloud server systems and can start using the Windows Server System just immediately after you log in to your cloud computing account.

Now, while speaking about the benefits, it must be stated that a Windows Cloud Server Hosting is more segregated than traditional hosting frameworks. Moreover, this hosting offers better configurability, enhanced performance, and world-class security. You can easily harness the power of Windows having a simple and well-known graphical user interface. 

Some amazing benefits of hosting services on Windows Server in the cloud are listed below-  

  • While hosting Windows Application in cloud, you will find that the offered services are very much flexible and scalable. You can easily add more resources and can upgrade your plan instantly. 
  • You can experience the features of powerful APIs. Cloud APIs like PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS allow clients to access web control panel functionality directly. They also help you acquire the benefits of advanced cloud networking features. 
  • You may have already come to know that Windows Cloud Server Hosting provides the feature of automated backups. Moreover, you can also schedule this automated backup system daily, weekly, or monthly. If required, you can set backup in manual mode. 
  • Hosting on Windows Cloud Server will provide you an amazing experience of zero downtime. Thus, if the hosting faces any hardware issue or any server fails, the hosted site will be automatically started to be managed by another server or system. 
  • In the Cloud environment, custom ISO enables clients mounting configured images on their Cloud instances, and runs through the boot.

Below, we have created a list of the best Windows Cloud Server Hosting Providers. 

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Buying Guide for Windows Cloud Server Hosting

Before choosing a plan for Windows Cloud Server Hosting, you need to consider some factors. They are listed below. 

  • Check all hardware components. They must be branded and equipped with the latest technology. 
  • Datacenters should be highly efficient and must run on the latest technology. 
  • User-friendly control panel. 
  • Check the security settings. Your preferred hosting package on Windows Server in the cloud must be able to notify you instantly if there is any glitch in security. 
  • The server should be under 24*7 monitoring, and the Windows Cloud Support Team must be highly efficient. 
  • The best windows hosting provider can ensure zero downtime. Find whether your hosting provider delivers the same or not. 

To check whether these features are available in your preferred plan or not, you should acquire the facility of Windows Hosting Free Trial.  A minimum 30-day Trial Period is enough in this regard. 

Based on service type


Windows Hosting ASP.NET 

ASP.NET is Microsoft’s server-side framework that is used by the developers to create dynamic web applications. ASP.NET is compatible with both Windows and Linux Servers, but it must be specifically mentioned that Windows Web Hosting plans are typically optimized for ASP.NET-based websites. Thus, you will require such a hosting service that provides a SQL server database, like MS SQL, to store your application’s data. 

Below, we have created a list of the best Web Hosting Service Providers offering the solutions of Windows Hosting ASP.NET. 

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Buying Guide to pick the best Windows Hosting ASP.NET Solution 

Before buying a plan of Windows Hosting ASP.NET, you should consider the following- 

  • User-friendly control panel. 
  • Original Microsoft framework. 
  • Windows Support and efficient Customer Care Support. 
  • The best customer ratings. 

Windows Hosting ASP.NET Core 

Released by Microsoft, the ASP.NET Core Runtime helps the hosting owner to run existing web/server applications. If you are using Windows, then Microsoft recommends installing the Windows Hosting Bundle that contains the necessary files to run .NET Core Runtime and IIS Support. 

All of these Windows Hosting ASP.NET Core packages are able to run on popular Operating Systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS. To know more and install necessary applications, visit the official website of Microsoft .NET. Just click here

Hosting using Windows Server on Azure

Microsoft Azure is built on a foundation of trust with unmatched security, seamless hybrid capabilities, and unparalleled innovation.  Customers perceive Microsoft Azure as a trusted partner and provider that supports their top cloud priorities. 

Some features of Windows Hosting Azure

If you run Windows Hosting Azure, you will be able to enjoy some important features. They are listed below. 

  • Azure Security Center offers features like Unified Security Management and Advanced Threat Protection. 
  • Azure Sentinel protects servers from overloading issues through cloud-native SIEM. 
  • While using industry-leading confidential computing, each piece of data will be encrypted. 
  • You can operate seamlessly across your on-premises datacenter and the cloud with Azure, the only cloud with end-to-end hybrid infrastructure and consistent security, identity, and management features.
  • Windows Admin Centre can be used to manage Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Monitor 
  • You can use the Azure Active Directory to connect your on-premises and cloud environments.
  • With azure and its offered improved features and applications, you can modernize your hosting infrastructure. 

