Green House Data Hosting Review

Greenhouse hosting reviews.

Cloud computing has reached in streamlining as more companies are going for data centre build up and leaving the management of hardware to service providers. Whether or not your are virtualized with VMware, the gBlock Cloud extends the technology and software systems that might be familiar with you. Its services include business applications, cloud applications, email, CRM and ERP software hosting, e-commerce web sites hosting, high-performance data analysis. Even when you choose a multi-tenant environment, still you can choose to customize.

Green House Data belives in Right build-up, just for you which extends up through the cloud stack industry-related compliance requirements and shifting workload priorities. If you need service from support team, company guarantees to get back to you within 15 minutes through email.



Cloud Storage

Disaster Recovery

File storage

Flexible storage services

DNS management


Load Balancing



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