CloudFoundry Hosting Review

Cloud foundry is an open source, cloud application platform as a service provider. Cloud foundry exists to mark the global awareness and adoption of the cloud foundry open source project. The platform is available for cloud foundry foundation as an open source environment either as a product or service. It is an open source platform that is available to everyone. Deploying cloud foundry involves interfacing the infrastructure using BOSH scripting language. Cloud foundry has a commercial version called Pivotal cloud foundry from pivotal. It includes extra tools and administration for ease of the clients. Cloud foundry is the platform for global corporations as it supports the full life cycle. It also supports the initial testing of the software on its own resources before deployment. Users have access to more than one spaces which corresponds to a lifecycle stage. Different users are limited to different spaces through different access permissions.



Auto Scaling

DNS management

Horizontal Scaling

Load Balancing

Vertical Scaling



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