To know more, visit the official website of Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure Hosting Plans- Different Aspects 

If you are running Azure Websites, you will be able to create web hosting plans that let you share features like auto-scale, web tests, backup, and computing capacity across your web sites. However, Windows Azure Hosting Plans are categorized into four pricing tiers, and they are Free, Shared, Basic, and Standard. Each one of them offers a unique set of features.

  • Free: It is limited, but it is free!
  • Shared: Hosted on a virtual machine that you share with other customers.
  • Basic: It is a generous set of resources, but it lacks some of the scale-out and management features of Standard.
  • Standard: You get all of the features and scalability that Azure website hosting can offer.

Each tier offers a different virtual machine specification:

  • Small: 1 core and 1.75 GB RAM
  • Medium: 2-cores and 3.5 GB RAM
  • Large: 4-cores and 7 GB RAM

You can change the tier/specification of an already deployed plan. You can run multiple plans and move websites between those plans.

Sites in the same subscription and geographic location can share a web hosting plan. You can choose to have sites that share a web hosting plan, or you can dedicate a web hosting plan to an individual site if that site requires a dedicated character. 


Customers who already had websites hosted in Azure Web Sites will discover that their existing sites have got automatically grouped into Windows Azure Hosting Plans as a result of the newly inducted feature. A plan has been automatically created for each collection of sites in your subscription, grouped by web site mode and website region.

Windows Server Ecommerce Hosting 

If you sell your product from an online store, that is an Ecommerce Business. Before availing the service of the Windows Server Ecommerce hosting, you should know that even basic web hosting plans often include core Ecommerce functionality. 

A highly effective Ecommerce-friendly website hosting solution will offer powerful product catalogs, stock inventory, advanced business management tools, and support for all types of online payment methods. 


Buying Guide for Windows Server Ecommerce Hosting 

Before buying a Windows Hosting Plan to run your Ecommerce business, you must consider the following factors. 

  • Go for a user-friendly plan. For example, you must have the option to fill up a form where you will write the names of your products and other details, and your online store will get created instantly. 
  • You should buy a cost-effective package where all essential features must be available at an Affordable Windows Hosting cost.  
  • Always choose such a provider that offers efficient customer support. 


Below, we have created a list of the top hosting providers that offer the best Windows Server Ecommerce Hosting Services. 

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Windows Hosting with SQL Server 

Microsoft SQL Server (or MS SQL) is a relational database management system. Applications using Windows technologies, such as .NET are ideally suited for pairing with an MS SQL database. Not all providers offer Windows Hosting MS-SQL solutions. 

Buying Guide for Windows Hosting with SQL Server 

Consider the below-mentioned factors before choosing the right Windows Hosting with SQL Server. 

  • Choose such a hosting provider that offers SSD Storage, daily backups, an ideal server environment, and highly efficient customer care support. 
  • The servers must run on the latest version of Internet Information Services (IIS).

Now, it is recommended to choose an appropriate provider and a plan to meet your requirements. Hence, we have created a list of some reputed providers along with their Windows Hosting MS-SQL features. Go through these details and choose your best service. 

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Hosting Windows MySQL 

While using the services of Windows Server Hosting, you may have to use MSSQL, a server product of Microsoft’s database. But, you have to face various licensing restrictions while using MSSQL, and this issue lowers the opportunities for customization. 

Though Microsoft offers MSSQL Express, a free version of MSSQL, this version does have limitations on database size and memory usage. If you want to experience a robust database solution at affordable rates, then you should purchase the services offered by Hosting Windows MySQL Services. 

Essential features of MySQL Hosting Services 

Some important features that you can expect from Hosting Windows MySQL Solutions. 

  • MySQL is a standard part of the typical Linux server build (or LAMP stack) but is also available for use on Windows operating systems.
  • You can easily develop your database in MySQL based on your requirements. 
  • MySQL and MSSQL can run on the same server simultaneously, so you’re free to use both and can test each of them. 
  • While using MySQL hosting package, you will get an open-source database, multi-user access, enhanced connectivity, a huge collection of APIs, world-class security, and scalability. 

Below, we have created a list of the hosting providers that offer high-quality solutions to the Hosting Windows MySQL

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Windows MVC Hosting 

As you already know that .NET platform is perfect for running Windows Hosting, ASP .NET offers its MVC platform to provide hosting features for Windows. 

Features of Windows MVC Hosting 

Some important features are listed below. 

Separation of Tasks 

Using ASP.NET MVC, you can create web applications to perform three important roles. The application state “Model” is typically stored in a database. The “View” is such a state that extracts information from the “Model” and displays it. The Controller is such a system that keeps track of any changes in a state by updating the Model. When Windows MVC Hosting runs, these roles help to create a powerful framework. 

