Digital Edge Hosting Review

Digital edge hosting review

Digital Edge best is committed to the most flexible Hybrid Cloud solutions for Enterprise customers both small and large ones. Their infrastructure capabilities with 24/7 support team and advanced automation techniques, digital edge provides live support in real-time. They closely integrate clients’ needs that lead to better efficiency. Their cloud clients get enterprise-level support, with industry-leading SLAs. VMware vCloud allows Digital Edge to integrate closely with customers, while seamlessly providing full advantage. Digital Edge in world operates in multiple and diversified clusters.

Each location has 2 clusters – VMware vCloud and one is based on the open-source technology. Digital Edge has a bountiful amount of automation allows us to easily manage r systems, and providing extra security. Digital edge service owns and operates several tools and technologies that help clients with required security and controls.


Block storage

Database as a service

Deploy servers

Disaster recovery

DNS management

File storage


Horizontal scaling

Load balancing


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