BlueiTech Hosting Review

Blueitech is an Italian company was established in the year of 1994 to give internet solutions to intalian market. Now focuses only on data centre related services such as cloud and dedicated hosting. Services offered by blueitech include web hosting, dedicated server services, cloud private hosting and collocation services. They also provide supporting services so that client can find all services under one roof. These services include domain registration, server vulnerability assessment, backups and recovery management. One of the featured services of blueitech is cloud private service, offering dedicated cloud server to clients to utilize in pay as you go basis. Just like professional cloud service provider, blueitech provides platform on which customers can deploy numerous cloud servers and by the time they scale up or down automatically. They also offer free trial cloud service. Customers can take 7-day free trial service and test whether it fulfils their requirements or not.



Cloud storage

Database as a service

Disaster recovery

File storage


System monitoring



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