Bin Deployable 

To use Windows MVC Hosting on a preferred Windows Platform, upload the MVC assemblies to your bin folder. 

The Powerful URL mapping component 

ASP.NET MVC comes with a powerful URL-mapping component that lets you build applications that have comprehensible and searchable URLs. URLs do not have to include file-name extensions and get designed to support URL naming patterns that work well for search engine optimization (SEO) efforts and representational state transfer (REST) patterns.

Extensible and pluggable framework 

Each component of the ASP.NET MVC Framework is designed in such a way so that it can be easily modified or replaced. You can plug in your view engine, URL routing policy, action-method parameter serialization, or other components.

Support for some other ASP.NET features 

While experiencing Windows MVC Hosting, you will find that ASP.NET MVC lets you use some other features like forms authentication, membership, and roles, output, and data caching session and profile state management, and health monitoring.

Below, we have created a list of some reputed Web Hosting Companies that offer top-quality Windows MVC Hosting Solutions. 

Buying Guide for Windows MVC Hosting 

Before buying any Windows MVC Hosting package, you should consider some important factors. They are listed below- 

  • The plan mustn’t offer you less than 3GB storage. If you are running an enterprise-level website, you should buy such a plan that offers unlimited storage. 
  • The plan mustn’t offer you less than 50 GB bandwidth. For enterprise-level websites, the plan must offer unlimited bandwidth. 
  • The plan must offer features like free site migration and SQL and MySQL-based databases. 

Based on location 

Windows Hosting in Canada and Mexico 

Almost all types of Windows Hosting discussed in the above-mentioned sections are offered by various reputed hosting providers in Canada. Thus, various Windows Hosting Canada solutions offer a lot of features and benefits. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Almost all plans are flexible. Hence, every plan can be easily upgraded or downgraded to another plan. Also, you can easily purchase additional resources. 
  • Plesk Control Panel, Intrusion Protection, and Spam/Virus scanners are offered by almost hosting plans in Canada. 

Follow the below-mentioned list to know the names and details of the top Windows Hosting Providers in Canada. 

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Just like Canada, all types of Hosting Services are available in Mexico. Also, while speaking about Windows Hosting Mexico, it must be mentioned that there are about 75 officially listed hosting providers in that nation. They offer all conventional and the latest features in their plans. Below, there is a list of the top Windows Hosting Providers in Mexico. 

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If being an employee of a Multinational Company, you have got the responsibility to look after the Digital Marketing initiatives of the foreign units of your company, you must be well aware of the hosting plans of various providers residing in the geographical locations of those units.

Determine the right Windows Hosting Cost   

It gets difficult to understand at what price you should buy your hosting service. Every owner looks for cost-effective solutions. Hence, an appropriate Windows Hosting Cost depends on a few factors. 


If you own a website that runs on ASP  and .NET, you should go for Windows Hosting. Similarly, if you like to use Sharepoint, MSSQL, or MS ACCESS, you should buy the Windows Hosting Service. 

Now, if your website doesn’t have these features, but you like to use Plesk as the Windows Hosting Control Panel, then instead of Windows Hosting, you should choose Linux Hosting. 

Also, keep in mind that if your website runs on any of the platforms of PHP, CGI, Perl, and Python, you should go for Linux Hosting. 

While WordPress can be installed on a Windows server, it’s much wiser to go with Linux because of the large amount of support and documentation available to help you resolve problems.

Now, if you choose your preferred hosting type considering the features your website does have, you can experience Linux or Windows Hosting Cheap solutions. 

We have created a list of the top web hosting companies that offer world-class Windows Hosting Solutions. Their features, pros, and cons are also discussed in this list. Just go through this list and choose your best windows hosting provider and the most appropriate hosting plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1.> What is Windows Hosting? 

Ans: (Written in Introduction) 


2.> What is Windows Hosting with Plesk? 

Ans: (Written in the section of Windows Hosting Control Panel). 


3.> Can I install any application or software to my account? 

Ans: Yes, you can. But, you can install only such types of applications that have been fixed by your provider and your purchased plan. Even if you install any other type of application, you may not get any technical support if your windows hosting service faces any issue due to it.  


4.> How can I monitor my disk space and bandwidth?

Ans: You have to use the Windows Hosting Control Panel (Plesk) for monitoring the usage of your resources. 


5.> Is Windows Hosting Cheap compared to other types of hosting services?

Ans: Just like other types of hosting services, you have to choose such a provider and a plan that can offer Windows Hosting Cheap solutions. However, we recommend that you should buy such a hosting service that can meet all of your requirements at an affordable rate. 


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